April 20, 2012

Destroying The Myth of The Clash of Civilizations: 9/11, The Islamic Ummah, WWIII, And Global Government

Peel away the labels, and look at reality with new eyes.
"Doubts about the validity of history, about the ability of historians to produce objective accounts of the past, had of course penetrated the cultural climate of the entire western world before the war. Historians themselves, in the second half of the nineteenth century, were skeptical about the drift of western civilization; they posited as an alternative to materialism and standardization a renewed emphasis on spirituality and "inner experience." But in Germany by the end of the century the process was much farther advanced than elsewhere. Early in the nineteenth century Schopenhauer had defined history as "the long, difficult and confused dream of mankind," and derided all pretensions to objectivity and universality. He did not receive much attention during his lifetime, but in the second half of the century his star began to rise. In 1870 an admirer of Schopenhauer's, the historian Jacob Burckhardt, who, though Swiss, was trained in Berlin and exerted his greatest influence on German colleagues, wrote, "If anything lasting is to be created it can only be through an overwhelmingly powerful effort of real poetry." Poetry, he said in agreement with Aristotle, is more profound than history. In Burckhardt, history and art moved together. Theodor Mommsen, the historian of Rome, who earlier in his career had had positivistic inclinations, was following a similar path by 1874 when he suggested in his rector's address to the University of Berlin that "the writer of history is perhaps closer to the artist than to the scholar." The effect of the so-called Prussian school of historians, among them Johann G. Droysen, Heinrich von Sybel, and Heinrich von Treitschke, and of social and historical thinkers like Wilhelm Dilthey and the neo-Kantians was to contribute significantly to the German tendency to search for answers to man's problems not in the outside world but in one's imagination. History was, in short, more of a matter of the present than of the past and of intuition rather than of rational analysis. Nietzsche's tirades against objectivity became increasingly popular after his death in 1900; and, as we have seen, widely read cultural critics like Julius Langbehn and Houston Stewart Chamberlain called for the complete aestheticization of life. History's truths could be approached only intuitively, not by a critical method. History was art, not science. German thinkers were in the vanguard of the reorientation -- or dismantling -- of nineteenth-century historical thought, in the revolt against empiricism and positivism, and in the reaction to a social, political, and cultural order identified with western liberalism and materialism and with a long-standing Anglo-French hegemony in the world." - Modris Eksteins. Rites of Spring: The Great War And the Birth of the Modern Age. 1989. Key Porter Books: Toronto. Pg. 194-95. 
It is hard to make sense of current world developments without being grounded in history. The world as we know it through images, and as we are told about it by socializing institutions, is not real. The world as the public is meant to conceive of it is a political construction. Our collective reality exists under a fictional and mythical sky.

Mind-changing events like the JFK assassination and the false flag 9/11 attacks are the main historic threads in the storyline that is mistaken for modern history, and especially American history. Once we clear our minds of totalitarian propaganda we realize that all of modern history is a giant farce. 

The website the Daily Bell consistently argues that the Western power elite direct history to protect their status as the masters of the world. They direct the movement of history on the economic plane, the political plane, and the geopolitical plane.

Their biggest historical move on the economic plane is the destruction of the U.S. dollar and the creation of a global currency. "The idea," wrote the editors of the Daily Bell on April 3, "is that the dynastic central banking families that operate out of the City of London are interested in creating economic crisis (at least) to generate an eventual world currency."

Seen from this perspective, one of the big objectives for the artificial war on terror is to put America in gigantic debt to the banksters, ruin its fiat currency, and destroy its financial foundations. And it has worked. So anybody that calls the war on terror a failure should first understand what the main objectives of the war really are.

Getting Bin Laden, destroying Al-Qaeda, and stopping the spread of international terrorist networks were all fake security objectives. Here is a short list of the war on terror's real objectives:
1. The destruction of the United States of America as a single economic and political unit, and the destruction of its Constitution.
2. The destruction of all remaining sovereign nation states.
3. The spreading of international terrorism and managed chaos in the West, which will ultimately lead to the breakdown of Western civilization and the creation of an authoritarian global government controlled by the most powerful and wealthy families, banks, and corporations.
4. The depopulation of many nations under the facade of a global war between the West and the Islamic world.
5. The expansion of the global drug trade by turning Afghanistan into a massive heroin factory, in order to fund the CIA's covert operations and shore up the Western banking system.
6. The expansion of Israel's borders and the creation of a Greater Israel.
Central to the mythos of the war on terror is the political independence of the Islamic world. But, as I and others have pointed out on many occasions, the Islamic Ummah is coming into political being because it is a goal of the ruling elites of both the Western world and the Islamic world to have a clash of civilizations.

