April 29, 2012

The 9/11 Magic Ritual: The Hypnotism of Power, The Madness of Human Sacrifice, And The Abuse of The Sacred

Aztec Priest. By Sofia Vela Cruz
"Magic is mankind's oldest continuous belief. It antedates either religion or science, and although both appear to have sprung from it, neither has supplanted it entirely, or is soon likely to.

By magic I don't mean pulling a rabbit out of the hat or sawing a woman in half or other such edifying spectacles, but magical thinking as it has been thought by man for a million years and still is. To be sure we do not subscribe to the total and literal beliefs of either our remote ancestors or the Australian aborigines. And the higher one goes in the intellectual order the less susceptibility to magical thinking one will encounter.

But even where faith has faded, the imagery of magic remains. For so broad and basic are its points of reference that it is difficult to avoid them in human intercourse. The language of magic is truly the universal tongue.

Magic, moreover, is the most adaptable of creatures; it moves in, makes itself at home, and fades into the wallpaper. It so thoroughly identifies with its surroundings as to be unnoticed by the inhabitants. This is to say that magic is never an isolated phenomenon, it is invariably germane to its period. Which is why such now obvious performances of magical thinking as the Inquisition, the Dutch tulip craze of the seventeenth century, the stock-market boom of the late 'twenties, Couéism, McCarthyism, and chain letters escaped recognition at the time. It is possibly too early to pass final judgment on farm surpluses, credit cards, filter tips, and the theory of an ever-expanding economy." - Howard Luck Gossage, from an essay he wrote in 1961 for Harper's Magazine. The essay is featured in the 1967 book, "The Human Dialogue: Perspectives on Communication," edited by Floyd W. Matson and Ashley Montagu. Pg. 363.

"For the others, like me, there is only the flash
Of negative knowledge, the night when, drunk, one
Staggers to the bathroom and stares in the glass
To meet one's madness, when what mother said seems
Such darling rubbish and the decent advice
Of the liberal weeklies as lost an art
As peasant pottery, for plainly it is not
To the Cross or to Clarté or to Common Sense
Our passions pray but to primitive totems
As absurd as they are savage; science or no science,
It is Bacchus or the Great Boyg or Baal-Peor,
Fortune's Ferris-wheel or the physical sound
Of our own names which they actually adore as their
Ground and goal." - W. H. Auden: The Age of Anxiety.
Human sacrifice is a practice that did not disappear with the Aztecs and other civilizations. The September 11 events and the subsequent mythical war on terrorism is proof that human sacrifice in Western civilization is alive and well.

"The Old Testament is filled with references to the long struggle to end human sacrifice, often portrayed as part of the struggle between Yahweh and the pagan gods," writes author Tad Crawford in his book, "The Secret Life of Money: How Money Can Be Food for the Soul." Crawford added that human sacrifice has been practiced by many cultures throughout history. He writes:
"Religious rites involving human sacrifice appear in many cultures around the world, cultures quite unrelated to each other. So the practice of human sacrifice was certainly not limited to the tribes and times of the Old Testament. When Julius Caesar conquered Gaul, he wrote of the fertility sacrifices of the Celts. At a great festival held every fifth year, condemned criminals would be sacrificed by the Druids (priests). The Celts believed that the more humans sacrificed, the greater the fertility of the land.

No culture made human sacrifice more central to its existence than that of the Aztecs. In the mythology of the Aztecs , the gods had sacrificed themselves to nourish the Fifth Sun. So the Aztecs believed their practices of human sacrifice came from the gods and that the continued existence of their universe depended on such sacrifice. Blood kept the sun in the heavens; and innumerable methods of bloodletting let the Aztecs put off the dread day when the sun would cease its movement through the sky.
The Aztecs institutionalized a system of recurring warfare that allowed the taking of prisoners for the purpose of sacrifice. Although the sixteenth-century estimates of the sacrificial slaughter made by the Spanish conquerors are unreliable, such sacrifices were clearly widespread and systematic. Thus a mother who gave birth was said "to make a prisoner." One of the songs of Xipe, the Aztec god of the sun and the corn, speaks of his transformation into the war god Huitzilopochtli. So the blood of sacrificed prisoners feeds the growth of the corn." (Crawford. The Secret Life of Money: How Money Can Be Food for the Soul. 1994. Allworth Press: New York. Pg. 51-52).
Like the Aztecs, the Anglo-American elite of the American Empire have also, "institutionalized a system of recurring warfare." There are many economic, geopolitical, and political factors that motivate America's foreign policy elite to wage wars, but one of the biggest is reduce the global human population.

War does not kill as many people as disease, but it plays a fundamental psychological role in creating a culture of death and destruction, especially mental and spiritual destruction. In a state of war the people are reduced to a state of total subservience to the government and the power castes that profit from its policies.

The brutal treatment of the American people by America's oligarchical government is demonstrated in events like 9/11. But its brutality is hidden behind a smokescreen of propaganda and ritualistic magic.

The benders of the mind in the American government and media use the power of language and myth with great intelligence to alter popular perceptions of reality. They twist its very meaning, and suppress the truth with an iron will. On 9/11, they were quick to spread their mythic interpretation of the events and deny other interpretations any airtime.

