August 24, 2012

The Jungian War On Terror Comes Home: Old Shadows, New Enemies

 Say goodnight to the old bad guy, and make way for the new bad guy: The American Veteran. 
"Question from student: 'This relates to what you were talking about the container. I don't quite understand that fully. You were saying something about society doesn't provide [containers]?

Robert Moore: In the old days, your tribe's values were clear, and you transgressed them to your own risk. They would vanish you or kill you if you got too far afield. It wasn't any problem about knowing what the values were. You know, you heard all this stuff about the crack in the cosmic egg. Well, until modernity there weren't any cracks in the cosmic eggs. People didn't have a crisis of meaning. The only crisis of meaning you had was when your cosmic egg didn't agree with the one that had the political power. Like if you were one of the heretics in the medieval period you knew what was right, you had your values clear, they just differed with the Pope. And the Pope had those troops. 
But in modernity the containers that carry the human soul have just been dissolving all over the place. And the best thing to do if you haven't study this in history or cultural history is to read Peter Berger, the great sociologist, and read his book 'The Homeless Mind.' And it lays this out.  
But the fact is religions for educated people tend not to hold it anymore. The reasons around the world that fundamentalisms are resurgent in every tradition is because of the need for containment. And we should not laugh at people so much about this. They understand something. One of the reasons that the Ayatollah is doing what he is doing is not as bad a reason as we might think without thinking about it. He has looked at what is happening to the young people in his culture who have got into Western culture, into drugs, sex, and rock n' roll, in a totally out of control way, and he's decided 'hey, this stuff is destructive for my people.' And he and the other Shiites, that's what they're about. They are against nihilism. 
And you know, if you start looking at what's happening to the young people of this country, you have to ask the question, okay, you don't want the Ayatollah, and you don't want Jerry Falwell, and you don't want blah blah blah, where are the containers to help these young people not destroy themselves before they're twenty one? The whole issue is where are the cultural vessels? Well, I'll tell you some names and some cultural vessels in our society for young people. Madonna, that's a cultural vessel for a lot of young people. You gotta be clear about it. Prince is a cultural vessel for a lot of people." - Robert Moore, Ph.D., from a lecture given in the late 1980s called, "Archetypal Images of the Magician and the Lover." The lecture was uploaded onto YouTube by the user 'DrBerninski,' on October 31, 2011. [1:40:30 - 1:44:27].

"A great myth is relevant as long as the predicament of humanity lasts; as long as humanity lasts." - C. S. Lewis, from his essay, "The Mythopoeic Gift of Rider Haggard," in the book, "Of This and Other Worlds," pg. 112.
The war on terror is coming home to America and the new bad guy is the former good guy: the American Veteran. Once honored for his bravery and self-sacrifice, the American Warrior is now disowned and despised by what is presumably his own government. The question is why? Let's drop the labels, ignore the media's false representations of returning veterans, and look at this clearly.

Veterans are being labeled "white supremacists," "mentally ill truthers," "mentally defective," "domestic terrorists," and "right-wing Tea Party radicals." But they are none of these things. They are patriots. The scapegoating of American veterans must end. For a society and a government to scapegoat its own warriors who risk their lives for the safety of the weak is the lowest crime imaginable.

If we mindlessly accept the validity of the totalitarian labels that are being used to scapegoat veterans then it becomes easier to justify our silence when they are illegally taken away to psych wards for exercising their free speech.

We have to admit to ourselves that it is bizarre that the warriors who were tasked with destroying the old bad guys (Al-Qaeda, Muslims) are now classified as the new bad guys who must be vanished from the tribe and extinguished. This shocking turn of events should make us question the foundations of not just the criminal war on terror, but of our own fragile psyches, which can be so easily manipulated by politicians, bureaucracies, and the modern mass press.

The warriors who are coming home from Afghanistan and Iraq deserve praise and gratitude, but they're not getting it. Instead, they are being received with a cold shoulder and treated like a disease by the press, the government, and society at large. This is not healthy nor honourable behaviour.

Why are people so fickle? The U.S. government is turning heroic defenders into domestic terrorists almost overnight, and some people think it is morally correct to go along with this nonsensical narrative?  How can people disown others in their community who are a part of themselves, especially returning warriors, so quickly and thoughtlessly? This article tries to answer that painful question.

