May 29, 2012

History Is One Big Conspiracy Theory, Says The Sly Spirit of Hermes

"Hermes incarnate is rarely a central character in the Greek tragedies yet, as for example, in Aeschylus’ Oresteia cycle, he is always lurking in the background. The Libation Bearers begins with Orestes’ prayer to the swift-footed god: “Hermes, lord of the dead, look down and guard/the fathers’ power. Be my savior, I beg you,/be my comrade now” (1-3). In The Eumenides, Hermes is a character on stage, but he speaks no lines. Still his presence is always felt. His power resides in his invisible trickster nature." - Craig Titley, "The Mirth of Tragedy: Hermes, the Trickster Spirit, and the Real Oedipus Complex," June 6, 2006. 
"And Hermes mingles now
with all men and gods.
And even though
he helps a few people,
he cheats an endless number
of the race of mortal men
in the darkness of night.
The deceptions of Hermes are harmless only for the Gods. Like everything else Titanic, these deceptions dissolve in the laughter of the Olympians. For humans it turns out differently, especially if they meet up with the arts of Hermes in his special element, the night. In the night he executed his first theft. Indeed, for his sake the moon rose twice and thereby doubled the night. Apollo called him a "companion of black night" (290). After the theft "he lay dark as night in his cradle" (358), and deepest night belonged to the constellation of his conception and coming into being. It is certainly significant that the Hymn, which has celebrated him in birth as the "watcher of the night" in the sense of a dangerous adventurer, closes with this dark aspect of the God." - Karl Kerényi. "Hermes: Guide of Souls." 1976. Spring Publications Inc: Woodstock, Connecticut. Pg. 87. The first part of the quote is from the Homeric Hymn to Hermes.

"While in Sicily they passed by Mount Etna, where the people told them that the fire of the volcano was breathed out by a giant who had once taken part in a revolt against the gods and whom Zeus had pinned down beneath the mountain. This led Apollonius to attack the blasphemous stories the poets told about the gods and to praise by contrast the fables of Aesop, as simple, healthful food seasoned with good advice as to what should be done. Further, he said, Aesop has the honesty to make no pretence that the events told in his stories actually happened. Moreover, he teaches children to be fond of animals and to think of them as having characters of their own.

"My mother," he said, "when I was a little boy, used to tell me a myth about Aesop's wisdom. It seems Aesop was once a shepherd and pastured near a temple of Hermes. He was also a lover of wisdom and prayed to Hermes for it. Many other men, asking the same gift, resorted to the god, one bringing gold, another silver, another a herald's staff of ivory, or the like. Aesop had none of these things, but he saved up of what he had and used to pour out to Hermes for a libation as much milk as a ewe would give in one milking or to bring to the altar as much honeycomb as he could hold in his hand. And he took thought to bring myrtles for the god's banquets, adding a very few roses or violets. 'For why, O Hermes,' he said, 'should I plait wreaths and neglect my sheep?' So when they came to the day set for giving out wisdom, Hermes, who is the god both of wisdom and of business, said to the one who had given most, 'You take philosophy.' And to the next, 'And you go into rhetoric. And you, astronomy, and you, music,' and so on. Thus, although most learned, he used up all the branches of learning and didn't notice that he was overlooking Aesop. When he realized his mistake, he remembered that the Seasons, by whom he had been brought up on the peaks of Olympus, used to tell him, when he was still a baby, a story about the cow and how she talked to man about herself and the earth. Thus they taught him to love the cattle of Apollo. Accordingly, he gave Aesop storytelling, as the only thing left in the house of wisdom, saying, 'You may have what I first learned.' " - Moses Hadas and Morton Smith. "Heroes and Gods: Spiritual Biographies in Antiquity." 1965. Routledge & Kegan Paul Ltd: London. Pg. 222-223.
A lot of people wonder what 9/11 was about. I used to dodge this question, but it is time to face it. This murder mystery is about death. Our death. There is no way of getting around it. 9/11 is about the end of an age. It spelled the death of America, Western Civilization, Islamic Civilization, and, God willing, Israel. After all, it is only right and just that if America, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Iran are being destroyed and sacrificed by the Luciferian globalists then Israel must also be destroyed.

