July 14, 2012

The New York Times Joins The Conspiracy Theory/Reality Community

The New York Times says in an article called, "Details of a Battle Challenge Reports of a Syrian Massacre," that the claim of a new massacre at Tremseh by the Syrian government is untrue. The NATO-armed FSA terrorists were defeated in a battle, fair and square.

It is remarkable that the New York Times is actually reporting the truth about this matter, which has been dishonestly used by Hillary Clinton to put pressure on Russia and China. Not too long ago it was considered a conspiracy theory by organizations like the New York Times to go against the official statements of U.S. officials.

But the tables have turned. U.S. officials are now recognized as the world's top conspiracy theorists, who make wild claims about reality without providing evidence. President Obama famously declared that Bin Laden died because of the actions taken by U.S. NAVY Seals, but he did not back up his statements with proof. He was lying about the cause of Bin Laden's death, just as Mrs. Clinton is lying about Syria.

It is wrong to hold a grudge against the Western media for indoctrinating the world and spreading USraeli propaganda to start aggressive wars in the Middle East. If Western media organizations reform themselves and report the truth about the dark origins of NATO's wars then they should be congratulated.

So I like to say to the New York Times: Welcome. And thank you for telling the truth about this particular massacre story that has no basis in reality. It is nice to see you join the growing conspiracy theory/reality community. Please stay. Make yourselves comfortable. Spread 9/11 truth to your readers.