August 12, 2012

The Sword Is Turned Inward

"After a shooting spree, they always want to take the guns away from the people who didn't do it. I sure as hell wouldn't want to live in a society where the only people allowed guns are the police and the military." - American novelist William S. Burroughs.
The illegitimate anti-terror apparatus in America that was established after the false flag September 11 events was not intended for Muslim terrorists, but for American patriots and revolutionaries, regardless of their political beliefs.

For over a decade now, the fake leaders of American conservatives scared their flock by raising the alarm of "Islam." They said to their captured audience: Beware of Sharia law, the Muslims are descending on America and they will ravage our country if we are not vigilant.

Anyone with a brain could see this was a lie. For one thing, the number of Muslims in America is miniscule. If extremist Islamic groups raised the flag of Al-Qaeda on any American street for one second they would be crushed on the spot, and no one would complain.

Muslims pose no threat whatsoever to American society and government institutions. The technicians of the police state and the corrupt leaders of two parties know this, but they lied the whole time because they had to misdirect the attention of the American people while they successfully built up a totalitarian police state in America.

Brainwashed American conservatives were fine with new diabolical police state laws because they were under the delusion that such laws would not be applied to them, but only to Muslims.

They were tragically wrong.

Alex Jones, Ron Paul, Webster Tarpley, and others in the pro-liberty coalition warned American conservatives to not join the "Be Afraid of Muslims Campaign" and give up their rights so easily. But they didn't listen, and now the sword of the state is being used against them and their families.

It is the turn of American conservatives to be scapegoated and persecuted under the name of "homeland security." Politicians, policymakers, and police officers label them "right-wing domestic terrorists,"  and falsely accuse them of being the cause of America's domestic problems.

Even some grassroots liberals and progressives are foolishly joining the new "Be Afraid of Conservatives Campaign." They fail to see the bigger picture. Soon, the totalitarian state's sword will be directed at them, before the blood on the blade even dries.

Think of it this way. Serial killers have captured the United States government and they are picking off groups one by one. First they went after the Muslims, and now they're targeting the conservatives and libertarians. Tomorrow, they'll turn their sights on liberals, progressives, and Occupy Wall Street activists.

It is insane for the victims of the serial killers to turn on each other in a state of panic and run to the serial killers for protection. Some of the captured victims may be safe for a little while, but the serial killers won't leave anyone who opposes their totalitarian agenda alive.

The serial killers in the government want everybody to be potential victims so they are pushing for draconian gun control legislation. In the wake of state-sponsored mass shootings and terror events like the ones in Colorado and Wisconsin, the hypnotized cheerleaders of the serial killers demand Americans to disarm as a solution to the hyped-up problem of citizen-caused gun violence.

Totalitarian gun grabbers feel no shame in hiding the reality that criminals, gangs, and police state goons are responsible for the majority of cases of gun violence in America, not average citizens. Thus, their true target is not any mythical "terrorist," whether domestic or Islamic, but every common citizen. They want to make it easier for their beloved tyrants to wipe out political dissidents and critics. 

How should people respond to this unbelievable situation? We must first accept the plain truth that it is suicide to let serial killers in government to have all the guns. Citizens must be armed as a last resort of defense against the government serial killers. But this is not a permanent solution because it is unnatural for the people to be on a war footing against an illegitimate government continuously.

There are more logical solutions. Here are just three.

1) Tax resistance, civil disobedience, and mass strikes until the serial killers who have hijacked the American government and Western civilization are arrested. This action will restore justice and the rule of law in society, as well as faith in the American government.

2) Get rid of the despotic police state laws and deconstruct the illegitimate anti-terror apparatus to reassure the people that their security is not at stake.

3) End the monopoly of the criminal mainstream media so people can hear alternative viewpoints, and come to their own conclusions about issues of life and death, peace and war.

II. The Sword of State Terror

There can be no stable society without equal justice before the law, common security, and thoughtful dialogue in an open political environment.

The serial killers who stole the American government from the American people are destroying the foundations of society. They want chaos to reign everywhere, domestically and internationally. Their nuclear sword is directed outward against the people of the Middle East, and their homeland security sword is directed inward against the people of America.

The totalitarian gun grabbers should first call for the disarmament of the serial killers who have hijacked the American government before they aim their blind and righteous fury at anyone else.