There can be no special favours for any nation in this War of Armageddon. If Iran, Syria, and America are going to suffer and collapse because of this insane war then Israel will suffer and collapse as well. If death is our collective fate, Israel will not be made an exception. It will either be the center of mankind's annihilation, or its salvation. 

All the current political orders in the Middle East, especially the ones in Israel, Iran, and Saudi Arabia, are destined to die in the coming great war. The writing is on the wall. We lowly "conspiracy theorists" can try in vain to stop such a gigantic war from coming into being, but, you and I both know that this baby's head is already out of the mother's womb and all that is left to do is to cut the umbilical cord. We can't abort this war. It would be like aborting the movement of the stars.

We can expose the dirty truth about 9/11 and tell it to our heart's content. But where has a decade of truth-telling gotten us? We're trapped in a corner chasing our tails. Are we any closer to popularizing the truth about 9/11 and stopping World War III? Maybe there will be a 9/11 truth spring. But even if humanity is awake, fate can't be changed. It just means we get to witness our collective death with our eyes wide open instead of remaining dead asleep until we reach the grave.
We have a better chance of storming Mount Olympus and cut off Zeus's head than we do of stopping World War III in its tracks and bringing the real perpetrators of the 9/11 crime to justice. Am I losing hope? No. I think the 9/11 truth and justice movement has the potential to become a real political power. But, as of now, the reality is that we're screwed. The banksters/globalist/zionist war machine that controls Washington has programmed in America a mission of self-destruction, and attacking Iran is central to that mission. This is civilizational suicide on the part of America and the West. 

The elitist and satanic plan to launch a massive world war between the West/Israel and Islam has been in the works for decades. They've been busy at work on this mega secret project before you and I were even born, so can we really stop a disaster this late in the game? We can only prepare and adapt.

We can't turn back the clock and re-make history. What's done is done. There are so many "What Ifs." 

What if "Ayatollah" Khomeini was killed in 1963 by the Shah of Iran when he had the chance? History would have turned out differently. Instead, Khomeini was saved by a morally and intellectually superior Ayatollah named Mohammad Kazem Shariatmadari, who was later put under house arrest by Khomeini for questioning and criticizing his policies as the ruler of Iran. What an ungrateful bastard!

What if Israel was punished for sinking the USS Liberty in 1967 by the U.S. military and American people? Israel wouldn't feel so arrogant and powerful in Washington if it was a taught a lesson then. But rather than being punished for its act of transgression and war, Israel was protected and praised. Imagine that. Praising your murderers and executioners! America is nuts. But so is the rest of the world.

What if the traitors and fools in Congress did not pass the 1913 Federal Reserve Act in 1913 that destroyed America's financial sovereignty? Without the Federal Reserve money printing machine and American taxpayers' dollars the international private banking cartel wouldn't be able to finance world wars, engineer world depressions, and create a world dictatorship behind the scenes.

And on and on. What if men weren't stupid, weak, ignorant, and afraid? Then we wouldn't be stuck here, staring down into the abyss of World War III.

II. The Spirit of Hermes Is In The White House

In his essay, "The Mirth of Tragedy: Hermes, the Trickster Spirit, and the Real Oedipus Complex," Craig Titley says, "as we know from his Homeric Hymn, Hermes likes to cover his tracks." Doesn't that remind you of almost every politician and political leader? We can list any number of big names in modern politics who exhibit the trickster traits of Hermes: Barack Obama, Bibi Netanyahu, the Bushes, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Bill Clinton, Ayatollah Khomeini, the list is endless.

Karl Kerényi, an expert in Greek mythology, writes in his book, "Hermes: Guide of Souls," that there is a "connection between Hermes and the dead," and describes Hermes Logios as, "the shameless guide of souls," and, "the prototype of all future rhetoricians and sophists," (Kerényi. Pg. 78).

