July 7, 2012

Seven Ways Events Like 7/7 Empower Socialized Warfare

Socialized warfare encompasses every state, private, academic, and cultural institution in society. In America, the mass media, the entertainment industry, and Hollywood filmmakers are given the task of conditioning the American psyche and imposing state-created myths on the consciousness of the American people and humanity at large.

Rather than reporting the news and educating the public, the media and sources of popular culture do the opposite: indoctrination and brainwashing.

Growing up, we were not educated in school, we were indoctrinated. Our generation was indoctrinated differently than past generations, but the difference is miniscule. From films we've been taught to fear Arabs and Muslims. Before, the enemy was Russia. 

Prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union, Americans and Westerners were taught to hate and fear the Russians. When that threat went away Washington was at a loss to explain the emerging new world, plus it wasn't quite done destroying the old world, so it went to work on creating new threats: Al-Qaeda, Islamic extremism, and international terrorism.

Washington shares its anti-terrorism and anti-Muslim state ideology with Israel, England, and other Western countries. All the states involved in creating and defending this ideology have engaged the most serious war crimes and terrorism in the history of the world. For the past eleven years, Washington has said that it is defending the world from terrorism, all the while it has committed the greatest acts of terrorism against numerous innocent countries. It is really a significant political and propaganda feat, and it all began with the magic ritual on 9/11.

9/11 was a huge accomplishment for the CIA and Mossad. Since 9/11, life has been a long joy ride for the bad guys in Washington, Tel Aviv, and London. American, Israeli, and British leaders have savagely murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent people, and not only have they escaped justice this whole time, but they're treated like kings and messiahs by the mainstream press. Netanyahu and Obama might not see eye to eye in private, but they both agree about one thing: never tell the truth about events like 9/11 and 77.

The power of Obama and Netanyahu is built on terror and fraud. Events like 9/11 and 7/7 give American, Israeli, and British leaders an almost god-like command over the movement of history and the will of their populations. People who think Obamacare is a political and legal disaster for America should reflect on the changes brought about by the false flag 9/11 events.

9/11 and 7/7 enabled 21st century socialized warfare in the West. If you're not a fan of the Totalitarian State then you must expose the truth about 9/11 and 7/7. If you are silent about 9/11 and 7/7 you give Western Totalitarian States and the Israeli Totalitarian State legitimacy that they do not deserve.

II. Seven Ways Events Like 7/7 Empower Socialized Warfare

Traumatic events like 9/11 and 7/7 empower the totalitarian state and enable it to wage socialized warfare in seven ways.

1. Destruction of individual identities. Traumatic false flag terror events get everyone in society on the same page, and strengthen the authority of the government. Quickly after the event happens the official line taken by the government is immediately perceived by the majority of people as sacrosanct. Any deviation from this line is taken to be a "conspiracy theory" and banned by the media from "respectable" public discourse.

2. Creation of a false social memory. Traumatic false flag terror events create a painful memory that politicians, state officials, and media figures can draw back on when engaged in a debate about why America and the West is at war in the Middle East. One recent example of a media figure who used the 9/11 myth to justify America's presence in the Middle East and Barack Obama's illegal drone policies is Andrew Sullivan. Check out Glenn Greenwald's article, "What might cause another 9/11?" to read what he said.

3. No pain, no gain for the Trauma State. The governments in America, Israel, England, and most countries in the world are "Trauma States." Pain and trauma are political tools that authoritarian states use to socialize the people negatively and turn them into an even more mindless herd. 9/11 and 7/7 both left a psychological imprint on the Western psyche. It is hard to erase these mythic imprints and discard them from the book of time because they have become big parts of the inner and fragile psychic existence of the people of America, Israel, and the West.

4. Exploiting mass death and public fear for political ends. The media comes to life in the wake of state-created tragedies like 9/11 and 7/7. It is hard to describe. It's like vampires at dawn. Their eyes lit up, and their hearts pulse with joy. Whereas the public experiences fear, the psyop vultures in the media and the journalist spies who work for Western and Israeli intelligence agencies experience a thrilling emotion comparable to a child licking an ice cream cone.

