August 5, 2012

The Tyranny of Official Narratives

The downfall of the temple of "news" is coming.
"It seems that reality doesn’t mean all that much when the Western media talk about Syria." - German journalist Manuel Ochsenreiter.

"The Western media is covering - or more accurately, "spinning" - an unfolding sectarian genocide in Syria's largest city Aleppo. In the alleys of seized streets, FSA terrorists are detaining, torturing, and killing anyone suspected of supporting the government. Such suspicions coincidentally run along sectarian divisions. By using the label "Shabiha" for all of FSA's victims, the Western press has given a carte blanche to genocidal sectarian extremists and by doing so, has become complicit in war crimes themselves." - Tony Cartalucci.

"The official culture is that of priests, academics, and the state. It provides the definitions of patriotism, loyalty, boundaries, and what I have called belonging. It is this official culture that speaks in the name of the whole, that tries to express the general will, the general ethos and idea which inclusively holds in the official past, the founding fathers and texts, the pantheon of heroes and villains, and so on, and excludes what is foreign or different or undesirable in the past. From it come the definitions of what may or may not be said, those prohibitions and proscriptions that are necessary to any culture if it is to have authority.

It is also true that in addition to the mainstream, official, or canonical culture, there are dissenting or alternative unorthodox, heterodox cultures that contain many anti-authoritarian strains that compete with the official culture. These can be called the counter-culture, an ensemble of practices associated with various kinds of outsiders--the poor, the immigrants, artistic bohemians, workers, rebels, artists. From the counter-culture comes the critique of authority and attacks on what is official and orthodox. The great contemporary Arab poet Adonis has written a massive account of the relationship between orthodoxy and heterodoxy in Arabic culture and has shown the constant dialectic and tension between them. No culture is understandable without some sense of this ever-present source of creative provocation from the unofficial to the official; to disregard this sense of restlessness within each culture, and to assume that there is complete homogeneity between culture and identity, is to miss what is vital and fecund." - Edward Said.
The official narrative of the Syrian conflict has collapsed. It cannot be repaired with new lies. Those days are over. There is a media transformation underway across the world that is challenging the ability of corrupt Western governments to shape narratives about conflicts in the Middle East.

The terrorist state in Israel is undeniably the biggest loser of this unfolding process because its propaganda prowess cannot compete with the independence, integrity, and tenacity of the global alternative media.

USrael's deceptions are easier to see through in the new media environment. Even USraeli officials admit this change behind the scenes. Of course, the delusional and crazy ones like Bibi Netanyahu still live in their own little fantasy worlds. But what they believe in private and say in public is not important because their credibility and popularity is tanking. Only their brainwashed, die-hard followers still listen to them.

The approval ratings of Obama and Netanyahu are far below what they were when they were elected. History is proving that Barack is no Messiah and Bibi is no King.

America and Israel can do way better than Obama and Netanyahu. There is untapped genius, compassion, intelligence, and true statesmanship in both of these powerful countries. In due time, a crisis will unleash new political forces and raise talented political personalities to the surface of each of their national consciousness.

The biggest hurdle in the way of change is the lack of belief and will. The American people falsely believe that a paradigm-changing third party leader cannot win a presidential election, so they settle for less. This is the mentality of defeatists and losers, and the last time I checked, America is a nation of winners. So they will eventually get over this mental hurdle. But the question is how fast?

America's political awakening is developing slower than expected, but that's a good thing in some respects, because it means the mental and spiritual maturation process will give fruit to more profound and long-lasting changes.

The work of 9/11 truth activists and 9/11 truth organizations is crucial in this delicate historical process. The death of the 9/11 myth is only the beginning of a global rethinking of modern history, especially post-9/11 history.

II. The Last Days of USrael's Propaganda Empire

Against the backdrop of history, the truth about the 9/11 events and the situation Syria is rising to collective global consciousness. USrael's propaganda empire is showing evidence of decay.

It is in Syria where the corrupt Western media is losing control of the global narrative and the battle for history. The governments that are pushing for Assad's removal on the grounds that he is a dictator are themselves the world's most evil dictatorships: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Israel, England, and the United States.

These hypocritical and two-faced countries are the biggest threats to world peace and international law in the 21st century. For them to support democracy and freedom in Syria is the biggest joke in the world. They are not on the right side of history.

It is a sign of humanity's collective intelligence that most of the world correctly recognizes that the cheerleaders of the NATO-backed Free Syrian Army are war criminals and sociopathic liars who have collectively killed more innocent people in a week than Assad has in his entire reign as the leader of Syria.

Assad should be the one giving the deceitful and war-possessed leaders of America, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Israel a lesson in manners, civility, and democracy.

III. The Downfall of The Temple of "News"

It does not matter if Assad survives the criminal onslaught from NATO, the Gulf monarchies, and Israel. His continued presence is symbolic, but not necessary in the long run. What is important is that the brave Syrian people remain free and independent.

The demonic group of nations that are sending Jihadist terrorists and weapons into Syria to foment chaos have already lost the battle for the hearts and minds of Syria and the world.

The news from Syria is not being reported on 24-hour cable channels and network television, but in the unstoppable global alternative media. What is described as "news" out of Syria is clearly proven upon immediate impact to be nonsensical anti-Assad propaganda meant to bolster popular support in the West for another ill-defined war against a peaceful country.

Clearly, the establishment Western media is not what it once was. The Western thought police is having trouble imposing officialdom's narratives on the public mind. The media cannot get away with distorting reality and hijacking history for the benefit of a rotten few because it is no longer the infallible and unquestioned temple on the hill.

Now, people are metaphorically throwing stones of truth from the gates outside the temple that separates the real world from the fictitious world, which is inhabited by USraeli government officials and their media lackeys.

Their fake world is crashing down faster than they can handle.

The real world is making a comeback.

War on Terror: The Official Grand Narrative Vs. The Counter-Narrative