June 10, 2012

Everyone Is On Satan's Kill List: The Rise of The Antichrist And The Death of Mankind

The shadow government has used the cult-like appeal of Barack Obama to sell previously secret policies to the American people.
"You may not want to face it -- hell, I'd prefer not to have to face it -- but this is a country ready to be led to the slaughterhouse." - Arthur Silber, "Reflections on a Bestial Culture, Ready and Eager for Slaughter (I)," June 7, 2012.

"Christianity summarizes the source of evil under the symbol of the demonic, and the essence of the demonic is the aspiration to godhead, the attempt to usurp the place of the Creator, followed by assault upon creation in a frenzy of hate which irrevocably dedicates itself to a continuous destruction of life. Satan is thus the continuous source of evil. As Antichrist, Calvin called him “the sphere of atrocity and horror under the name of a person.” He is not an independent evil being set opposite an equally independent good being, and his fall from heaven comes precisely from his false claim to be just that. Essentially irrational, teleologically undefinable, Satan is, as Denis de Rougemont says, the “absolute anti-model.” St. John Chrysostom has it that he is mania, frenzy, impossible to reduce to rationality, while Emil Brunner says that the demonic defies all precise definition. With Satan, as elsewhere, we are brought back to “accommodation,” to the symbolic and metaphoric treatment of a force which may be fully interpreted in no other terms. . . As Paul Tillich says, “the demonic is the elevation of something conditional to unconditional significance.” It is thus basically a lie, carrying at the core of its existence a falsification of its own nature. As evil itself, it cannot be denied, but must not be made absolute. In its relation to man, its power should not be underestimated, yet in relation to God it is as nothing. . . The thrust of Satan’s aspiration is to enjoy himself rather than God, to become the bearer of his own image, to become power without love. Augustine wrote that “the bad angel loved himself more than God, refused to be subject to God, swelled with pride, came short of supreme being, and fell.” It was a totally free choice, as all declare, including Satan himself—a choice left to his own will. The righteousness of God’s judgement consists, as Karl Barth puts it, in the fact that he gives the creature what it chooses for itself. Lucifer’s choice was himself, not God. Thus, Augustine says again, “he became less than he had been, because, in wishing to enjoy his own power rather than God’s, he wished to enjoy what was less.” He made it his chief end to glorify and enjoy himself forever, in short, to be God. Hell for him is existence as his own deity. “To set himself in glory above his peers,” as Milton writes in Paradise Lost, “He trusted to have equalled the most High” (I, 39-40)." – Roland Mushat Frye. "God, Man, And Satan: Patterns of Christian Thought and Life in Paradise Lost, Pilgrim’s Progress, and the Great Theologians." Princeton University Press: Princeton, New Jersey. 1960. Pg. 22-24.
The much publicized "Obama Kill List" is really Satan's kill list, and everyone is on it. America has been chosen by destiny to be Satan's go-to killer on the world stage, and the Kill List is another indication of this esoteric truth.

It is a sin against Satan for President Obama to pretend in public that it is his list and take credit for Satan's kills. Obama is trying to steal Satan's shine and claim his powers of destruction for himself to win a second term in office. Seriously, though, the Kill List is entirely evil. It is the stuff of totalitarian regimes, not respectable, open, and democratically accountable governments.

It doesn't matter who is in the White House. The spirit of Satan is at work in the shadows of the White House regardless if the man sitting at the big desk is a republican or a democrat. Obama can brag all day about how he ordered the raid that killed Bin Laden but that doesn't make it true. The truth is that Obama is not the director of the U.S. government's vast killing machine, he is just the public face. He is not personally involved in anything besides killing flies and telling lies.

It's probably true that Obama himself is on the shadow U.S. government's secret kill list, as was John F. Kennedy and every single president since his assassination. If Presidents don't play ball, they get dropped from the team. Presidents are like the shiny superstars on the floor, not the shadowy managers sitting behind the glass at the top. Presidents only possess rhetorical power. Obama is there to comfort the children, tuck them in at night, and tell them bedtime stories. America is on her deathbed, and Obama's presence was needed to restore confidence in the half-dead patient until the time comes to completely pull the plug on the American economy, which is very soon.

It is difficult to wake America up because the system that feeds information to the head of the victim, the mainstream media, is in the hands of very evil people who want to use up America's blood and treasure in more illegal Middle East wars and bankster bailouts.

