March 5, 2012

The Dangerous Misreading of Obama's 2012 AIPAC Speech By The Stupid Anti-War Left

Evil Puppet Talks With Evil Puppet About An Evil War.

There is a narrative, mainly endorsed by the stupid anti-war left, that President Obama is still on the fence on a war with Iran, and is keeping Israel at bay. Proponents of this narrative say that Obama's speech at the 2012 AIPAC conference was strategically titled towards the side of diplomacy in dealing with Iran instead of war.

They point to key phrases that were cushioned in the heart of the speech such as "there is too much loose talk of war," and "now is not the time for bluster. Now is the time to let our increased pressure sink in," as proof that Obama is trying to avoid war, but still mindful of Israel's sensitivities.

That is bullshit.

If Obama was trying to avoid a war with Iran then he wouldn't commit the United States to a sanctions program that paves the path to an inevitable clash down the road. As Col. Wilkerson told the Alyona show on Russia Today on March 1st, sanctions is not diplomacy.

Obama's problem with Israel's "loose talk of war," is that it is too honest and transparent. He wants to take a quiet, sneaky approach, so that when war with Iran finally dawns, it won't have to be announced to the American public. It will become a matter of fate, not politics.

Obama wants to replace Israel's war drums with war flutes. As he said in his speech, "Now is the time to heed the timeless advice from Teddy Roosevelt:  Speak softly; carry a big stick." This is not clever peace talk by a peace-minded president. This is code for, "Gangsters don't make noise before they strike their prey, they walk up smoothly, silently, and the victim drops dead before he even knows what happened." If Obama was aiming for peace and diplomacy, he wouldn't be carrying any stick.

In his speech, Obama said that America and Israel should not state their intentions for war so openly. And he reminded the Israelis, "rest assured that the Iranian government will know our resolve, and that our coordination with Israel will continue." That is not a bluff.

Obama wants war, but on a silent watch, not on a watch that goes off every five minutes with alarms of war, as the Israelis desire. Obama is being true to Mossad's motto of "by deception thou shall wage war." The Israelis are not being deceptive about their intentions. They're saying, "Let's have war. Let's bomb them into hell. We want a fight." But Obama is saying, "Cool down. Be more deceptive. Be more true to your own motto. Do not shout war slogans. Tone it down. Let's carry out our war policies in the dark. Do not announce them to the world."

The writers at the Young Turks website raised the question: "Do you think Obama’s strategy to play both sides on Iran is right? Will it work to avoid a war?" This question is foolish for two reasons.

1) The war has already begun, and the totalitarian governments of America, England, and Israel are happily on the same side. As Ron Paul and others have said, sanctions against Iran are "an act of war." Economic war is war. The Israelis want to starve the Iranians, and Obama is okay with that.

2) Obama does not have a strategy to play both sides on Iran. He is fully on the side of the Israelis, and the war party in Washington. He wants to start World War III by attacking Iran, but he wants this war to appear as historically inevitable to the masses of America and the world. Israel and America must first stage a false flag attack in America to blame Iran, and destroy its image as a peaceful nation before attacking it. Otherwise, the war will not be politically or morally acceptable.

Obama is perfectly fine with having a war with Iran, but it has to be politically acceptable, and that takes "pressure to sink in," as he put it. Obama and his masters want war by stealth. They are trying to boil the Iranian frog in slow-motion, not throw it in an ocean of fire as the Israelis want.

Obama has given away the field to the Israelis and the war party on point after point, issue after issue. He has done this by acknowledging Israel's propaganda talking points such as Iran desiring a nuclear weapon, Iran desiring to wipe Israel off the map, and Iran sponsoring terrorist networks in the Middle East. These are all documented lies. First, Iran is not interested in acquiring nuclear weapons. It has a nuclear power program. Second, Iran never said it wants to wipe Israel off the map. And third, Hezbollah is not a terrorist network, but a Lebanese resistance movement that came into being after Israel illegally invaded Lebanon in 1982.

Obama has given credence to Israel's lies by giving the presidential seal of approval and highlighting them in his war-driven speeches. By reaffirming Israel's false narrative as the truth of history, Obama is justifying Israel's stance against Iran as legitimate, rational, and prudent.

Any talk of Obama trying to avert a war is foolish, stupid, and inaccurate. Obama is a son of Satan, a deceiver in disguise, and a wolf in sheep's clothing. There will be a war with Iran. And Obama will defend this destructive course, while the stupid anti-war Leftists look on and tell themselves: "He is trying to save us. He is trying to stop a war with Iran. But he's being discreet about it to avoid the fury of AIPAC and the Congress. Wow, he's so cool, and under-the-radar smart. He is telling the Israelis what they want to hear, but still taking the course of diplomacy." That is a dream. But the anti-war Left will keep telling themselves this lie.

If the President of the United States and the Pentagon were really against a war with Iran, they wouldn't be discreet about it. They would tell the Israelis, "Back off. Or we'll punish you." And the President wouldn't repeat Israeli lies and false narratives in every speech.

The truth is that the evil vultures in the White House want a war with Iran even more than Israel's insane leaders. 

Obama is not the quarterback for the peace team. The only quarterback for the peace team in America is Ron Paul, and he is being benched.

There are only two teams on the field: Team War 1, and Team War 2. Netanyahu is the quarterback for Team War 1, and Obama is the quarterback for Team War 2.

There is no Team Peace.