Hermes is our guiding god in this crisis, and the destination is death. The spirit of Hermes in the White House and media says: Go back to sleep, it's less painful that way, trust me. Why bother yourself about 9/11 truth and these silly conspiracy theories? History is a conspiracy theory, existence is a riddle you can't solve, so just enjoy life while you can, and stop with all this cathartic truth-telling. You think you can alter the course of the stars, and change destiny by telling the truth? Truth can't bring down giants and ruin empires, time does. Silly, silly boy. You are a speck of dust. You can't escape fate. You can't run from death. You can't undo what's been done. Your only choice in this matter is whether you want to die in your sleep, or die with your eyes open. 

III. WWIII: Another Dark Chapter In The Epic of History
"We previously called the Odyssey a journey epic, and we must now imagine the often experienced reality of "journeying" as something special, in contradistinction to "roaming" or "traveling." Odysseus is not a "traveler." He is a "journeyer" (even if this is something malgré lui, "in spite of himself"), not simply because of his moving from place to place, but because of his existential situation. The traveler, despite his motion, adheres to a solid base, albeit one that is not narrowly circumscribed. With each step, he takes possession of another piece of the earth. This taking possession is, of course, only psychological. In that with each extension of the horizon he also expands himself, his claim of possession on the earth expands continuously as well. But he remains always bound to a solid earth beneath his feet, and he even looks for human fellowship. At every hearth that he encounters he lays claim to a kind of native citizenship for himself. For the Greeks, the approaching stranger is kat' exochen ("an outstanding eminence") and hiketes ("one who comes to seek protection," "a suppliant" or "fugitive"). His guardian is not Hermes, but Zeus, the God of the widest horizon and the firmest ground. In contrast, the situation of the journeyer is defined by movement, fluctuation. To someone more deeply rooted, even to the traveler, he appears to be always in flight. In reality, he makes himself vanish ("volatizes himself") to everyone, also to himself. Everything around him becomes to him ghostly and improbable, and even his own reality appears to him as ghostlike. He is completely absorbed by movement, but never by a human community that would tie him down. His companions are the companions of the journey: not those he wants to lead home, as Odysseus his comrades, but those he joins, as it is said of Hermes in the Iliad (Book XXIV, 334-35). With companions of the journey, one experiences openness to the extent of purest nakedness, as though he who is on the journey had left behind every stitch of clothing or covering. Is it not true that those today who wish to be free of the bonds to the community in which they grew up and to which they were intimately bound, who want to be open to each other without reservation or boundary, as two naked souls---don't they go on a wedding journey (Hochzeitsreise)? Is this journey not a "Heimfurung"("taking home" the bride) as well as an "Entfurung"("elopement"), and therefore also "hermetic?" Journeying is the best condition for loving. The gorges over which the "volatized one" passes like a ghost can be the abysses of unbelievable love affairs---Circe and Calypso islands and holes; they can be abysses also in the sense that there no chance exists for standing on firm ground, but only for further floating between life and death." - Karl Kerényi. "Hermes: Guide of Souls." Pg. 44-46.
Can we stop World War III?

Can we destroy the myths of our time, especially the myths of 9/11, JFK's tragic death, and the creation of the private Federal Reserve?

It is definitely worth trying.

And it must count for something that JFK and 9/11 truth tellers have had a lot of success in opening the minds of millions of people to the reality that a secret globalist and Luciferian cabal is engineering world events and manipulating mankind to accept an authoritarian world government.

No one neck-deep in the sea of truth has labored in vain. Mankind is waking up. The secret occult masters of the world have been identified by activists and their diabolical machinations to keep humanity enslaved and in the dark are being exposed every day.

With that said, though, U.S., British, and Israeli aggression against sovereign and innocent nations will continue. They will get their war with Iran, because without World War III they will not be able to sell a world government to the world. 

