May 4, 2012

Bullshit Is The Middle Name of Both Obama And Osama

 Barack Obama-Undeniable Truth-Bullshit Attracts Flies
If bullshit had a name it would be Barack Hussein Obama.

The first anniversary of the official death of Osama Bin Laden brought two suppressed truths up to the level of collective consciousness. 1) National memory is a construction of politics and the mass media. And 2) The President of the United States is the most powerful political shaper of reality in the 21st century.

Even mainstream commentators have said that President Barack Bullshit Obama's decision to go to Afghanistan to commemorate the official death of Osama Bullshit Laden was entirely political. Obama's speech from Bagram Air Base was tired, dispassionate, and meaningless. He could've given the same speech from the toilet in the Oval Office; that is how dry and bland it was. I swear I could hear the toilet flush when he stopped moving his lips and walked away.

Obama's obsession with "dark and light," surfaced in the speech numerous times. He spoke about the "dark cloud of war" and the "light of a new day." There was a time when these phrases produced a great propaganda effect in the public mind, but this imagery is getting old.

Only cult leaders lead on their captured flocks by speaking of the new dawn ahead but then fail to deliver the goods. I'm sure Jim Jones used the same type of imagery and language to keep his flock mesmerized and groveling at his feet. Obama is on a bigger stage, but he is applying the same tricks and psychological principles to fool and control the masses as other cult leaders do, whether big or small, political or religious.

Obama once symbolized the hope of tomorrow, but in 2012 he is death personified. No longer the divine child of history, he is now the demon at the center of an unfolding collective nightmare.

The question of Obama's birth is not nearly as interesting as the question of who he is. On one level, there is a straightforward answer to this mysterious question. In his article, "WHO WAS OSAMA? WHO IS OBAMA?" Michel Chossudovsky gives this answer: "A political liar and a war criminal." It doesn't get any clearer than that.

But "liars and criminals" apply to the majority of U.S. politicians, national security officials, and top decision makers. What makes Barack Obama so special?

What makes Obama special is the same thing that makes all kings, tribal chiefs, and cult leaders special: they occupy the heart of power in a community, nation, tribe, or group. American anthropologist Clifford Geertz wrote in his essay, "Centers, Kings, and Charisma: Reflections on the Symbolics of Power":
"The intense focus on the figure of the king and the frank construction of a cult, at times a whole religion, around him make the symbolic character of domination too palpable for even Hobbesians and Utilitarians to ignore. The very thing that the elaborate mystique of court ceremonial is supposed to conceal---that majesty is made, not born---is demonstrated by it." (Geertz, C. "Local Knowledge: Further Essays In Interpretive Anthropology." 1983. Basic Books: New York. Pg. 124).
In Barack Obama's case, it is true that "majesty is made, not born." There is nothing intrinsic to Obama's personality and leadership that makes him kingly, presidential, and magnificent. He is only perceived to be a great and wise leader because the magicians in the media are good at their jobs and know how to mystify the President. It is really a joke that such a stinking pile of shit is able to speak for a nation of 300 million people.

Since "Barack" is not President Obama's original name, there must be a reason why he and his handlers chose this mysterious name to replace his former name. What is so special about the name "Barack"? Professor Geertz wrote:
"If Moroccan society had any chief guiding principle, it is probably that one genuinely possesses only what one has the ability to defend, whether it be land, water, women, trade partners, or personal authority: whatever magic a king had he had strenuously to protect.

The magic was perceived in terms of another famous North African idea: baraka. Baraka has been analogized to a number of things in an attempt to clarify it--mana, charisma, "spiritual electricity"--because it is a gift of power more than natural which men, having received it, can use in as natural and pragmatical a way, for as self-interested and mundane purposes, as they wish. But what most defines baraka, and sets it off somewhat from these similar concepts, is that it is radically individualistic, a property of persons in the way strength, courage, energy, or ferocity are and, like them, arbitrarily distributed. Indeed, it is in one sense a summary term for these qualities, the active virtues that, again, enable some men to prevail over others. To so prevail, whether at court or in a mountain camp, was to demonstrate that one had baraka, that God had gifted one with the capacity to dominate, a talent it could quite literally be death to hide. It was not a condition, like chastity, or a trait like pride, that shines by itself but a movement, like will, that exists in its impact. Like everything the king did, progresses were designed to make that impact felt, most particularly by those who might imagine their own to be comparable." (P. 136).
Barack Obama's magical hold on the American people was briefly broken when Donald Trump publicized the birth certificate controversy last year and revealed him to be the fraud that he is. His magical spell was further broken when Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his volunteer team of professional investigators shined an even greater light on the inauthenticity of Obama's birth certificate and his record of deceiving the American people.

Obama countered Trump's act of dissent by trumping him with the "I killed Bin Laden" card. Symbolically speaking, this move was equivalent to dropping a nuclear bomb on the birth certificate controversy and scattering the voices of dissent to the wind. But the official story of Osama Bin Laden's death fell apart upon impact. It is now lying in pieces, beside the official story of the 9/11 events.

Both official stories are complete bullshit. Barack Hussein Obama is bullshit. Osama Bin Laden is bullshit. Al-Qaeda is bullshit. The war on terror is bullshit. It is all bullshit.