July 18, 2012

The British Government Leaves The Gates Open To A Terrorist Attack At The Olympics

London 2012: The gates are open.  

Speculation that the occult elite is planning a new false flag event at the 2012 London Olympics has steadily grown over the last several months. 

Tensions were further raised on Wednesday, July 18, 2012, when a terrorist bombing in Bulgaria killed six Israeli tourists. Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu immediately blamed the attack on Iran. Perhaps this event foreshadows greater carnage to come? Is the terrorist state in Israel planning something big with the British government for the 2012 summer games? What kind of fireworks should we expect?

Many analysts have said that Israel will stage a false flag event in the Persian Gulf and blame Iran. Acclaimed actor Ed Asner told the Alex Jones show in February that U.S. NAVY Seals informed him that a false flag event in the Persian Gulf is almost a certainty, but they did not know the precise date.

Netanyahu has already exposed the malicious tactic of blaming Iran for any and every terrorist attack around the world. The latest incident in Bulgaria is a prime example of how quickly and freely Netanyahu exercises this tactic. He seems to think that Iran can be demonized if Israel makes enough accusations and repeats them over and over again. But Netanyahu's empty accusations fall flat because he has zero credibility.

If there is going to be a false flag tragedy at the 2012 London Olympics then the blame must be put on Netanyahu's government as well as the British government. This would be the rational and natural reaction.

The British government hired an irresponsible and negligent private security company called G4S to provide security for the Olympic games. It has also welcomed the dreaded and disgusting TSA to England.

When people said that the British government is leaving the gates open this summer so state thugs can perform another inside job they didn't have the TSA in mind but actual state terrorists like the Mossad and MI6. They are at least respectable. In the hierarchy of the Transnational-Totalitarian-Terrorist State, the TSA's portion of the wealth and power is literally chicken feed. Its ranks include the scum of society. But I guess England will be safe from terrorism now that the mighty TSA is on security detail at Heathrow Airport.

The TSA is worse than Al-Qaeda. It is a leech on the American traveler. TSA agents show up wherever Americans land. They may even show up in hell to harass Americans for Satan's pleasure.

Why make fun of the TSA? It's impossible not to laugh. American state security has become absurd. It is an object of mockery. People would rather be bombed by the CIA, MI6, and Mossad officials in Al-Qaeda than be groped by the perverts in the TSA.

Forget the Olympics. Why go and be groped by the perverted TSA? Why go and be a victim of a false flag terror event? Why go into the arms of perverts and terrorists?

American athletes should fly on private jets. Otherwise, the TSA goons might snatch their medals and sell it on eBay.

Also, the security risks are too many. Mossad and the Netanyahu gang has made it unsafe for Israeli tourists to travel to the Olympics. This is sad and tragic. The Mossad attack in Bulgaria is proof that it will target its own to get a bigger and more sympathetic reaction from the brainwashed nations of the world.

The possibility of false flag terrorist events will remain high until there is regime change in Israel and America. And more false flags means that there will be more criminals wars waged by the USraeli government in the Middle East.

The War of Armageddon will get underway if a false flag terrorist event occurs at the 2012 London Olympics. The winners at the award ceremony for the false flag terrorism competition can already be listed. The government of Israel will get gold, the government of America will get silver, and the government of England will get bronze.