April 22, 2012

In The Wake of Epic Financial Fraud, The American Ruling Class Choose Stability Over Justice And Law

"Wayne Smith, who is a distinguished professor at Johns Hopkins, formerly the State Department's representative in Cuba, resigned in 1982 in protest of Reagan's policies . . . Not long ago, during the summer when I was reading some of these books, we were talking on the phone. He said that their feeling back then, at the time of the killing, was that the nation was simply not ready for the awful truth, that the fabric of society couldn't tolerate it, it couldn't accept it. And then he said he wasn't sure they were necessarily wrong given the circumstances back then.

Although, his position is that now enough time has gone by that we should investigate. He would like to see a full, honest investigation at the proper present time. My answer to him, maybe I'm a purist, maybe I'm still in a perverse way naive as I was naive when the CIA was using me, but I don't buy that. Even if it would tear the nation apart from top to bottom. If you have such cynicism, that they can kill the president and stuff it down the public's throat, the cover-up, and go on about their lives, then we need to tear the society apart from top to bottom and shake it apart, and get some sense of law and order. What reality of order can there be in a society that is that cynical." - John Stockwell, a former CIA officer turned whistleblower, speaking about the JFK assassination and cover-up in September 1989 on the Austin-based news show Alternative Views.

"If the government becomes a law-breaker, it breeds contempt for the law. It invites every man to become a law unto himself. It invites anarchy." - Justice Louis Brandeis.

"A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government." - Edward Abbey. 
"America has failed, because political elites represent only the powerful special interests that write the country’s laws in exchange for funding the political campaigns of “lawmakers.” To divert attention from their failures, American elites point fingers at external scapegoats." - Paul Craig Roberts, "Unplugging Americans From The Matrix."
Justice is the foundation of order. And neither exist in America and the world. Instead, chaos reigns.

The 1960s assassinations and the September 11 false flag attacks left black stains on America's social fabric and American politics. Only the general knowledge of truth and the work of justice can remove those stains and restore public confidence in the American government.

American society will continue to unravel and fall apart if the lack of faith in the leadership of the country is not addressed. Before there can be any political and economic reforms, people must first feel confident in the wisdom and integrity of their leaders.

America does not need another stupid and meaningless election, but a political purge. The restoration of the rule of law is far more important than reelecting a cowardly and lying president who is not even honest enough to tell the American people where he was born.

The rule of law and justice must come before politics. As ex-CIA officer John Stockwell said in 1989, "If you have such cynicism, that they can kill the president and stuff it down the public's throat, the cover-up, and go on about their lives, then we need to tear the society apart from top to bottom and shake it apart, and get some sense of law and order."

As the leader of the world, many of America's policies in regards to human rights, global trade, and the rule of law set the global standard. So corrections need to be made in America not just for the sake of American society, but for the sake of civilization on this planet. There can be no civilization when there is no rule of law. Justice for the 9/11 victims and the victims of the illegal war on terror is not an American issue but an international issue.

"Where justice is denied," said Frederick Douglass, "where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe."

I don't know about you, but I don't want to live in a world where lower level criminals feel justified in looting, raping, and killing innocent people because higher level criminals are allowed to do the same but on an infinitely bigger scale. The actions of the leaders of our governments put our lives in jeopardy by legalizing fraud and waging illegal wars. They are the greatest threat to our collective security, not terrorists.

In the name of democracy and freedom, the American and Western power elite have gotten away with destroying the foundations of civilization, which are law and morality. The War on Terror is pure barbarism.

Paul Craig Roberts said in a recent piece that Chinese barbarism does not compare to American barbarism. "China’s “authoritarian” government is actually more responsive to its people than America’s “elected democratic” government," said Roberts. "Moreover, however incomplete on paper the civil liberties of China’s people, the Chinese government has not declared that it can violate with impunity whatever rights Chinese citizens have. And it is not China that is running torture prisons all over the globe."

In China, banksters are executed; in America, they are given the keys to power. The contrast couldn't be more striking, and more revealing. The Chinese government is attentive to the laws of reality, while American political leaders perpetually betray their country and stab the American people in the back time and time again because they are cut off from reality. And it is clear that they take pleasure in lying to the American people and helping the banksters steal their money. Only sick and twisted maniacs enjoy deceiving people and destroying their liberties and lives.

And none of this treason and theft would be possible without the criminal U.S. state-corporate media going along for the wild ride. Glenn Greenwald put the American media to shame in this interview on Russia Today.

The powers behind the CIA, MI6, and Mossad control the Western media with absolute authority. Under their reign of deception and terror, wars have become a normal part of our world - a reality that should startle us out of our collective coma because inherently we are compassionate beings who value cooperation over greed. The Western media's war against the truth and the rule of law is part of the Western power elite's global war on freedom, human rights, human consciousness, and democracy.

The public understanding of the illegal actions committed by powerful forces within the American, British, and Israeli shadow governments is prohibited by the state-run Western media as a matter of official government policy. Secrecy, deception, censorship, propaganda, and fear are the five methods of mind control that the state-corporate media use. Reporting reality, challenging power, freedom of thought, and truth-telling are foreign concepts to the majority of Western journalists.

Journalists who dare challenge the CIA's policies of drug-trafficking, political assassinations, and false flag operations are threatened with severe punishment, including death. The murder of Gary Webb is the most disturbing.

But the CIA, Mossad, MI6, and the mainline Western media are discredited institutions. They are history because their lies have been exposed so many times. Their power over the collective mind of humanity is disappearing into air.

Sacrificing humanity, justice, freedom, and law in the name of stability, security, and order is unsustainable, immoral, and just plain insane. Taking out the vital natural organs of civilization and implanting new artificial organs goes against human nature, common sense, the rule of law, and basic human morality. Without justice and equality before the law, there can be no real order and security.

Justice, freedom, and the rule of law must triumph in the 21st century, or else our rotten and corrupt societies will rot away and fall into uncontrollable chaos.