March 2, 2012

The Crisis of Public Confidence In National Governments Is Leading To Global Political Chaos

The crisis of public trust and confidence in national governments is shaking the foundations of illegitimate power and authority in the West and in the East.

Over the weekend, elections will be held in Iran and Russia that will either cement the authority of the current regimes or expose further cracks in their infrastructure. The symbolic value of these elections are recognized by the leaders of both states, their domestic political opposition, and foreign intruders.

If any kind of shenanigans occur in Moscow and Tehran, the jackals of the West and Israel will pounce on the anti-West regimes with desperation and try to grab a leg in the hopes that they might devour the body later on with the claws of war.

In Iran, millions are planning to boycott the parliamentary elections on Saturday, March 2nd, in order to send an overwhelming message that the country has no confidence in the clerical leadership. They hope to shatter the legitimacy of the Islamic Republic of Iran with the power of the non-vote. But it looks like a sizable majority will once again trump the anti-regime voices in the urban areas, and instill new democratic faith in the government.

It is likely that we won't see a repeat of the mayhem that happened in the aftermath of the presidential election in June 2009, partly because, as journalist Pepe Escobar points out in his article "What's at stake in Iran's elections," the regime has systematically locked up young organizers and influential voices.

"Virtually all key opposition leaders," writes Escobar, "including university activists, almost 1,000 people, are in jail; not because they're criminals but because they're very canny organizers of popular anger."

Given the long history of Western interference in Iran's political affairs, it is understandable why the regime has taken extreme precautions to avoid domestic unrest in response to the elections on Saturday. Obama's Middle East advisers are looking for every excuse to further isolate Iran from the international community and force the Islamic Republic of Iran into a corner, from which the course of war will be the only way out for the regime's hardliners.

Nothing restores a regime's legitimacy and public confidence like war. War is a gift from the gods to the managers of the state. For tyrants, regardless of their ideological cloaks and political beliefs, war is a saving grace.

The tyrants of Israel and America gave themselves the gift of war on September 11, 2001, so, in a way, they are more like gods than tyrants. But they too are facing a crisis of public confidence and popular legitimacy. Only 9% of the American people have faith in Congress.

America's unprecedented crisis of public confidence derives from several different factors. The two most important are an illegitimate war on terror whose end remains far off in the future, and an escalating economic crisis that is causing massive anger and resentment against the corrupt economic and political elite. The same crisis is developing in Canada. The Harper government's legitimacy is being undressed with scandal after scandal.

There is no immediate solution to the transnational political crisis of public confidence in national governments besides going to war on a global scale, and establishing a global government upon its conclusion.

The totalitarian regimes in the United States, Israel, and Iran will politically benefit in the near term from a large-scale confrontation. In the long term, however, all three governments along with national governments around the world will collapse and global political chaos will reign. Washington may be gone from the map. And several Iranian and Israeli cities will be permanently ruined.

A West-Iran War will destroy the foundations of the current world order. During this war, any semblance of democracy and freedom in Western civilization will be gone. The hijacking of the West by the Zionists and Globalists will ultimately end in the destruction of the West, and all that it stands for: freedom, individual rights, and democratic participation in society.

Israel's state terrorists are planning to engineer a false flag attack to blame Iran for the upcoming world war and re-energize the public to get behind the mythic Clash of Civilizations. Israel and the United States will most definitely use nuclear weapons in the grand finale of the epic struggle between a rising East and a declining West.

The maniacs in Tel Aviv badly need a major false flag event to destroy the image of Iran and quell Western doubts about the "Evil Persians." Up to now, even a vast majority of the people of Israel are not persuaded by their war-possessed leaders that Iran represents an existential threat to the state of Israel. On February 29, 2012, a poll publicized by the Jerusalem Post revealed that only 19% support an Israeli strike on Iran without U.S. help, while twice as many would support a strike if the U.S. does the heavy lifting.

It turns out that a sustained worldwide media campaign of fear and paranoia about the manufactured Iranian nuclear crisis by the Israeli government has failed to convince the people who will be most impacted by a decision to attack Iran: the people of Israel. They clearly do not desire a war.

Most Israelis are not frightened by the perceived Iranian nuclear threat to Israel. What they fear more is a rash preemptive military strike by their lunatic right-wing government against Iran which would isolate Israel from the international community and trigger a mighty response, involving massive missile attacks from all directions in the Middle East.

II. The Spiritual Crisis of Mankind: World War III, And The Divine Battle For The Souls of This World

Israel would become a sea of blood and fire if its crazy and monstrous leaders decide to attack Iran for no good reason. The state of Israel will not survive world war three. The Zionist project will be history. And so too will the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the National Secrecy State in America. All three totalitarian regimes are already dead. The outcome of World War III has already been decided.

The obvious question, then, is why fight it? Why fight a third world war? The answer is that the secret power holders need a ritualized bloodletting before they can sell their authoritarian world government to the nations of the world. Without massive bloodletting and millions of death, their new world order cannot be born.

War is not a solution to mankind's problems, but a cancer that has plagued mankind since the beginning of civilization. But it is a cancer that both gives and takes. It takes old life, and gives new life. War has always served as a catalyst for technological, social, cultural, economic, spiritual, and political change.

The armies of the third world war will decide nothing on the battlefield because they are nothing more than robots going through the motions of a ritualistic blood sacrifice to the god of war and god of change. The planners, intellectuals, and high priests of secret societies wrote the script for this new world war, from its beginning to its end.

How can there be a real war if one side has nuclear weapons and the other side has none? As many people have said, what took place in Iraq was not a war but something closer to genocide. For America to go to war with a third-world country like Iraq would be like an elephant going to war with an ant colony.

Modern totalitarian warfare is, "nothing more than manufactured violence for economic control and managed population reduction," as pointed out in this Activist Post article from February 27, 2012.

Innocent people from every country and religion are the biggest victims of modern totalitarian warfare, which is inconsistent with the traditional laws of war and the moral laws of mankind.

The Great Satan, the angel of darkness, desires for the masses of humanity and the nations of the world to be sacrificed in a third world war to add to his glory and to his kingdom of evil on Earth. But the Great God desires salvation and redemption for all mankind.