August 16, 2012

Forget The Political Sideshow, Focus on The Bigger Battle

Obama: I have the power of the sun in the palm of my hands. What the hell can Romney do to me? Photo by Carolyn Kaster of the Associated Press.

The selection of Paul Ryan as Romney's VP has injected energy into the 2012 presidential race. His radical ideas about how to resolve the budget crisis have attracted rage from both the left and the right, especially among seniors.

A number of senior GOP strategists have criticized Romney's decision to name Paul Ryan his Vice President because the economic ideas that are associated with him are highly unpopular with the American people. One GOP political strategist said, "This is the day the music died."

The music that played all throughout the late 20th century up to the present day had the effect of keeping the American people in a state of deep sleep. In this state, the treasonous U.S. ruling class was able to get away with all sorts of criminal activity, including staging the false flag 9/11 events that launched the multi-trillion dollar "War of Terror."

But the Romney-Ryan ticket is waking people up to the reality that neither of the two political parties have a plan for saving America. Both Obama and Romney want to destroy America and mass murder the American people, the only thing they disagree on is how should the destruction be carried out, and how long it should take.

Obama believes it is better to kill them softly, while Romney and Ryan prefer the option of slash-and-burn looting. So, at the end of the day, there is no real distinction between the two sides.

Historian and author Webster G. Tarpley explained on the Alex Jones show on Tuesday, August 14, that the massive austerity cuts being proposed by both parties will lead to the deaths of millions of Americans. But he added that the Romney-Ryan path will definitely be more painful and brutal, since they are proposing larger cuts to basic social services and government programs.

Ryan's radical budget has turned off many senior conservatives who find great value in programs like Medicare and Social Security. Without government life support they will die, and the Romney-Ryan duo is okay with that outcome because they are totally indifferent to mass suffering and mass death.

Obama's program proposals and budget solutions are more moderate so senior conservatives may flock to him this time around rather than the Republican party. Or they may abstain from voting, which would still benefit Obama. But this turn of events is not a good reflection on Obama's leadership and his vision for America. Obama's unpopularity as a first-term president in an election year is unusual and shows how much of a weak candidate he is.

If the Republican party was interested in winning this year they could've easily defeated Obama. But it seems the political managers that control both parties want to give Obama another term. Many people are saying that the selection of Ryan by Romney's political handlers was done for the purpose of strengthening Obama in the eyes of the voters and giving him the victory in November.

It certainly doesn't make sense for a political party to choose a career politician for VP whose radical ideas are accepted by less than 20% of the American people. Gerald Celente argues for this view in his article, "Paul Ryan pick political suicide":
"In the Spring of 2011 Republican hopefuls were on a political suicide mission. Yes, entitlement excesses had to be addressed, but making that the main focus of their campaigns was a strategy that might have been devised by insidious Democratic infiltrators … .

The Republican final solution was to reduce and/or eliminate “entitlements” – a word that had taken on a pejorative meaning. How dare people who had worked all their lives, acted responsibly and paid their taxes, feel entitled to anything from their government? Health care, elder care … Republicans were running on a “we don’t care” platform."
The election in November will probably be very close and will go down to the wire, but Obama has already been picked to be the winner. Romney and Ryan are not serious contenders for the White House. They are just a sophomore debating team that is fortunate enough to travel the country and address crowds. It is clear the GOP establishment is taking one for the team in this election season and handing Obama the victory by picking Ryan to be Romney's Vice President.

II. Forget The Political Sideshow, Focus on The Bigger Battle

Although America is a shallow democracy, the trans-party political managers are still shrewd enough to make the race interesting for the American people. They also want to create the illusion that there is a wide acceptance of Ryan's radical ideas to balance the budget and improve the American economy, which in truth there is no acceptance whatsoever.

For the American people, the socially important Medicare program is more of a sacred cow than the unnecessary large Pentagon budget, and fraudulent bank bailouts.

Since neither of the two political parties are bold enough to take on the useless military and the criminal private banks, they are becoming irrelevant and will go the way of history. The real battle ahead will be between the financial oligarchs and the captured military versus the American people. The same battle is being fought around the world, in countries as different as England, Greece, and Egypt.

It must be remembered that this is an intellectual and spiritual battle. This is the bigger battle. Elections are meaningless. Republicans and Democrats are dinosaurs. Obama is T-Rex, the last of his kind.

The bigger battle is about central issues like banking and war-making. The era of private banking institutions and standing armies is coming to an end. Their poisonous fruits are criminal wars, needless death, poverty, and mass destruction. Humanity is ready for a new era of peace, prosperity, and liberty.

In his remarkable speech, "Peace, Prosperity, and Liberty," given nearly ten years ago on September 5, 2002, Dr. Ron Paul said:
"We must prepare for the day when our financial bankruptcy and the failure of our effort at world domination are apparent. The solution to such a crisis can be easily found in our Constitution and in our traditions. But ultimately, the love of liberty can only come from a change in the hearts and minds of the people and with an answered prayer for the blessings of divine intervention." 
Your prayers were answered, Dr. Paul.

In 2012, the American people are awake, and you are an icon of moderation, respect, dedication, patriotism, and love. Your political colleagues are still stuck in the paradigm of war, deception, fraud, and death, but that soulless paradigm is being rejected on a global scale.