In the moments after an event like 7/7 the media gets in on the juicy action of warfare, much like soldiers on the front lines. American pilots in Afghanistan sing "American Pie" when they drop bombs on women and children. This is an expression of pure joy. People in the media get a similar feeling when they drop mega-lies on the public consciousness after an event like 9/11. They suddenly remember their purpose in life and rediscover their reason for being: to lie to the public and put fear in the hearts of the people. They do this all the time, but after a state-sponsored terror event they exhibit their talents of deception in a much more powerful way.

5. Visual rituals: painting images in the head with the blood of the dead. The power of a simplistic image and the propaganda machine that is television were combined to create the myth about 9/11. The image of Osama Bin Laden was beamed through television screens immediately after 9/11. Consequently, his image was falsely acquainted with the dead in the twin towers. Here is an excerpt from a previous article called, "Visual Rituals: Television As The Greatest Myth-Making Force in Human History":
"When the September 11 attacks happened, everyone was glued to a television screen as video of the twin towers collapsing were replayed throughout the day. Only a few insiders knew that a mythological narrative of the attacks was being constructed and presented for public consumption by high-placed government officials and professional teleprompter readers.
The cunning State creators of the 9/11 myth had a wild imagination and they used every possible means to get people to believe their lies. They used the canvas of human blood - the blood of three thousand innocent human beings who were sacrificed on 9/11 - to create a historical fiction out of a real-life tragedy."
6. Killing the Western mind: blocking healthy truths, instilling toxic lies. The mass corporate-state media blocks information that lays out a counter-narrative about 9/11 and the war on terror. The media has engaged in a systematic brainwashing campaign to make the Western mind accept the official fairy tale version of state terror events. The official term for this psychological practice is menticide.

The free flow of information is to a healthy society what the free flow of blood is to a healthy body. The blockage of information to the Western patient is the prime cause of its death. So it is safe to say that that the totalitarian Western mainstream media is killing America and Western civilization by withholding information about 9/11 and 7/7 that contradict the official fairy tales.

7. The life of a democratic society is hollow and spiritless when it is continuously at war. Democracies don't wage wars according to the democratic peace theory. Neocon chickenhawk Richard Perle used this theory to defend the Iraq war on PBS in 2004. He said:
"The lesson of history is that democracies don’t initiate wars of aggression, and if we want to live in a peaceful world, then there’s very little we can do to bring that about more effective than promoting a democracy. People who live in democratic societies don’t like to pay for massive military machines. Democratic societies don’t empower their executives to make unilateral decisions to plunge countries into war. Wars have been started by tyrants who have complete control and who can squander the resources of their people to build up military machines."
Richard Silverstein wrote about Perle's comments at the time in a post called, "Richard Perle on Charlie Rose: "Democracies Don’t Start Wars":
"And if democracies don’t wage wars of aggression, then how shall we call the following wars which the U.S. definitely did not start: War of 1812, Mexican-American War, Spanish-American War, Vietnam War and Iraq War? Or does this mean that Perle does not consider the U.S. to be a democracy?? I guess I learned my U.S. history all wrong in high school and college when they told us that our nation declared and fought those wars."
The theory is correct, but Perle was dishonest to use it to defend America's imperialist invasion of Iraq. America is not a democratic country, so it is insane to expect it to spread democracy around the world. As absurd as it may sound, America has a greater claim of spreading Islam, which it does through its support for Al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Islamic extremism in Libya, Afghanistan, and Syria.

The reality that America is not democratically governed should be obvious by now. What exists in America, Israel, and the West is a totalitarian state that relies on trauma, pain, fear, and deception to maintain control over the citizenry. Events like 9/11 and 7/7 combine trauma, pain, fear, and deception into one huge media spectacle.

As long as these traumatic state terror events are effective in forming Western public perceptions of the Muslim world, America, Israel, and the West will continue to be at war in the Middle East for the foreseeable future.