February 16, 2012

The Israeli Threat To The World Is Real (And World Leaders Know It)

"America is something that can be easily moved. Moved to the right direction.They won’t get in our way." - International terrorist and war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel. Source of quote.
Let's get the big mystery out of the way: Israel did the bombings in India, Georgia, and Thailand. It's really not a mystery. Israel has no credibility whatsoever. But if you need to be convinced that Iran did not do the bombings, read these excellent commentaries by Stephen Lendman and Washington's Blog.

Am I defending the leadership of Iran? Of course not. I want Iran to be de-Islamized and its corrupt leaders hanged in the public square of major Iranian cities for committing high treason and other crimes against the Iranian people.

But Israel is playing with fire by waging war against the Iranian nation. The people of Iran will not be kind to Israel. God is not on Israel's side. God favours the just and peaceful to be the victor in war, not the cruel and wicked. Israel better re-read scripture and quit messing with peaceful nations.

If you love Israel, pray for it. Pray that the nation of Iran and the people of the Middle East will forgive it for its aggression and acts of terrorism.

Israel cannot hide its true face to the world. Israel's false flags and blame games have gone from tragic to comedic. This is like watching a cartoon character blow up the world and then say, "It wasn't me," as if we're all stupid and fearful idiots who are paralyzed by the awesome power of Israel. Well, we're not. Israel can go to Hell.

Israel is only scary because it is an insane asylum with nuclear weapons. It does not know how to fight. If Israel did not have its large stockpile of nuclear weapons, it would not dare start wars that it knows it cannot finish. Israel's survival plan is blackmailing and threatening the United States of America to rescue it from the hell of its own making. Pathetic.

Israel has no concept of honour and morality. Israel's legacy of terror and lies is extremely well documented. No one is surprised at the depths to which the madmen in Tel Aviv will go. Their blood-soaked hands cannot grasp the levers of sanity and reason. Their delusional minds inhabit a dark and hateful place, and they want the rest of the world to travel to that hellish place with them.

But the world is saying NO.

The global public consensus is that Israel is a persistent menace to international peace and world trade. World public opinion polls show that Israeli policy is considered unjust, irrational, and dangerous. As Noam Chomsky writes in TomDispatch:

"Let us turn finally to the third of the leading issues addressed in the establishment journals cited earlier, the “threat of Iran.” Among elites and the political class this is generally taken to be the primary threat to world order -- though not among populations. In Europe, polls show that Israel is regarded as the leading threat to peace. In the MENA countries, that status is shared with the U.S., to the extent that in Egypt, on the eve of the Tahrir Square uprising, 80% felt that the region would be more secure if Iran had nuclear weapons. The same polls found that only 10% regard Iran as a threat -- unlike the ruling dictators, who have their own concerns.

In the United States, before the massive propaganda campaigns of the past few years, a majority of the population agreed with most of the world that, as a signatory of the Non-Proliferation Treaty, Iran has a right to carry out uranium enrichment. And even today, a large majority favors peaceful means for dealing with Iran. There is even strong opposition to military engagement if Iran and Israel are at war. Only a quarter regard Iran as an important concern for the U.S. altogether. But it is not unusual for there to be a gap, often a chasm, dividing public opinion and policy.

Why exactly is Iran regarded as such a colossal threat? The question is rarely discussed, but it is not hard to find a serious answer -- though not, as usual, in the fevered pronouncements. The most authoritative answer is provided by the Pentagon and the intelligence services in their regular reports to Congress on global security. They report that Iran does not pose a military threat. Its military spending is very low even by the standards of the region, minuscule of course in comparison with the U.S."

The people of Europe are not informed of the threat that a nuclear Israel poses to their continent because the Western press is afraid of Israel. In November 2010, the website Al-Jazeerah.info reported that an Israeli historian threatened Europe that Israel would use nukes on European cities if the situation called for it. The article is called, "Israel could to wipe out Europe with nuclear weapons and expel all Palestinians, says Israeli military historian Martin Karfeld." Here is an excerpt:
Noted Israeli military historian Martin Karfeld stated that Israel could find itself one day forced to exterminate the European continent using all kinds of weapons including its nuclear arsenal if it felt its demise neared, stressing that Israel also considers Europe a hostile target.

This came in a press interview broadcast by the seventh Hebrew radio and was translated on Wednesday into Arabic by the press information analysis and study center.

“We have hundreds of nuclear warheads and missiles that can reach different targets in the heart of the European continent, including beyond the borders of Rome, the Italian capital,” Karfeld said, adding that most of the European capitals would become preferred targets for the Israeli air force.

The Israeli historian reiterated Israel’s ability to destroy the whole world whenever it felt its existence would be doomed to extinction.

As for the Palestinians, the historian said that Israel at the present time pursues a specific strategy based on mass deportation of the Palestinian people and has intentions to expel all Palestinians without exception, but it is awaiting the right moment to take this step.
You know what this means right? We are all held hostage by the crazed fanatics in Israel. Do not think for a minute that Israel is bluffing. If push comes to shove, Israel will fire rockets into Europe and say Iran did it.

Israeli right-wing terrorists have threatened to use nukes against Europe and Iran. They have America in their sights, too. A nuclear 9/11 is a very real possibility. Israel is desperate. Israel is mad. Israel will do anything it wants, damn the consequences.

Mentally and politically, Israel is not a stable nation. Its demonic and racist leaders keep the people in perpetual fear, brainwash them with lies, and tell them that war is the only method to solve their problems with the Palestinians and their other neighbours.

I'll say it again: pray for Israel
because the spirit of vengeance and justice won't be kind to it. Pray that the victims of Israeli terrorism and Israeli aggression will forgive Israel.