March 15, 2012

Under The Shadow of Freemasonry and The Great Satan: The Organized Destruction of The Masses And of Nations

"Most impressive is a text of Plutarch that attempts to describe the presumed process of dying in terms of a mystery initiation. At the moment of death, “the soul suffers an experience similar to those who celebrate great initiations . . . Wanderings astray in the beginning, tiresome walkings in circles, some frightening paths in darkness that lead nowhere; then immediately before the end all the terrible things, panic and shivering and sweat, and amazement. And then some wonderful light comes to meet you, pure regions and meadows are there to greet you, with sounds and dances and solemn, sacred words and holy views; and there the initiate, perfect by now, set free and loose from all bondage, walks about, crowned with a wreath, celebrating the festival together with the other sacred and pure people, and he looks down on the uninitiated, unpurified crowd in this world in mud and fog beneath his feet.” It is plausible that Plutarch has Eleusis in mind, but the Telesterion building has disappeared, since elements of the real proceedings are fused with Platonic reminiscences and free speculation. We find once more the “sacred views” and “sacred sounds” as in Cleanthes and Dio, but in this text the emphasis is on the exhausting and terrifying events that precede the amazing light." – Walter Burkert. “Ancient Mystery Cults.” Harvard University Press: Cambridge, Massachusetts. 1987. Pg. 91-92.

"It is not the writers who have reintroduced the devil, but it is our present world which has forced them to take notice of him again. As a friend of mine once remarked: ‘I don’t know about angels, but I don’t see how one can possibly doubt the devil.’ Luther’s advice to laugh at the devil quia est superbus spiritus et non potest ferre contemptum sui may do as an occasional exorcism, but is lamentably inadequate as a radical cure. We are living through times where evil has manifested itself with an almost revelation-like obtrusiveness and power. We have learned to understand the medieval legends about monks who, being vouchsafed a glimpse into hell, would never smile or speak again. The apocalyptic beast let loose has become a reality to our generation, and nobody knows what is still ahead of us.” – R. J. Zwi Werblowsky. “Lucifer and Prometheus: A Study of Milton’s Satan." Routledge & Kegan Paul Ltd: London. 1952. Preface.

"Christianity summarizes the source of evil under the symbol of the demonic, and the essence of the demonic is the aspiration to godhead, the attempt to usurp the place of the Creator, followed by assault upon creation in a frenzy of hate which irrevocably dedicates itself to a continuous destruction of life. Satan is thus the continuous source of evil. As Antichrist, Calvin called him “the sphere of atrocity and horror under the name of a person.” He is not an independent evil being set opposite an equally independent good being, and his fall from heaven comes precisely from his false claim to be just that. Essentially irrational, teleologically undefinable, Satan is, as Denis de Rougemont says, the “absolute anti-model.” St. John Chrysostom has it that he is mania, frenzy, impossible to reduce to rationality, while Emil Brunner says that the demonic defies all precise definition. With Satan, as elsewhere, we are brought back to “accommodation,” to the symbolic and metaphoric treatment of a force which may be fully interpreted in no other terms. . . As Paul Tillich says, “the demonic is the elevation of something conditional to unconditional significance.” It is thus basically a lie, carrying at the core of its existence a falsification of its own nature. As evil itself, it cannot be denied, but must not be made absolute. In its relation to man, its power should not be underestimated, yet in relation to God it is as nothing. . . The thrust of Satan’s aspiration is to enjoy himself rather than God, to become the bearer of his own image, to become power without love. Augustine wrote that “the bad angel loved himself more than God, refused to be subject to God, swelled with pride, came short of supreme being, and fell.” It was a totally free choice, as all declare, including Satan himself—a choice left to his own will. The righteousness of God’s judgement consists, as Karl Barth puts it, in the fact that he gives the creature what it chooses for itself. Lucifer’s choice was himself, not God. Thus, Augustine says again, “he became less than he had been, because, in wishing to enjoy his own power rather than God’s, he wished to enjoy what was less.” He made it his chief end to glorify and enjoy himself forever, in short, to be God. Hell for him is existence as his own deity. “To set himself in glory above his peers,” as Milton writes in Paradise Lost, “He trusted to have equalled the most High” (I, 39-40)." – Roland Mushat Frye. "God, Man, And Satan: Patterns of Christian Thought and Life in Paradise Lost, Pilgrim’s Progress, and the Great Theologians." Princeton University Press: Princeton, New Jersey. 1960. Pg. 22-24.
The biggest crisis of our time is public ignorance about the origins of the current state of world affairs, and the price is death. We live in an age of totalitarian myth and state propaganda, so public ignorance can be forgiven.

