July 15, 2012

To Die For A Story: The 9/11 Cult, The Obama Cult, And The Usurpation of Reality

 President Barack Obama: Damn the truth. I'll tell a good story and all will be well in the magic universe.
"Full of wiles, full of guile, at all times, in all ways, are the children of Men." - Aristophanes.

"Traitors who prevail are patriots; usurpers who succeed are divine emperors." - Gore Vidal, Julian.

"Gore Vidal has expressed the view that ‘the story’ is the fundamental mode of human knowledge. When I first heard this I thought it was nonsense, but now I firmly believe it to be true. Vidal spoke about how for many millennia before written texts, humans told each other stories in which were embedded a mixture of factual and cultural knowledge. Indeed entire cultures would once have been transmitted orally as stories. As a result, we have evolved to both remember even long stories, and to grasp their ‘the gist’. Consider how easy it is to remember long stories where each step follows easily from the preceding step. In contrast, lists of un-connected facts are almost un-memorisable.

The concept of ‘story as mode of knowledge‘ is very appropriate to scientific explanations, where out of a mountain of data we want to find out ‘what’s happening’ – what is the (hopefully simple) ‘story’ which makes sense of all the facts. Once we know ‘the story’, we feel that we understand the phenomenon and the data then just become a story-teller’s embellishments." - From the blog, "Protons for Breakfast Blog," in a post called, "What's the story?" Date: October 14, 2011.

"Can anyone be proved innocent, if it be enough to have accused him?" - Julian the Apostate.
Last Thursday, President Obama explained to Charlie Rose that his role as a storyteller is one of his most important. Obama said:
"When I think about what we've done well and what we haven't done well. The mistake of my first term -- couple of years -- was thinking that this job was just about getting the policy right. And that's important. But the nature of this office is also to tell a story to the American people that gives them a sense of unity and purpose and optimism, especially during tough times."
I am surprised that Obama made this extraordinary admission in public. It is unusual for a president to be this honest about the demands of his job. An American emperor is willingly standing naked in public and saying to his mind controlled subjects, "This is my nature. I am a storyteller. You are the children. And this is how it is. Believe my stories and the all-powerful machinery of the state will label you sane and normal. But if you express the slightest doubt about my stories you will be stigmatized as a conspiracy theorist and ejected out of our political community."

Obama's story-telling skills were put on display in a dramatic fashion on the night of May 1, 2011, when he boldly announced to the world that CIA agent Osama Bin Laden was killed as a result of U.S. military action in Pakistan. It is proof of the U.S. government's mastery of reality that this fable is still believed in by a significant amount of the global public.

But this state of affairs will change because it is unsustainable. The credibility of the U.S. government is rapidly sinking throughout the world, and especially in the Middle East. In Egypt, protesters threw tomatoes and shoes at Hillary Clinton, and mocked her by chanting "Monica! Monica!" as she went by.

Hillary Clinton's unpopularity will continue to grow as the crisis of U.S. credibility deepens. Tony Cartalucci writes in a piece called, "Hillary Clinton Must Resign":
"The generation preceding Hillary Clinton's, those of World War II, swore "never again" to the tragedy of that global conflict. They also swore "never again" to the lies and manipulations that maneuvered millions of people across the globe into deadly conflict with one another. Hillary Clinton's fabrications and attempts to foist yet another war constructed upon falsehoods betrays that promise made - and thus betrays and jeopardizes the very foundation of all the West stands for.

Hillary Clinton, to continue in her capacity, like the entire Bush Administration before her, compromises and forever stains the credibility and integrity of the United States. It is ironic that the very violence unfolding in Syria today, which Clinton would have the world believe is the work of the "Syrian regime," was first blueprinted and orchestrated by the US during Bush's term in office."
The disinformation surrounding the Syrian conflict is simply mind blowing. Hillary Clinton's baseless assertions that Assad is responsible for massacres are dangerous indeed, for they reflect the fact that the U.S. government has totally cut itself off from reality. What we are witnessing is madness and folly. A US-led imperialist war against Syria is being falsely portrayed as an authentic Arab revolution against a repressive regime.

If the insane governments in Washington, London, Tel Aviv, and Riyadh succeed in toppling Assad through media manipulation, terrorism, and intervention then they will turn their demonic war machine towards Iran.

No rational and honest person can deny the reality that USrael's pursuit of hegemony is the greatest threat to international peace and global security in this century.

Russian analyst Prof. Vyacheslav Dashichev warns against an attack on Iran which would trigger a new world war in his article, "The Impending Dangers of a Global Conflict: How to Prevent World War III," writing: 
"Historical experience shows that those who sought to dominate Europe and the world always encountered a fiasco. The same fate awaits the initiators and perpetrators who build the American world empire. What is important is to prevent a new world war being unleashed." 
The American president can only get away with attacking Iran by telling the right story to incite the imaginations of the American people and the world. The story has already been crafted. Obama's job is to keep telling it until it sinks in. 

In the past decade, the White House and Congress in collaboration with the government in Israel have tried to identify Iran as a rogue country in pursuit of nuclear weapons. Responsible U.S. and Israeli military and intelligence officials have poured cold water on this story by casting doubt on Iran's ambitions for nuclear weapons. But the general attitude in Washington towards Iran is in line with the extremists in Israel, AIPAC, and the cultish neocon movement who want to fight a total war with Iran.

II. Whose World? The Usurpation of Reality And The End of Life As We Know It

Obama's Iran story and Clinton's Syria story cannot be understood without taking into view the original event that ties both stories together in one knot: the false flag 9/11 events. A cult has arisen around this symbolic event, as well as Barack Obama the person, and penetrating both cults with facts is at this stage very difficult.

But, millions have woken up to the truth about 9/11 and this is a sign that an even greater global awakening is on the horizon. Washington's own hypocritical actions and policies are leading people around the world to wake up and call for an end to Washington's worldwide military aggression. Washington's support for Jihadist terrorists in Syria have exposed the fables of the war on terror and contributed to its loss of credibility.

Israel is also suffering from a loss of credibility. Israeli leaders admitted that they fabricated reasons to invade Lebanon in 2006.

In essence, the governments of the United States and Israel have usurped reality and hold the world hostage to their dictates. They are seeking to bring an end to the world as we know it, but the new world they have in mind is one in which they are the unquestioned gods of the earth. Since their false flag operation on 9/11 they have waged an illegal global war on international law, human rights, democracy, individualism, civil society, and freedom of speech.

Many American and Israeli soldiers have died for the false stories that their psychopathic political and military leaders have told them. Once indoctrinated with these false stories as young and impressionable recruits they were then shipped out like toy soldiers to fight in aggressive wars and confidently slaughter hundreds of thousands of mainly defenseless civilians - Iraqis, Palestinians, Afghans, Lebanese, Pakistanis, etc.

III. Falling For False Stories Until The End of Time

President Obama and other USraeli officials have yet to say sorry to the victims of USraeli aggression or to their own people who are being told to pay the consequences for their crimes.

Obama isn't planning to say sorry to America or answer for his deceptions. Obama and USraeli officials hope the American people, the Jewish people, and the whole world will fall for their false stories until the end of time. 

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