August 28, 2012

Alice In The White House: Barack Obama And The LSD Presidency

"To governments that control with fear, the truth is the enemy of the state. Propaganda, censorship, and mass mind control produce homogenized thinking conforming to the will of the Controllers." - Tarra Light, "Angel of Auschwitz: A Spiritual Memoir of Forgiveness & Healing," 2009. Frog Books: Berkeley, California. Pg. 187.
The ability to lie to hundreds of millions of people every day while keeping a straight face is a rare political gift. Some presidents, like George W. Bush, are not masters of this craft. They smirk and giggle when they deliberately tell lies to the public. President Barack Obama is much better. His "I ordered the death of Osama Bin Laden" speech was an amazing display of deception.

I'm sure every modern totalitarian leader looking on at the show from beyond marveled in amazement when Obama delivered those divinely inspired words. On that day, he spoke as a poet and a philosopher. And also as a con man par excellence.

The truth that Obama forged his birth certificate is not nearly as interesting as the truth that he forged reality in one single speech. With the simple use of words Obama transformed a buried and forgotten corpse into a netted sea monster. The timeless hunt for the White Whale in the 21st century's version of Herman Melville's mythic tale was a grand, though belated, success.

It took ten years for the American government to capture Bin Laden and bury him in the bottom of an unknown ocean. At least that is how it was presented by the Obama administration to the American people and the world. The public narrative of Bin Laden's death and the real story are as different as night and day.

II. Acid In The White House: The LSD Presidency
"I had no inkling that the new substance would also come to be used beyond medical science, as an inebriant in the drug scene. Since my self-experiment had revealed LSD in its terrifying, demonic aspect, the last thing I could have expected was that this substance could ever find application as anything approaching a pleasure drug." - Dr. Albert Hofmann.
How intoxicated is the President of the United States? How psychotic is he? How mad? How high?

You have to be high as hell to want to be president of the American empire in the post-9/11 world. It is not a job for the sane and sober. I wouldn't be surprised if Obama, like Bush and Clinton before him, is taking drugs in the Oval Office. I don't mean this as an offense to the President. Taking drugs does not degrade the "dignity of the office." The dignity was lost when Cheney walked in it, actually, way before then.

White House medical doctors probably prescribe drugs to presidents on their down time to help them with the pressures of the job. I don't know how any sane person could get through it and survive it with their full mental capabilities intact. It is really an anti-human job. Too much is demanded of a modern President. The world's eyes are on him every second he is out in public. All it takes is one slip of the tongue and one misstep for the media's fire to descend on him and burn him to shreds for what he said.

But the President's fragility should not make us doubt the extent of his power. Obama has his own Kill List, for Christ's sake. The man is a Beast. He can kill whomever he wants. And that is the least of his powers. The President's power to shape reality with words and manipulate global public opinion is truly otherworldly. Obama is a bigger brand than Apple. The blind trust that is placed in him can prove to be fatal for America and the world.

It is always a mistake to trust a leader based on faith alone, but that is what a lot of people will be doing in November. Over the last four years, Obama has shown that he does not deserve the trust and goodwill of the American people. But Obama will still be re-elected because the White House is a faith-based institution, and it seems its captured flock is not ready to head down a new and scary path in search for a new saviour.

The LSD President isn't going anywhere. The trip is just beginning.  

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