But those of us who are awake to the government onslaught against the global collective mind have a moral and spiritual duty to educate our fellow citizens. We must also encourage them to not be afraid to think about mankind's history, especially the history of the 20th century, in a totally new way, in accordance with facts and evidence, not myths and lies.

We will have a better chance of saving freedom in the West by not allowing history to be molded and manipulated by the Promethean forces at work in Washington, London, and Tel Aviv. The most sensitive kind of history, the kind that can be easily manipulated for the benefit of a few, is the history of conflicts between nations.

When we hear in the news that the American government and Israeli government are threatening the Mullahs in Iran with a sustained military attack, we must not lose sight of the fact that both of these governments have supported the forces of radical Islam in the Middle East for more than a generation. Indeed, the savage Mullahs were put on an ancient throne by well-organized evil manipulators in the CIA and the MI6. So we must ask the obvious question: Why?

Why did the American and British governments put radical Islamic extremists in power in Iran in one generation and then go to war against them in another generation? The answer couldn't be more obvious: Because war is profitable, human life is cheap, and most governments are operated by criminal cliques who need a state of war and a state of constant tension with an external enemy to retain their total control over the citizenry. Aristotle said, "the tyrant is inclined constantly to foment wars in order to preserve his own monopoly of power."

The myth that Iran's Islamic Revolution was genuine, independent, and popular does not stand up to the facts of history. In the beginning of the Iranian Islamic Revolution, the Islamic regime had little public support, but the traumatic Iran-Iraq War brought the Iranian people together under the banner of Islam to fight the enemy. Under more natural historical circumstances, the Islamic regime's leader Ayatollah Khomeini would've not attained such a cult-like status in the Iranian public mind.

After reading the work of independent investigators and historians, it is clear to me that the founding fathers of the Islamic Republic of Iran, above all Khomeini, were Satanic Freemasons, not authentic and real Muslims. Their aim from the beginning was not to restore Iranian independence and fight off foreign tyrants, but to create a totalitarian Islamic state that would serve as the perfect enemy to America, Israel, and the West in a mythic "Clash of Civilizations."

Khomeini, an MI6 asset, and his closest confidants goaded the Iranian masses to rise up against both ancient Iranian culture and the West not because of their concern for spiritual and moral values, but because they were serving an evil and secret global agenda, whose ultimate aim is global government, global war, global deindustrialization, and global depopulation.

The anti-growth/anti-industrialization Western elite embraced Iranian Mullahs and other radical Islamic groups in the Middle East like the Muslim Brotherhood in order to halt the industrial development of the Middle East, and create artificial strife between the East and the West. Since both ancient Iranian culture and modern Western technological culture are essentially tolerant, free, and advanced, they couldn't allow the merger of the two in Iran.

Only Islam served their anti-growth and anti-industrialization agenda. So they put their trained cult leader Khomeini in power to brainwash Iran with a totalitarian Islamic ideology and anti-Western slogans. He was basically a mind assassin. The CIA, MI6, and Mossad also funded, trained, and armed Islamic radicals across the Middle East because they are backward, ignorant, anti-Western, intolerant, vindictive, and can be easily manipulated to sacrifice their bodies. Easy money and cheap lives. It's a win-win for the controllers of the financial-military-industrial-media complex.