II. At War With The Shadow At Home And Abroad
"There is the individual's personal shadow, which is formed in the context of a family. And a family shadow, your family shadow, may have certain things that are acceptable and certain things that are unacceptable. The unacceptable ones go into your family shadow. Mine may have a different set of feelings and attitudes that go into the family shadow, but in each case that family is embedded in a cultural shadow. It could be a fundamentalist Christian culture which would have a certain set of ideas about what's unacceptable and therefore goes into the shadow. It could be a liberal, politically active, Jewish culture and certain issues there go into the shadow and others don't. It could be an atheist, very politically active, socially conscious sub-culture, different shadow material. And internationally we found that different cultures in Western Europe have different shadow content than America. So there is a larger component than just the individual. And we're all influenced by all of this material, and the media plays into it as well. What is presented as acceptable and what is forbidden." - Connie Zweig, author of "Meeting the Shadow: The Hidden Power of the Dark Side of Human Nature." This quote is from part two of her interview with Jeffrey Mishlove on his show Thinking Allowed.
The "shadow" is a Jungian concept. Watch Jeffrey Mishlove's interview with Jungian analyst Connie Zweig to get a better grasp of this concept. From what I understand, the shadow is that side of ourselves, both on a personal and a collective level, that includes everything we reject and repress, either because of fear, shame, ignorance, pain, or pride.

When the shadow is not integrated into the larger personality and collective identity then deep problems surface, causing a profound psychological crisis.

In our culture, 9/11 truth and the subject of conspiracy in general has been buried in the shadow, making it easier for people to reject 9/11 conspiracy theories without thinking too deeply.

The Jungian concept of the shadow has been consciously deployed in the war on terror by U.S. political leaders to galvanize American and Western public support for the war. In this way, a U.S. intelligence agent named Osama Bin Laden came to represent evil in the world. A lot of people are still satisfied with this narrative of reality despite all the evidence that shows Bin Laden was merely the scapegoat.

Previously, the U.S. totalitarian state and American society was at war with Al-Qaeda, which personified the shadow in the American and Western collective consciousness for a decade. But now that the U.S and Al-Qaeda are open allies in Syria, this mythic Arabic organization has finished serving its domestic propaganda purposes in the United States.

As a result, the personification of the shadow has changed from Al-Qaeda to the Tea Party movement, Occupy Wall Street activists, and veterans, who are all, in the state's language, different forms of "domestic terrorists."

The returning American warrior, who is responsible for eliminating the old shadow, has transformed before our hypnotized eyes into the new shadow.

III. The New Enemy: The Shadow Warrior Returns To A Lost Homeland
"Since the end of the Cold War, America has been on a relentless search for enemies. But the real dangers are at home." - David Rothkopf, "The Enemy Within."
"Forget about al-Qaeda and state-sponsored radicalized Muslims, the newest Boogeyman that the US government wants the American public to fear are our own US veterans." - Susanne Posel, "The Manufactured US Veteran Threat Against Obama That Will Justify Martial Law."
In the new psycho-social map of the world, the heroic American veteran is the enemy and Al-Qaeda is yesterday's news. Their presence in Syria is suppressed in the Western press. The reason for this propaganda shift is that the US police state no longer needs a foreign boogeyman to justify its vast budget, at least not a non-state entity, because Iran is still being vilified.

The new boogeyman is closer to home. The armed citizen is now considered the most dangerous threat to society. And not just any armed citizen, but former members of the military.

According to the totalitarian state's new narrative, the American veteran is spiritually, mentally, and politically divorced from American society. He is damaged goods. So he is banished to the wilderness and the shadow underworld upon returning home. If he speaks up for what he thinks is right and for his brothers then he is put down and neutralized, whether by an absurd label like "terrorist," or by naked force.

In the case of Brandon Raub, the former marine who posted 9/11 truth statements on Facebook, the political method the totalitarian state used to put him down was pseudo-psychological language. The scriptures of every totalitarian state, whether Soviet Russia, Communist China, or post-9/11 America, are mainly composed of psychiatric mumbo jumbo.

The professional psycho-magicians who submissively serve the totalitarian state showed up at Raub's door and threatened to re-brainwash him.

The good news is that there is fierce grassroots resistance to the politically motivated stigmatization of veterans like Raub. Veterans are de-brainwashing themselves and discovering the painful fact that they have been deceived by their political and military leaders into fighting shadows and ghosts on the other side of the world.

Returning warriors realize instinctively that they have allies in the "conspiracy theory" world. We are interested in their safety, their souls, and their mental well-being. We will not allow them to be humiliated by being labeled "mentally ill," and thrown to the wolves in white lab coats who pretend to be caring therapists and psychologists.

These professionals are not mental healers, they are mental destroyers. They are using the power of the totalitarian state to rein in the individual's mind and keep it on a tight totalitarian leash.

But this totalitarian leash has already snapped. The American mind is free of terror and free. Trying to use veterans to scare the American people into submission a second time, after the false flag of 9/11, is a stupid idea.

What the hell can they do now? The totalitarian state cannot put a new leash on a dog who has left his master because of abuse. The era of the totalitarian leash in America and the West is over.