April 24, 2012

Experts Agree: War On Terror Is A Racket, CIA And Wall Street Are Financed By Global Drug Trade

 Photo of American Troops Protecting The Poppy Fields of Afghanistan.

The Obama administration has declared that the "War on Terror" is officially over, but this move only signifies a change in public terminology, not official U.S. policy.

The war on terror's secret objectives will continue to be pursued regardless of the new public language that will be used by U.S. officials to keep selling the idea of perpetual warfare to the American people and the rest of the world.

One of the main objectives of the falsely advertised "War on Terror," was to allow U.S. government agencies and international banks to reap the profits from the global drug trade while appearing noble and lawful. Despite the brand change, the war on terror will still be waged in order to preserve the global drug economy. The continuation of covert CIA and military operations in the heroin fields of Afghanistan is a certainty.

As many experts on reality have noted, a sharp rise in heroin cultivation in Afghanistan occurred when America and NATO invaded the country illegally in 2001. U.S. officials, intelligence officers, and soldiers have been trafficking drugs out of Afghanistan under the radar for the last decade. Journalist Patrick Henningsen reported earlier this month that both the Army and the DEA are trafficking drugs into the United States.

The global trafficking of drugs by the U.S. government is not done to keep the government budget afloat and finance the banks. It is pure corruption. As Catherine Austin Fitts wrote in 2001, "New technology blesses us with the potential tools we can use to radically increase productivity in a way that can "jump the curve" on our narco dollar addiction."

In the past decade, the National Security State's crimes such as drug trafficking and arms dealing were committed under the cover of War on Terror, but this label is being dropped in favour of more sophisticated and nuanced language.

The Obama administration is trying to maintain the corrupt status quo by adopting a new vocabulary to cover-up the criminal activities and policies of the U.S. security state and Wall Street/Federal Reserve Banksters.

So, contrary to the claims of the Obama propaganda machine, the evil transnational and secret financial-intelligence-political-security-media Empire has been strengthened and stimulated anew under the Obama administration.

In the run-up to the 2012 presidential election, the Obama administration is trying all kinds of tricks to regain popular credibility which it had lost because of its defense of the Wall Street bandits and Bush-era torturers. Whether provoking a race war, falsely declaring the end of U.S. wars abroad, or exploiting the grievances of the poor, the aim is the same: re-elect the puppet Obama.

With Ron Paul eliminated due to fraudulent electoral means, and the American people distracted with false media drama, the owners of the insane Obamney monster look to retain absolute control of America come November.

Washington and Wall Street will export wars and import drugs as long as the person who occupies the chair in the White House is a Democrat or a Republican.  

Also, the rape of American constitutional law and international law by Washington will progress unchallenged by both U.S. courts and the International Criminal Court. There will be no rule of law and true public security in America as long as the secret CIA, private Federal Reserve System, and Wall Street mold and manage America's political process and public conversation.

The American political immune system is failing the American people catastrophically because the state-run corporate media has waged a total psychological war on the American psyche. It is a tumour on the American body politic and the political consciousness of the American people. The cover-up of the 9/11 deception by the media ranks as the greatest treachery that was ever committed against America and humanity.

The false flag 9/11 events gave Washington, Wall Street, and Israel the boost of a lifetime.

The domestic security policies that grew out of the 9/11 fraud, "were designed to imprison the American people and turn America into a police state dictatorship drowning in a culture of fear promoted by the state," as Mike Adams writes. He added: "That's why all this surveillance and police state power that was enacted in response to the 9/11 attacks will be kept in place indefinitely! Because it's really about waging a war on the American people, not a war with some fictitious, unseen enemy."

The good news for the American people and the people of the world is that the mythology of 9/11 and the war on terror is dead. People worldwide are searching for a new worldview and a new conception of history.

The massive awakening of the planet cannot be stopped in its tracks just because the nutcases in the Obama administration are referring to the war on terror by a different name.

The prosecutors of the war on terror in Washington, London, and Tel Aviv are not grounded in reality. They are delusional, criminal psychopaths who cannot hide or run from the law, the truth, and the judgment of history.