March 28, 2012

The Myth of Osama Bin Laden Is Dead, But The CIA's Raid Against Reality Goes On

 The CIA and CNN Want Us To Believe That 2 + 2 = 5.

State-created myths that justify tyranny, war, and corruption take a long time to die, but when they finally do, they die hard. Eventually, after much debunking and vocal pressure from committed reformers, public resistance to state myths reaches a tipping point. The change in public perception is gradual, steady, and irreversible because the facts of history and individual conscience turn against the tyrannical myth-makers of the totalitarian state.  

In our time, the collective myths created by the totalitarian states in America, Israel, and England are collapsing. The international public is being informed of the reality-twisting events on September 11, 2001, by 9/11 truth activists, researchers, scholars, scientists, educators, psychologists, architects, whistleblowers, military veterans, and former government officials.

Dr. Steve Pieczenik, a former State Department official and counter-terrorism expert, hammered another nail in the coffin of the myth of Osama Bin Laden on Tuesday, March 27, on the Alex Jones show. Dr. Pieczenik is using his expertise and authority to educate the American people and counter the psychological raid against reality and the global public mind by the USraeli war criminals who did the 9/11 attacks and their media partners.

The myth of Osama Bin Laden as an anti-American holy Muslim warrior who pulled off the biggest terrorist attack in American history is absurd and ludicrous when you really think about it for longer than ten seconds. A lot of people are still so transfixed by the mythic image of Bin Laden that they can't even begin to think about all the lies they were told by U.S. and Israeli government officials, and by CIA and Mossad spies in the mainstream media, following the attacks on September 11, 2001.

Three reasons the myth of Osama Bin Laden has prevailed for as long as it has against the forces of reality and science are 1) the nature of America's absolutist authority and its god-like position vis-à-vis the rest of the world, 2) the power of the mythic archetype of the Eastern villain in the Western mind, and 3) the psychological sway that a long-held belief has over a person's ability to look at reality anew and judge facts objectively.

Totalitarian political authority, at its core, is about shaping our fundamental beliefs about our everyday waking life, our view of other countries and the larger world, and our conception of the movement of history. In Washington, successive administrations, regardless of party, have added bricks to the totalitarian pyramid and given the shadow state secret powers to remold American society based on an authoritarian fascist model, and remove voices of dissent.

The radical and anti-democratic changes that are being forced on the American people are only possible because there is a cult-like leader in the White House who has more secrets in his past than any other president in American history.

In his article, "The Death-Dealing "Divinity" in the White House," author and blogger William Norman Grigg wrote about the cult-like aura surrounding Obama, and its grave implications for American society. He also said that the lionization of American presidents is nothing new, but is in fact a well-established cultural and political tradition. "Every U.S. President since the abhorrent Woodrow Wilson," wrote Grigg, "has used the media to create a sense of “institutionalized awe.”"

The question of legitimacy about President Obama's birth certificate is instinctively dismissed as a loony conspiracy theory by the political establishment, the media, and the brainwashed left, each for their own different reasons.

The political establishment and media do not want the truth that Obama is a CIA agent who was not born in America to be widely known because the entire political structure would come crashing down, destroying their secret fascist plan for America and the world.

The brainwashed members of the left cannot wrap their minds around the fact that Barack Obama and the financial thieves who put him in power are perpetuating an epic fraud against the American people and humanity. They refuse to look at the evidence that shows 9/11 was an inside job and Barack Obama's birth certificate is a forgery because their confidence in the current political system would completely collapse, and they are not psychologically ready for that.

Author and scholar Robert Anton Wilson said that in the West, especially in the media and academia, individuals frequently repeat the Hindu-like mantra, "It was only a coincidence," in order to suppress evidence and viewpoints that do not fit into their established worldview. Wilson said that a mantra "quiets anxieties, it stills the restless mind, it ends the perpetual inquiring and questioning and wondering, and eventually it stops thought entirely."

I think that many 9/11 truth-deniers subconsciously know that the War on Terror and Barack Obama are both giant political frauds, but the label of "conspiracy theories" still holds an unbelievable power over their minds so they're not prepared to jump ship yet and be in league with the crazies on the fringe of society.

But a society does not remain static, especially one that offers a limited space for opposing viewpoints to be heard, and an open exchange of ideas and information. People's views and beliefs evolve as history unfolds and new ways of seeing the world gain ground in the popular psyche. As it is often pointed out, it was once a mainstream view that the Earth was the center of the universe. That is just one example of mainstream absurdity and stupidity. History shows that the mainstream is more insane, kooky, and mentally backward than the fringe.

Most of the time, no matter the era or the society, mainstream popular opinion is based on prejudice, ignorance, and psychological blindness. Anyone who blindly holds stock in mainstream thought and automatically dismisses opinions on the fringe of society as crazy is a fool. The mainstream is behind the curve on most issues, and not just on academic and scholarly issues, but on issues of the largest significance for the development of human understanding, human freedom, and human civilization.

In our dystopian age, in which secret state intelligence agencies have accumulated so much unaccountable power and wield it clandestinely for their own private aims, conspiracy is a normal part of politics. Nobody should be afraid to question the state because it is socially, politically, and culturally unpopular. Who cares if anti-intellectual labels like "crazy person," and "fringe conspiracy theorist," are given to those who reject official narratives and dispute fundamental orthodoxies. There are far worse things to be called.