July 30, 2012

Unofficial Reports: Al-Qaeda's Chief Financier Bandar Bush Is Dead

Bandar Bush is seen here sitting with George W. Bush, discussing various matters.

On Sunday, July 29, Voltaire Network reported that Prince Bandar bin Sultan is dead. He served as Saudi Arabia's ambassador to Washington from 1983 to 2005, and was just recently promoted to the head of Saudi Arabia's intelligence agency. Apparently, he was killed from injuries suffered in a bomb blast on July 26.

Voltaire Network explains that the attack was orchestrated by the government of Syria as an act of retaliation for the bombing of high-level Syrian generals in Damascus on July 18 that was overseen directly by Prince Bandar, who is also known as Bandar Bush.

Here is an excerpt from Voltaire Network's article called, "Syria reportedly eliminated Bandar bin Sultan in retaliation for Damascus bombing":
"Though not yet announced by the Saudi authorities, the death of Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al Saud has been confirmed to Voltaire Network by unofficial souces.
Prince Bandar had just been appointed head of Saudi intelligence on July 24: a promotion which was interpreted as a reward for having organized the attack in Damascus on July 18. The Saudi services, with logistical support from the CIA, had managed to blow up the headquarters of the Syrian National Security during a Crisis Cell meeting: Generals Assef Chaoukat, Daoud Rajha and Hassan Tourkmani were killed instantly. General Amin Hicham Ikhtiar died soon after from his wounds. This operation, called "Damascus Volcano" was the signal for the attack on the capital by a swarm of mercenaries, mainly coming from Jordan.

Prince Bandar was himself the target of a bomb attack on July 26, and subsequently succumbed to his injuries." [1].
If the unofficial reports are true then Bandar Bush's absence from the region in this volatile period will be missed by the CIA. Who will steady the ship in Saudi Arabia now that the CIA's safe pair of hands is gone?

The significance of Bandar Bush's death cannot be overstated. It marks the end of an era in U.S.-Saudi relations, and in the history of the Middle East as a whole.

Bandar Bush was credited as Al-Qaeda's chief financier, although the details of his links to the false flag September 11 events have been suppressed in the mainstream press, for obvious reasons.

In the weeks and months ahead the situation in Syria and the Middle East could unravel at an even greater speed and turn catastrophic. Heads of states, intelligence chiefs, and high-level generals are being targeted for assassination. Everybody is fair game.  

II. The Death of The Prince of Darkness
"Swift death rushes upon us." - Horace.
On Monday, July 30, Voltaire Network confirmed its report that Bandar Bush is dead and added that the Saudi leadership has not answered questions from the international media about whether Bandar Bush is dead or alive.

It is highly suspicious that the Saudi government is not setting the record straight about the status of Bandar Bush. His sudden death, coming just days after he was hailed as the new leader of Saudi intelligence, is an incredibly important and shocking development that has major political and military ramifications.   

Here is an excerpt from Voltaire Net's second article on this developing story called, "Riyad neither confirms nor denies Prince Bandar’s death"
"All through the day, numerous media have tried to ascertain whether or not Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al Saud has been the victim of a deadly attack on July 26, as announced by Voltaire Network citing a non official-source. 
Strangely, Saudi authorities have not responded to inquiries by the media, refusing to confirm or deny the death of their newly appointed chief of the intelligence services." [2].
It appears that Syria has inflicted a severe loss on the Saudi and American leadership, and they do not want to admit it because it is humiliating. If this analysis is not right, then why else are they silent about his death?

The editors of Voltaire Network write that, "regardless of whether the Prince is dead or alive, such muteness denotes a serious disarray within the Saudi royal family."

Silence in this situation is a sign of weakness. Only admitting the full truth would minimize the damage that has already been caused. Such damage cannot be undone. It would be a serious mistake if the Saudis invented a cover story to make it appear that Bandar Bush was killed for reasons other than a successful Syrian counter-attack.

Concealing a security failure does not erase it from the record of history.


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