The Islamic Republic of Iran, which is seen as the leader of the Islamic world, is a creation of secret society rulers. The secret intelligence agencies of America and England put Ayatollah Khomeini on a pedestal and injected political blood into the body of his Islamic regime by orchestrating the Iranian-American hostage crisis with Khomeini's intelligence chiefs.

Secular, democratic, and liberal forces in the Islamic world have been marginalized and destroyed in our era. This is what happened in Iran in 1979, and the same model of political change has been repeated in Egypt, Libya, and Syria in 2011-2012. And none of this is by accident or chance. The political destinies of these societies are being directed by anti-democratic and anti-peace forces that want to see Islamic civilization at odds with the West for the foreseeable future. The Daily Bell explained why this is happening on January 25, 2012:
"The elites need war and we've noted many times that the countries they've destabilized in Africa and the Middle East are mostly secular ones – and the replacements are bound to be Islamic.

Thus, we can see the formation of a kind of Islamic crescent that can only increase world tensions should the Anglosphere elites and their bought-and-paid-for mainstream media wish to position these increasingly Islamic regimes as part of a unified Western opposition.

Then there is Iran itself. We've pointed out in a number of articles now our suspicions that initial Iranian revolution – despite its seeming anti-Western tilt – was in a sense supported and even fomented by top Anglosphere elites.

So to sum up, we have a situation where the West is willy nilly building some sort of Islamic Crescent that will surely only inflame tensions and expand the so-called "war on terror." At the same time, we have reports on the Internet about how the West – the Anglosphere elites really – helped undermine the Shah, which gave rise to the so-called Iranian revolution." 
What you've read above is complemented by the analysis of an article on Voltaire Network called, "Are Gulf "Muslimliers" fueling Clash of Civilizations?" that was published on April 1st. The article stated:
"In Iraq, Pakistan and Iran, Lybia and Syria, the Western powers enlist, via Saudi and Qatari networks, armed groups belonging to the Wahhabi sect or the Takfirist current to destabilize independent governments by lending them military support.

By oppressing Christians and calling for the overthrow of interdenominational nations in the Arab work, Qatari and Saudi religious leaders become the objective allies of the U.S.-Israeli project of remodeling the Greater Middle East along ethnic and confessional criteria, an essential requisite for the "clash of civilizations" strategy.

This goal calls for a regional reconfiguration where Israel must appear as the "civilized" and "democratic" country fighting "for its very survival" against "Muslim" extremist countries.

There is only one obstacle to selling this fiction to world public opinion: the Christian minority who has been living and resisting for centuries alongside the Muslims. Hence, expelling the Christians of the East has become the common objective of Anglo-American imperialism, Zionism and Wahhabism."
The evidence that points to the clash of civilizations being a fictional historical narrative is too much to ignore, or to discredit as a conspiracy theory. It is clear as day that the war on terror myth is an invention of a wild imagination. The sick rulers of America and Iran are playing a cynical and dangerous game by pretending to oppose each other, stirring up hatred, and propagating the myth that a clash between the two countries is inevitable and necessary.

The truth is that the tyrannical political systems in both America and Iran are failing and will collapse. They will collapse because they are not guided by the will of the people, but by the will of corrupt elites. Their rule is built on state terror, political intimidation, torture, political assassinations, big lies, and false flag operations.

In the 2009 post-election protests in Iran, Iranian security officers torched cars and caused chaos in the streets in order to blacken the name of protesters and crackdown on democratic dissent. This video documents the false flag activities of the Islamic Republic. American and Israeli security and intelligence officers are guilty of the same trick.

In fact, almost all modern states, regardless of their ideologies, use false flag operations to kill dissent and strengthen the power of the security and intelligence services. In their eyes, the public is a toy to be tricked, manipulated, and exploited. And this relationship is only possible because modern governments see themselves as gods of their populations, not their governors and representatives.