In an article I wrote in March called, "Israel And America To Iran: Stop Your Nuclear Weapons Program, Which We Know Doesn’t Exist, Or We’ll Attack You And Say You Started It," I said:
"Absolute destruction lies ahead. Mankind needs not one, but many miracles. The first miracle would be an American-Iranian rapprochement. But that is not likely to happen because there are no peacemakers in power in America."
The talks in Istanbul and Baghdad between P5+1 and Iran have changed nothing. Starting a war with Iran remains the goal.

Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett write in their latest article called, "Nuclear Talks With Iran Highlight The Downsides of America's Ongoing Quest For Middle East Hegemony," that President Obama is following in the footsteps of his predecessors by refusing to engage with Iran in a serious manner and reestablish friendly ties between Washington and Tehran:
Of course, a willingness to accommodate the legitimate interests of a rising revolutionary power is precisely what enabled the realignment of Sino-American relations in the early 1970s.  When Richard Nixon entered the White House in 1969, twenty years of unremitting hostility toward the People’s Republic of China as part of a quixotic pursuit of hegemony in Asia “ended up getting us into the Vietnam war” and had damaged the United States’ broader strategic position, in Asia and globally.  Nixon and Henry Kissinger believed deeply that “the United States has interests in Asia; we’re not going to withdraw” from the region.  But they also recognized that “trying to be the hegemon, trying to be the guy who runs everything” had not simply failed—it had left the United States weaker.  Moreover, they were courageous enough to draw the right conclusion from their analysis for American policy—that the United States had to “come to terms” with the People’s Republic.

There is “a very analogous logic at play in the Middle East.”  The United States “tried being the hegemon” in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other places in the regionThe results are clear:  America’s pursuit of hegemony in the Middle East “doesn’t work”; in fact, “it actually makes us weaker.”  Just as the United States had (and has) interests in Asia, it has “critical interests” in the Middle East.  And it can only protect and promote those interests by “having positive relations with all of the important players in the region—and especially with Iran.”  This, however, is “a strategic logic” that the Obama Administration “seems no more capable of embracing than its predecessors in the Bush 43 Administration.”  (Or, one might add, the Clinton and Bush 41 administrations.)  It is a profound “strategic failure.” writer John Glaser said in his article, "Western Schizophrenia and the P5+1 Iran Talks," that the Obama administration's aggressive stance towards Iran is based on two factors: Obama's need to appear strong, and Washington's quest for hegemony:
"First, Obama feels pressure to prove himself a big tough man. If he doesn’t, Mitt Romney, Republicans in Congress, and the Israeli Likud leadership will call him a wimp. So Obama is fine going through this rather dangerous charade, waging economic warfare on innocent Iranians, etc., so long as he gets to seem tough. The second issue at play is simply the old chestnut of regional hegemony over the Middle East. The region is in flux now, but the U.S. is still the dominant influence and intervener in the region. Iran is the exception to that rule."
Both of the articles above are great but they fail to observe the reality that the Islamic Republic of Iran was created by the American and Western elite. The regime's resistance to the West and the "Great Satan" is put on for show. Khomeini would not have attained the throne of Iran without the aid of American and British intelligence agencies, which used malicious propaganda to rile up Iranians against the Shah, turn Khomeini into a revolutionary hero, and create international sympathy for his Islamist cause. 

The real reason why America and Israel want to preemptively attack Iran is not to stop Iran's peaceful nuclear program or secure hegemony over the Middle East, but to cause immense destruction and pave the way for an authoritarian world government controlled by the world's plutocrats.

The Luciferians in power need a world war between the Western world and the Islamic world to advance their secret, masonic, evil, and esoteric agenda.

If the public knew the truth about the 9/11 events and the one world government agenda, would it make any difference? Can the Satanic war criminals and state terrorists behind 9/11 and WWIII be brought to justice?

I don't know. 

But we have to try and tell the truth about 9/11 with all our power and will.