July 26, 2012

USrael Plans Genocide In Syria, Palestine, And The Middle East

Appearing on Infowars Nightly News on Tuesday, July 24, historian Webster Tarpley gave an important analysis concerning the situation in Syria [1]. Tarpley said that NATO's psywar against Syria has failed and the next step is an invasion with Israel taking the lead role. Such an invasion will be justified in the Western press on the concocted pretext that Syria's chemical weapons must be secured before they fall into the wrong hands in the chaotic aftermath of a post-Assad Syria.

Richard Silverstein wrote about Israel's threat of invading Syria on July 13, saying:
"Israel seems to be laying down its marker and saying it too has an interest in determining the nature of the next Syrian regime.  Israel will go to very great lengths to ensure it does not have a proto-Iranian regime on its front doorstep, even to the extent of directly intervening.  All of which would be devastating not just for Syria, but for the entire region.  Israeli “intervention” into affairs in Iran, Lebanon and Gaza has greatly destabilized those countries and wreaked general mayhem.  More of this sort of “help” the Middle East does not need." [2].
Tarpley predicted that the US-backed fundamentalist terrorists who have spread a reign of terror throughout Syria will wipe out Christians and other minorities if they rise to political power after Assad's fall.

The anti-Assad fundamentalist terrorists, who have been caught committing massacres as well as faking them to blame Assad for propaganda purposes, are finding themselves on the same side as the arch foe of the region, Israel.

Israel is going to make big moves in the weeks and months ahead. The possibility of a new false flag terrorism event at the 2012 London Olympics by the Mossad is very likely.

But, apart from the battle for world public opinion, what is Israel's overall game plan for Syria, Iran, and the Palestinians? Israeli author Moshe Machover says that Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants to wage an aggressive war against Iran because the resulting chaotic atmosphere in the region would allow Israel to ethnically cleanse Palestinians. Speaking to Philip Weiss of the popular website Mondoweiss, Machover said:
"This is part of the reason that Netanyahu is so adamant about resolving the Iranian issue by war, rather than diplomacy or siege; he wants a full out war, because whatever the actual consequences of the war regarding Iran, whether it will end Iran’s nuclear program—and by the way there is no proof that Iran is committed to production of nuclear weapons-- the opportunity will present itself for ethnic cleansing in the West Bank that will be a far more important result for him and far more desirable, than anything he can achieve with Iran itself." [3].
While the mad king of Israel is planning genocide in Palestine, the war criminals who lead the United States are supporting terrorism and ethnic cleansing in Syria and Libya. But, their crimes against humanity are being covered up under the umbrella terms of the "War on Terror," and the "Arab Spring."

Once we look past the fables of the War on Terror and the Arab Spring we can clearly see that USrael is in violation of international laws and the moral laws of mankind. It is a totally crazy ahistorical state that has left reality and humanity behind in its quest for total global dominance. If USrael has its way in the Middle East then Syrians, Afghans, Iraqis, Lebanese, and Iranians will all share the fate of the Palestinians.

Assad is deemed an evil tyrant in the Western press because he opposes USraeli genocide against his people and against the Palestinians. Syria's only crime is that it refuses to be a slave and a victim. Removing Assad from the scene and reducing the Syrian state to rubble would enable the mad king of Israel to wipe out the Palestinians.

U.S. policy in the Middle East is achieving ethnic cleansing, terrorism, destabilization, and chaos. Instead of bringing democracy and freedom to the Middle East, the benefactors of the Arab Spring are clandestinely advancing USrael's plan for total war and genocide against Muslims.

As the War of Armageddon intensifies, USrael will turn ancient cities into post-apocalyptic ruins and justify their insane actions in the name of "world peace." Both atheistic liberals and conservative Christians in America and the West will cheer because the shattered Middle East will be free of despots and Muslims will be mass murdered.

Those who hate Assad and wish him to fall do so because they've been told to hate Assad by the media, not because they are independent moral actors who value freedom for all humanity. How can ignorant people be free and moral? It is impossible.

The most interesting development on the Syrian front is the transformation of progressives and liberals from doves into hawks who support the evils of terrorism and mass murder in Syria because overthrowing Assad is worth it. It is really scary to witness how strangely and strongly they defend established lies and trust proven liars. The Left sounds more religious and stupid than The Right when it defends the official 9/11 fable, but it still has a false sense of superiority. Why? Because their arrogance is sky high, which prevents them from seeing that their understanding is shallow. Such mindless people would rather remain blind than admit that they made a big mistake by obediently believing falsehoods.

1. Webster Tarpley on Infowars Nightly News. July 24, 2012.
2. Richard Silverstein, "Israel Invents Syrian WMD Threat, IDF Commanders Threaten Intervention." July 13, 2012.
3. Mondoweiss, "Netanyahu seeks war with Iran so he can ethnically cleanse the West Bank — Machover." July 23, 2012.