February 15, 2012

America: Throw Out Time Magazine And The New York Times, Not Your Constitution And Bill of Rights

"Last year I posted an article on the where the JFK assassination has led us to this day in history. In other words, a downward spiral from our Constitutional Republic to a police state. Since then, not much has changed my view and in fact, has gotten much worse. With President Obama's recent signing of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) in the closing days of 2011, otherwise known as the “Indefinite Detention Act,” which allows the President to detain any American citizen indefinitely without due process, the legal foundation of a toleration state is now upon us and codified into law. It's a scary, shocking and disturbing development, one has been slowly building since the Patriot act was signed into law shorty after the 9-11 attacks. It shows that the people in government that run our country no longer believe in the Constitution, the rule of law, or liberty. They are all, in effect, a gang of traitors. They are more fearful of an American armed with a loaded firearm and a knowledge of the Constitution than they are of any supposed terrorist attack." - George Bailey - JFK Stood Against Tyranny.
On Tuesday night, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart made fun of Time Magazine's long-standing editorial policy of publishing insignificant cover stories for the American market, which stand in stark contrast to their serious cover stories for the world market. Here is a common example from Time's December 5, 2011 issue.

Why is Time Magazine feeding the American people tabloid junk? The usual explanation that's given is that the editors of Time have a low opinion of the American people and they think Americans won't purchase magazines that cover serious subjects. But that is a myth. Americans are intelligent and want to learn about the world.

The correct explanation for Time's American policy is that the editors of Time Magazine are enemies of the American people who don't want to inform them of their critical participation in state crimes against democracy and coverups of government terrorism. Time Magazine has covered up the CIA's assassination of JFK, RFK, and MLK, and the false flag 9/11 attacks by the CIA and Mossad, which have led to the deaths and displacement of millions of innocent people in the Middle East.

Time Magazine and the American media are keeping the American people in the dark about major global geopolitical and economic developments such as the Arab Spring and the Greek crisis because they are afraid of a knowledgeable and engaged public.

Time Magazine and the New York Times are enemy propaganda just as the Nazi press in France during WWII was enemy propaganda.

The editors of Time Magazine, the New York Times, and other enemy publications are complicit in crimes against humanity, crimes against the Constitution, and crimes against peace.

The American people is the only force on the planet that can stop the evil government in Washington from spreading terrorism and tyranny across the world.

But the power of the American people is kept in check through the systemic denial of information and news in America by Time Magazine and other tentacles of the enemy press. This is like denying food to a starving population in Africa. Americans need the truth like Somalis need food.

But the criminal editors of Time Magazine don't want the American people to know the truth because the widespread knowledge of the truth would lead not just to the destruction of their magazine, but to their imprisonment.

Photographer and writer George Bailey makes the point that an American population armed with knowledge and guns is the scariest scenario to the tyrants and thieves in Washington and the banking world. He writes in his article, "JFK Stood Against Tyranny":
"As I stated earlier, the Feds are not afraid of terrorism as they are afraid of YOU. We've got more guns than them. And they know it.

An informed population scares them too. Look at them constantly trying to implement an Internet kill switch. You would think in a time of national emergency the Internet would be the very thing you should keep in operation for the free flow of information. But no! The internet is the only thing they don't have any control over. It's probably the last thing standing because of the understanding that government controls so much of it (search: William Colby; operation mocking bird). Just think how things would be now if we were back in the 1960s with only three television networks and practically all radio stations playing mostly music and little talk. The cat is out of the bag."
Earlier this month, The New York Times published an article called "‘We the People’ Lose Appeal With People Around the World," that painted the U.S. Constitution as bad, old, and unpopular, none of which is true.

The agents of the enemy press who have criminally covered up the truth about the 9/11 attacks want to portray anything that is old as bad and regressive, and everything that is new as good and progressive. So the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights = baaaaad. And state surveillance, indefinite detention, drones, and a global tyrannical government = goooood.

The enemies of America and human freedom are refashioning slavery as progressive and natural, and spinning dissent as a form of mental illness. The snakes in the press expect the American people to believe their stupid propaganda until kingdom come.

What makes the Bill of Rights so special is that it restrains government power, which the totalitarian agents of the enemy press hate. The demonization of the Bill of Rights is high up on the agenda of the enemy press, above all Time Magazine and the New York Times, whose editors hate America more than Al-Qaeda and Al-Shabaab put together. I wouldn't be surprised if the CIA editors of Time Magazine also work part time at Al-Qaeda's magazine, but that's unlikely because the CIA is not interested in saving taxpayers' money.

The CIA and their agents in the press want to get rid of the Bill of Rights forever. Their international financial masters at the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank who are behind the construction of a global dictatorship want to destroy every last trace of freedom in America. In the process, they are making the American people forget their rights and noble heritage by scaring them with boogeyman after boogeyman, from Bin Laden to Saddam to Gaddafi to Assad to Iran to China to Putin.

When the manufactured enemies of earth have been crushed, the crooks at the CIA and Pentagon will point to the space aliens and say, "Okay, now fear this children. And shut up about conspiracy theories or we'll stick you in mental rehabilitation centers until you get the message that it is our way or the highway."

But the enemies of America and the traitors in the enemy press have seriously underestimated the intelligence and will of the American people. They did not expect the political greatness and moral vision of heroes such as Ron Paul and Alex Jones to dominate American political discourse in the 21st century. They thought that Americans and citizens of other Western countries are sheep who could be swallowed whole by the snakes of Satan while sleeping, without making a noise. But they thought wrong.

The American people and the people of the West are awake and angry. The sword of truth can cut off the head of the Great Satan, the private Federal Reserve Bank, and end the evil of modern financial tyranny, which the American founding fathers tried to prevent from emerging.

The enemy press and their private banking masters should take note of the global political awakening. Their arrogance and pride will cause their downfall. The Spirit of the Lion is awakening in America, the West, and throughout the world. You can feel this spirit emerging from the streets of Greece. Other countries that have been looted by the global banksters, especially America, will respond with the ancient spirit of justice and righteousness in due time.

The Spirit of the Lion is not going to go away anytime soon. It is here to stay, and the totalitarian governments of the West cannot suppress this divine spirit with propaganda and censorship.

The state terrorists behind 9/11 and the false war on terror should take up Newt Gingrich's idea of a moon colony and head up to space to find new slaves to psychologically rape, because the Earth is no longer in their demonic possession.

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