June 16, 2012

With New Round of Iran Talks Looming, Obama's "Domestic Politics" Excuse Doesn't Fly Anymore

 Why blame AIPAC and domestic politics for the American-Iranian stalemate when Barack Obama has proven that he is the bigger devil in this three-way drama?

Barack Obama and his political masters do not want peace with Iran. This has been proven time and time again, as Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett write on their website, The Race for Iran. There are delusional defenders of Obama who insist that the problem is not his administration but the Israeli lobby and domestic politics.

The narrative that is being pushed to mask Obama's unwillingness to make peace with Iran is that the Israeli lobby is pressuring U.S. congressman and senators to force Obama's hand in the negotiations with Iran and destroy the grounds for a reasonable settlement between America and Iran. I have never taken any stock in this conspiracy theory because the facts show that Washington wants to create a Clash of Civilizations and attacking Iran is central to that agenda.

The Israeli lobby is certainly playing its sinister role in this criminal drama, but the idea that only the lobby is blocking Obama from the path of peace with Iran is completely wrong. It wasn't the Jews who overthrew the Shah of Iran and put in place the radical and totalitarian Islamists in Tehran - that political catastrophe was orchestrated by the globalists who control the American empire. You can thank the White House for that unforgivable betrayal of Iran, not the goddamn Israeli lobby.

I'm tired of everyone pointing the finger at the Israeli Lobby as if they're the only crooked gang in Washington. The bigger picture is more scary. Since the mid 1970s, the manipulative bankster-owned globalists in Washington have followed a policy towards the Middle East of overthrowing secular regimes and assisting Islamist radicals. Their evil aim is to create tension between America and Iran, and ultimately make the Western world and the Islamic world fight a third world war. The 9/11 events advanced Washington's secret political aims.

The Israeli lobby and Mossad obviously assist the globalists to achieve their evil aim with political and financial support, and propaganda. But concentrating only on the Israeli lobby and blaming it for the separation between America and Iran, as some like to do, is a big mistake. The corporate-imperialist Globalists who basically created Obama want a war with Iran just as bad as the filthy Zionists.

We can't let Obama and the White House off the hook so easily when the talks in Moscow between P5+1 countries and Iran fail again. We can't blame the Israeli Lobby and the bought-off Congress for the diplomatic stalemate. The blame must be put on the crooks and cowards in the White House who love war more than french fries and apple pies.

No honest person can make excuses for Barack Obama and the Obama administration anymore. Obama lied his way to the top, and he is going to lie to stay there, no matter the costs to America and her brave and loyal soldiers.

Relying on the word of the lying monster in the White House is folly. Trust no one, not the Israeli lobby, not the totalitarian state-corporate media, not Congress, and certainly not the White House. Trust no one but your own eyes, heart, and guts.

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