June 16, 2012

Bringing Down Assad Is Part of A Larger Elite Effort To Launch World War III

Replace the ape with Assad, and the woman with the Syrian people. Propaganda doesn't change; the characters do.

I. Defining Reality Is Power, Directing History Is Godly
"It is surprising to see what we call directed history at work. From Tunisia to Egypt and then Libya and now Syria, Western powers are manufacturing pretexts for wars and toppling governments. Syria is the next to go but probably not the last.

They are working their way up toward Iran, it would seem. The question is why. The larger and even more fascinating question is whether any of this is coincidence." - The Daily Bell, "Directed History of Syrian War?"
The case for a military intervention in Syria, which is argued by the Western media and Western politicians, is based on total falsehoods and fabrications. Even a BBC editor now admits that the Western depiction of the Houla massacre that took place in late May was a lie and that the Syrian army was not responsible. The German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung sunk the original Houla narrative with honest investigative reporting.

The reason why corrupt Western media institutions put out the propaganda story about Houla can only be understood as a part of a greater NATO-led conspiracy to paint Assad as an isolated demon and take him down. But the fury of anti-Assad lies coming from the high-posts in the Western media have not hit their target below, which is world public opinion. The BBC has tried to save face after being criticized for posting a dated photo of dead Iraqi children who were killed by the U.S. military and saying that the children were Syrian and victims of Assad. In this case, BBC's blatant act of lying was exposed.

The U.S./Israeli conspiracy to bring down Syria, mostly with the means of propaganda warfare and proxy terrorist groups, is part of a larger Western agenda of, "creating tame regimes that will seem to endorse Islamic positions but that at the very top are beholden to Western powers," according to the editors of the Daily Bell. We can already see the fruits of the U.S. manufactured "Arab Spring" in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya and they're not very good.

The Islamic Revolution in Iran also began as a hopeful exercise, but very quickly the hardcore Islamists consolidated power ruthlessly with the aid of the CIA and MI6. The biggest gift that America's elite handed to Khomeini and his regime was waging war on Iran via Iraq's Saddam, which gave Khomeini the opportunity to suppress internal dissent and radically transform Iranian society.

It is clear that Assad is not going to survive what the Beast of Washington has planned for him. Like the Shah of Iran and Mubarak of Egypt, Assad is another secular Middle Eastern leader that Washington can do without. The big boys are cleaning house in the Arab world, and their giving the keys of every ruling city to the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamist radicals who go to bed every night with the insane thoughts of destroying Israel on their minds.

The Islamization of the Middle East by the CIA, MI6, and Mossad has created the political and spiritual conditions for a holy war. With Assad and Mubarak gone from the political scene, Israel can say to the world: Look at all these insane Islamists around us who want us dead just because we are Jews. We are surrounded, we must defend ourselves, we are fighting for our survival. Of course, it is not true. Israel is a paranoid-schizoid state, led by a totalitarian liar and war criminal in Benjamin Netanyahu.

The aim of directing history in the Middle East is to launch a holy war between Muslims and the Jewish state. Washington's overthrow of the Shah of Iran in 1979 was instrumental in bringing a third world war into being. World War III is the world elite's big baby that will deliver them the ultimate political prize: a totalitarian world government, controlled by international banksters and transnational corporations.

As long as the CIA, MI6, Mossad, and the Western media define reality for us, they'll be able to wield total power over the world and over the course of human history. Defining reality is power. It is the foundation for totalitarian control. That is why exposing the 9/11 lie and the anti-Assad propaganda is so important and necessary. We must not let liars in power define reality, write the script of the age, and direct history as if they are gods ruling over herds.

II. The Task Of Media Revolutionaries: Destroying The Images That Rule Us

"The images that rule us mark the success of that which is not ourselves, which haunts us out of ourselves." - Raoul Vaneigem.
The iconic image of Osama Bin Laden, which has been pierced into humanity's collective memory through the world media, still invokes terror in ignorant and brainwashed people who still believe that the Islamist threat to the West is real. After all these years of no sequel to the 9/11 events, the 9/11 truth-tellers have proven to be correct.

But being correct isn't enough. The propagandistic image of Osama Bin Laden that was created by the CIA must be destroyed. And how can it be destroyed? By taking away its symbolic power.

The image of Osama Bin Laden shouldn't scare you, enrage you, or in any way move you emotionally. The CIA propagandists want to manipulate your psyche and dominate your mind by creating the images they want you to see and censoring the images they don't want you to see. We can't let the tool of emotion be used against us and allow images to replace facts. If we do, we get unnecessary and costly wars like the ones against Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and now, against Syria and Iran.

If you love war, if war is your thing, if war is what makes your sick heart beat fast, then feel free to defend the CIA's propagandistic image of Osama Bin Laden and the official 9/11 lie.

III. Don't Call It An Intervention, Call It For What It Is: World War III

The Western images out of Syria of dead Iraqi children and Assad's goons are not meant to portray the reality on the ground and factual events. The Western media has produced a fake impression of Syria for the sole purpose of making the Western public believe that bringing down Assad is a just cause. A lot of thoughtless people have fallen for this despicable propaganda, and cheer on the calls for "humanitarian intervention," in Syria.

Would these same people still be on the "humanitarian intervention" gravy train if the international community decided tomorrow that China and Russia should intervene in American affairs and remove the war criminals in Washington from power? My guess is no.

If Washington wants war, it should say so openly and unashamedly. There is nothing wrong with an empire wanting war. It's Washington's fake self-righteousness that annoys the world. Hiding behind humanitarianism is cowardly. I respect the Neocons more so than the warhawks on the left because at least they don't hide behind the mask of "humanitarianism."

Bring on Romney. At least he has balls. Obama stabs you in the back, but Romney is man enough to pull out the knife in front of you. Warriors can respect that. If I was Iran, I would want Romney than Obama as my political enemy because I know what I'm getting with Romney: War. With Obama, the word peace comes out of his lips while he repeatedly stabs you and sings your praises. He's so much worse than Romney.

Regardless of which Bilderberg puppet wins the hearts of the voters in November, the course for World War III will not be changed. But although we cannot stop the military push for war against Syria and Iran, we can use the power of the global alternative media to destroy war propaganda on both sides of the conflict.

Speaking the truth about what is going on inside Syria is not rocket science. Exposing the Western case to bring down Assad as unjust, illegal, and insane is easy to do: we just have to repeat the facts, challenge the lies, and point out the propaganda.

When we tell the truth about 9/11 and Syria, the war criminals and their cynical defenders have no choice but to stay silent or change the subject. The smear label of "conspiracy theorist" is proving ineffective in crushing dissent. The truth is too powerful. The facts cannot be written off. The media can no longer define reality. The story has changed.