The magic of technology, most importantly, television, was exploited by the political manipulators in America and Israel to advance their dark agenda of total war in the Middle East.

Howard Luck Gossage, an advertising guru who was called, "The Socrates of San Francisco," said that, "magic is never an isolated phenomenon, it is invariably germane to its period." Modern societies have fallen under the hypnotism of mass media magic. We can add the War on Terrorism to the list given by Gossage as historical examples of "obvious performances of magical thinking," which includes, "the Inquisition, the Dutch tulip craze of the seventeenth century, the stock-market boom of the late 'twenties, Couéism, McCarthyism, and chain letters."

The idea of magic is closely connected with modern American history's most mysterious events. We have all heard about the "magic bullet" that struck JFK and the "magical passports of 9/11." In May of last year, Alex Jones made light of the government's claim that it discovered two terrorist passports in the rubble of Ground Zero, saying:
"These passports were made of the same stuff as Thor's hammer, of the center of a dying sun, or a black hole. I mean indestructible, unstoppable. They're now trying to study the passports to put armor on Abrams tanks that is impenetrable to even nuclear missiles. This is stuff that Superman's laser vision can't see through or beam through. . . These passports are so magical and so wonderful that like Gollum's ring they call to you. They call to who they want to find them, but not any normal mortal. No, no, no. The Ring calls out only to FBI agents. So the magical Thor's hammer material passports goes out of the building down to the ground. And then, once they're on the ground, in feet of dust and millions of papers everywhere, the FBI that day finds not one but two of the shards of Thor's hammer. And, again, it calls out to them psychically and they go to it and they have it."
In the aftermath of both the JFK assassination and the false flag 9/11 events, the U.S. government granted itself more dictatorial power to control American society and the world. It's greatest power is the power of magic: the power to mold reality. But 9/11 truth-tellers are revoking their magical power to control reality by refusing to believe in the official fairy tale version of the 9/11 events.

The 9/11 truth movement is so critical in stopping the momentum of the evil men who have captured Washington and Western civilization because it is denying them the power to say evil is good, white is black, and night is day.

With the power of magic and mass hypnotism, governments abuse the sacred trust between the rulers and the ruled.

The ancient conflict between free citizens and the all-powerful State is being fought in our day on the mental battleground. It is in this realm that freedom will be won in this century. As long as the people fall for big lies like 9/11 and blindly obey the State, the priests of power will rob them of their wealth and freedom while serving as their divine protectors.

The magical qualities of the totalitarian State must be destroyed, or else arrogant rulers who wield the power of death will continue to abuse the sacred, perform human sacrifices, and commit their societies to perpetual slavery and warfare.

British philosopher and historian R.G. Collingwood said that there are two kinds of body politics in his book, "The New Leviathan: Or Man, Society, Civilization and Barbarism":
"What is a body politic? Is it, as the Greeks believed, a society of citizens corporately ruling themselves and having non-citizen dependants, wives, children, and so forth? Or is it, as the Middle Ages thought, a non-social community, a human herd which strong men rule and good men would wish to rule well?

Hobbes said: It is both. It changes out of one thing into the other. The medieval account of it represents the starting-point of the change, the Greek account of it the finishing-point. Between these two points it is always moving, and the movement is what constitutes the life of a body politic." (Collingwood. The New Leviathan. 1942. Pg. 181).
A society in which people are ruled like sheep by the governing elite is the most prevalent kind of society today in the West and the East.

In the warfare between totalitarian states, there is no room for democracy, dialogue, and criticism. The people's consciousness is kept at an artificially low level by the main institutions of society. Individuals like JFK and MLK who have the potential to positively influence the destiny of their societies and mankind are assassinated. As a result of the twin policy of political repression and consciousness repression, mankind's spiritual and mental development has been obstructed.

Collingwood said that a civilized society is one where citizens have free will. "The process whereby a community becomes civilized," he wrote, "is the process whereby its members become free agents: agents possessing and exercising free will." The opposite of this civilizing process is barbarism. "The will to barbarism," Collingwood said, "is the will to servility: the will to treat others in a servile spirit and produce in them a servile spirit towards oneself; and this is done by the suicide of will," (Collingwood. The New Leviathan. Pg. 308). 

Breaking of the will of the people is the chief objective of authoritarian elites. Since 9/11, America's treasonous rulers have attacked the will of the American people with a ferocity of Aztec priests. The daily barrage of propaganda from the Western media on the public mind is equivalent to ancient warriors stomping the heads of captured prisoners. The modern media's violence is not physical but psychological. It is more deadly and catastrophic because it is directed at the defenseless psyche of the viewer and/or reader.

Under the stress of psychological warfare, individuals either submit and accept the government's version of reality or they resist with great mental force.

Accepting the official theory of the 9/11 events is an admission of mental submission. Only mental resistance can deny the government the power of hypnotism and the invisibility of magic.

Engaging in the mental resistance against the psychological machinery of totalitarian state power in the Western world is crucial if we want to restore freedom and the rule of law in our societies. The danger is not in telling truth and being silenced, but in believing lies and being sacrificed. In the battle between lies and death versus truth and life, the only sane side to be on is that of truth and life.