Knowing what we know, the only rational conclusion we can come to is that World War III is a planned political and cultural enterprise. The installation of Khomeini and the Islamic Repulic in Iran by the secret society elements in the MI6 and CIA in 1979 paved the way for a clash between Islam and the West.

The Globalist Satanists who control America, England, Israel, and most likely Iran, desire to destroy the masses and the nations of the world. But destruction is not the only thing that motivates them. They are creating upon the ruins of nation states a new global fascist government to oversee a dramatically reduced and scientifically managed global population.

The war between Israel/West and Iran/Islam is a mass blood ritual sacrifice. The Iranian nuclear crisis is an invented crisis to serve as a casus belli to attack Iran, and start a world war which will be used as a grand cover to deal with the claimed overpopulation crisis and global environmental crisis.

How is this possible? How can we all be led by such diabolical and monstrous leaders? It is easy. Look at Russia under Stalin, China under Mao, and Germany under Hitler. People can be led like sheep by sick-minded thieves in any country and in any era.

In our era, the master manipulators of the public have more mind-control tools at their disposal to manipulate reality and control the minds of the people. The power of the modern mass media and secret intelligence agencies is so god-like that the elite are able to manipulate, create, and control history in a total and absolute manner. To believe this is impossible is naive. The elite in America and England mastered the psychology of the masses, and they didn't just sit on their knowledge. They used it to become gods of the Earth.

The political leaders who are the faces of America, England, Israel, and Iran are mostly moral and social deviants. It is known that George H. W. Bush was deeply involved with a child prostitution ring in the White House. And there are rumours that Ayatollah Khomeini was a pedophile who screwed around with a four-year old girl in Iraq before becoming the leader of Iran. I used to not believe this kind of information, but if a man can rape the minds of an entire nation and fool them into thinking that he is righteous, then he is capable of committing other disturbing crimes as well.

Totalitarian mass mind controllers like Bush Sr., Bill Clinton, George Bush, Barack Obama, Khomeini, and Hitler are not normal and healthy people. Only social and moral deviants have the psychological characteristics that a person needs to serve systems of totalitarian evil, and start wars in which masses of human beings perish meaninglessly.

As Sean Stone told Alex Jones on Monday, March 12, Satanism and pedophilia are at the core of the Illuminati system. It is a system that raises deviants like Barack Obama, George Bush, and Ayatollah Khomeini to a cult-like status to rule over their tribes.

Stone said that in ancient times the priests of power would equate God with the State and other bodies of authority to condition the masses to submit. He said: "The temples would always put the image of God on the coin, the currency. So the idea is that you would be basically creating a fake God. And that's why Islam talks about the fact that you can't. The reason you can't put Muhammad's face or God's face on coin is because they don't want you to worship an image of God." He added: "What we've created in the West is a very satanic culture of idol worship."

To defeat the Illuminati system we must first understand it, from its roots to its aims, from its methods to its philosophy. It is, first of all, a system built by and for Satan. It is a global scientific system that places power above reason and ethics, and the state above God. The individual is reduced to dust. The soul, heart, and mind of the individual is seized at the womb and methodically controlled against his own will and knowledge until the day he is lowered below in a tomb.

This is not life. This is death. This is hell. The Totalitarian States in America, the West, Iran, and Israel, all have god-like powers. All these criminal regimes twist, pervert, and spin reality and history to advance their own private interests and goals. We are enslaved Spartans, not free Greeks.

We are not free to think, speak, breathe, and live as God created us. With the worshipers of Satan in full control of our national governments, our collective fate is to live and die as mind controlled slaves. If we blindly accept the word of government, then there will be continual strife, unnecessary wars, endless state terror, economic ruin, and premature death.

Is this what you want? To be led off a cliff by sick and perverted totalitarian tyrants who have abandoned mankind and God?

There is a better way to live. Different civilizations can co-exist on this planet. The evils of perpetual war and permanent tyranny can be defeated with the power of truth. Darkness is not our collective destiny.