July 11, 2012

An Altered World: 9/11, Obama, And The Attempted Annihilation of Consciousness

 Hypnos: the God of Sleep, the Son of Night, and the Brother of Death.

The news that President Barack Obama is seizing control of all communication systems in America via an executive order was expected. As usual, the media has little to say. It didn't even bother to tell the American people to move along because there is nothing to see here. It is pretending that nothing happened.

From the establishment's point of view, the train of totalitarian tyranny in Washington is making another routine stop on its way to its final destination. So why make a big fuss about the President's power grab? Only the crazies, and paranoid conspiracy theorists worry about petty things like free speech and freedom of expression.

The reality is that we live in a post-false flag 9/11 world. The law has been flushed down the toilet. The President owns the minds of Americans, so why shouldn't he be allowed to switch off their television sets if he felt like it? If Americans are willing to give their President their minds and souls, and obey his every word, then what's so bad about them giving their President their television sets?

Has the television set become so important and valuable that it has overtaken the individual's mind and soul? If a person can give away their mind to a leader so easily and without thought, then giving that same leader the power to control all communications is really a minor concession. 

The totalitarian State can have its television sets and communication systems. They're not important. What is important and necessary as a condition for life is reclaiming possession of our minds and souls.

The totalitarian President can send messages all day and night, as long as the individual receiver has been disconnected and unplugged from the totalitarian State's thought matrix, then those messages will go unheard.

In an awakened America, the totalitarian President would have better luck trying to reach aliens in a distant galaxy.

II. The President Controls Human Brain Systems, Not Just Communication Systems

America's identity is being altered and its political consciousness radically transformed on the false pretext that it is under attack from Al-Qaeda and Islamic terrorism.

When Obama and Bush said that Americans and citizens of the world should not tolerate conspiracy theories about the September 11 events, they were saying in effect: "Look, you stupid slaves, we control your brains. Got it? We wrote the code that now gets your little minds going like rabbits whenever the image of Bin Laden pops up on your television sets. So just be good little lambs, let the big boys handle the course of history, do as we say, stay within our paradigm, and maybe we'll let you live a little longer than the extremists who reject this paradigm. Sounds good? Okay. Now get out of our way."

How is one supposed to respond to such a mean-spirited tyrant who goes by the once noble title the President of the United States? Do we lay down to the new God in the White House, and love the fact that he is raising hell in the Middle East? Do we say, "yes Master, I'll be good Master." like house slaves?  Or do we raise a little hell of our own? Back in the sixties, the hippies tried to levitate the Pentagon. It was stupid, but at least they had imagination and willpower. We will need both to restore free speech and mental sanity in the West and the world. 

III. America's Wars on Herbs And Verbs

The War on Drugs and War on Terror, apart from being illegal and harmful to global society, are totally insane. Sane societies do not wage wars on herbs and verbs. But it seems that language and natural medicine are threats to the sick establishment in America, so they've went to war against both fields of human culture.

Somehow, the CIA manages to twist the English language to justify its hegemonic attacks on weed growers and freedom fighters. The financial and corporate owners of the CIA hate anybody that out grows them in the marketplace or outfights them on the battlefield, so they use terror, tricks, and technology to destroy their competitors.

The CIA's biggest crime is its attempted annihilation of the consciousness of the American and global general public. Zionist terrorists are also guilty of this crime because of their involvement in the false flag 9/11 events, and their permanent pressure on the Western media to cover up the truth about the dark origins of America's global war on terror.

Those of us who are worshipers of herbs and verbs, who love the free use of language and medicine, must call for the end of both the war on drugs and the war on terror. The economic benefits are obvious. But, more importantly, there will be great social benefits. Sanity and honesty will be restored in our presently diseased societies. Sanity in the people and honesty amongst political leaders are the foundations of a healthy society and a successful government.  

IV. Annihilate The Lie

The giant 9/11 lie sank the American mind and Western consciousness into the bottom of the sea. It was a mental torpedo. Eleven years later, the sea of consciousness is still covered with fog, and the clouds of world war are threatening to pour more acid rain down on the minds of the people.

In order to recover our consciousness and end the madness of World War III, we must annihilate the giant 9/11 lie and hold the real terrorists accountable.

The war criminals in power in the West and Israel who want to annihilate human consciousness and human creativity because they are afraid of losing their power and control over the world have already lost. We know this deep down. So there is nothing to fear. They are the ones who are afraid. 9/11 was the act of cowards. We must never forget that.

Obama and the White House can claim total power over America's communication systems, it doesn't matter, because more and more Americans are taking back power over their minds. So the "presidential messages" that will be beamed through television sets, smart phones, and radio channels will fall on deaf ears and still minds.

Political and media leaders won't be able to take advantage of public panic and ram through their program by manipulating the fragile public psyche in times of emergencies, which happened on 9/11, if individuals decide it is better to not pay attention to politicians and the media.

The gods will smile down on America and the whole world, and celebrate, as in ancient times, the day nobody takes the President's word seriously, including the President himself.

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