II. It Is Killing Season, And Not Even The Shade Can Protect You From The Heat

The Kill List has attracted controversy, both for legal and political reasons. But the moral response to this secret government policy is absent, especially in the mainstream world. Chris Floyd wrote about the apathetic reaction to this significant news story in his article, "Hymns to the Violence: The NYT’s Love Letter to Obama's Murder Racket"
"In any other age -- including the last administration -- this story would have been presented as a scandalous exposé. The genuinely creepy scenes of the "nominating process" alone would have been seen as horrific revelations. Imagine the revulsion at the sight of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld sifting through PowerPoint slides on "suspected terrorists" all over the world, and giving their Neronic thumbs up or down as each swarthy face pops up on a screen in front of them. Imagine the tidal wave of moral outrage from the "Netroots Nation" and other progressive champions directed at Bush not only for operating a death squad (which he did), but then trotting out Condi and Colin and Bob Gates to brag about it openly, and to paint Bush as some kind of moral avatar for the careful consideration and philosophical rigor he applied to blowing human beings to bits in sneak attacks on faraway villages."
The meaning of the mysterious Kill List is not hard to decipher. At the political level, it is about the hijacked U.S. government claiming to target and kill anybody it doesn't like. At a deeper level, it is about creating public acceptance of a culture of death and destruction.

Arthur Silber says in his article, "Reflections on a Bestial Culture, Ready and Eager for Slaughter (I)" that the New York Times story about the White House Kill List is significant in terms of what the ruling establishment is ready to admit to on the paper of record, and what it reveals about the level of apathy and indifference in the public. He writes, "I consider the reaction to this article -- to be more precise, the non-reaction -- to be one of the worst signs we have yet seen concerning the collapse of this country into unrelenting, savage barbarism."

Here is another important point that Silber made:
"I state again that the central theme of the story is that Obama and his closest advisers are engaged in a systematic program of murder, targeting people about whom they know nothing in terms of the factors they themselves claim demand their urgent concern. That is to say: they murder anyone they wish, anywhere in the world, for any reason they choose -- or for no reason at all.

That is what they want you to know. And what is the reaction of almost everyone? The overwhelming majority of Americans haven't reacted at all. It is as if nothing whatsoever has been said. They simply don't care."
It has always been true that in every society most people do not get riled up about issues that should unnerve and enrage them unless they are told by charismatic figures and established leaders that they should be riled up. So there is no point in blaming sheep for being sheep. We must not judge the followers of cults, but the cult leaders, who in this case are President Obama and the highest officials of the United States government.

Also, our media-poisoned societies have been desensitized about violence and murder so much that there is nothing unusual about a president bragging that he is the top killer in the world. The President of the United States is simply marking his territory, which is the whole world, and letting everyone know, "I'm in charge here, you got that you son of a bitch? I kill who I want to kill, and damn the consequences, cause I'm the king of the jungle. I run shit here, you are just an accidental birth that must be gotten rid of as soon as possible."

What the U.S. government is doing in secret is not just killing a few terrorists here and there who had it coming. It is planning global genocide. The Kill List includes you, your neighbours, friends, and family. The death of man is the plan. The real Kill List is dedicated not to killing terrorists, but to the systematic murder of "surplus" humanity.

In his article, "United Nations Envisions Transhumanist Future Where Man is Obsolete," Aaron Dykes writes:
"The Global Future 2045 International Congress, led by iconic futurist Ray Kurzweil and held in Moscow a few months back, lays out a stark vision of the future for neo-humanity where AI, cybernetics, nanotech and other emerging technologies replace mankind– an openly transhumanist vision now being steered by the elite, but which emerged out of the Darwinian-circles directed by the likes of T.H. Huxley and his grandchildren Julian, who coined the term Transhumanism, and Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World. Resistance to this rapid shift in society, the 2045 conference argues, is nothing short of a return to the middle ages."
It is hard to imagine what the future has in store for humanity because our governments are sitting on so much secret knowledge and life-changing technological advancements. I'm more concerned about the spiritual, moral, and political growth of human civilization. We live in a time where moral values are not at the center of life, politics, and the international system of law.

The shadow U.S. and Israeli governments destroyed the Western legacy of human rights and undermined universal moral values when they cold-bloodedly murdered 3,000 people on 9/11 in broad daylight and then used the tragedy as an excuse to murder many more millions in innocent countries.

One can sense the rebirth of mankind ahead, but it must be in a world governed by just laws and guided by moral and higher spiritual values. The death of mankind, the death of human rights, the death of America, are not final pronouncements. This is a passing and tragic stage in history. America is strong and vibrant enough to renew itself and reinvent the world. A future president will not have a secret kill list.

The Antichrist is great, but God is greater. We must always remember that fact, and not lose hope in these dark times.

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