January 19, 2012

World War Three Is The Final War On The Nation State

"Stability is an unworthy American mission and a misleading concept to boot. We do not want stability in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and even Saudi Arabia; we want things to change. The real issue is not whether, but how to destabilize." - Neoconservative crackpot and international terrorist Michael Ledeen.
If the radical neoconservatives and their allies in Israel and the West have their way, the nation state will end with a bang, not a whimper.

There are very few sovereign nation states left in the world. America's national sovereignty was destroyed in 1913 when foreign private creditors hijacked its national treasury and Congress, and since then it has been used to destroy the national sovereignty of every other nation.

America was deceived by its treasonous leadership into destroying Germany and Japan in WWII, two countries that posed no threat to America's security and sought stable relations. In the 21st century, America was deceived once again, this time to destabilize and destroy nations in the Middle East.

Since the false flag 9/11 events, the nation state has been crucified on the cross of "perpetual warfare and perpetual economic destabilization." At its core, globalization is a process of destabilization, destruction, and domination. Nations that resist the powerful global agents who direct this process for their own private interests, especially international private banks that covet a nation's gold and practice the satanic art of usury, are falsely accused of sponsoring terror and militarily destroyed.

The PR push behind the rollout of the war on terrorism got a big boost from the tragedy of 9/11, which made most people emotionally attached to the false marketing by the Bush administration and the Israeli government.

Leaving emotions aside, the facts show that the official 9/11 story is false and the war on terror is a long illegal war against the nation state, democratic institutions, and basic human rights. Neoconservatives, who are international terrorists, were at the heart of the 9/11 plot and the subsequent war on the nation state.

Abbas J. Ali, a professor of management at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, wrote in his 2003 paper entitled, "From Economy To Militarization: The End of The Nation State," that "neoconservatives perceive the militarization of the globe as an effective means to achieve "historical upheaval" and the eventual end of the nation-state system," (1). He added words of caution, saying:
"The militarization of the globe may appeal to powerful segments and elitist groups in some quarters of the world. Many of the World's population, however, view this trend with anxiety, fear, and suspicion. Indeed, the accompanying suffering and the ending of the nation-state by force, rather than by economic means, is seen as a threat to world peace and security. It represents the triumph of anarchism over civilization. Most importantly, the doctrine eclipses reason and morality; endangers diversity, individual and property rights and cooperation among communities across the globe; and ultimately menaces global economic integration and prosperity." (2).
Thanks to the neoconservatives' jihad against the nation state and democracy, the global military-industrial complex and international banksters have had an orgy of looting and bloodletting. Iraq was destroyed: a million people down the drain of history. Libya is gone. Syria is on the ropes, waiting for the impact of the knockout blow. Pakistan is leaking. And Iran is being targeted for annihilation by Israel and the United States. Undoubtedly, the success of the covert 9/11 operation has meant that the 21st century has been good to the bad guys, so far at least.

But we have seen nothing yet.

Plans are underway to completely destroy Iran (and, as a consequence, Israel and America), as well as the global economy in its current manifestation. Contrary to what a lot of people think, the financial controllers of America, Israel, and the West want the global economy to tank, which is why they are pushing America to attack Iran and force it to close the Strait of Hormuz in response.

Journalist Jim Tucker reported last summer that the Bilderberg scum want America to attack Iran and launch the next stage of World War Three. Infowars.com writer Kurt Nimmo reported:
The globalists want to create a “big bloody war” in the region, Tucker explained. High oil prices and exorbitant prices reflected at the pump will be used to gain the support of the commoners for continued military action in the Middle East.
There is nothing that Iran can do to stop the coming attack. Compromises by the Iranian government have so far proven to be useless, because the other side does not want concessions, it wants war. The Israelis, neoconservatives, and Bilderberg terrorists want to take over the world, but Iran is in their way.

Seyed Mohammad Marandi, an associate professor at the University of Tehran, and a propagandist for the Islamic Republic, made a truthful and honest point in a recent interview on Press TV when he reminded viewers that the source of the U.S.-Iranian conflict is Iran's independence, not the nature of its nuclear program. Marandi said:
"Just a few days ago I met a well-known American journalist, Mr. Seymour Hersh, and he was saying that American senior officials know without a doubt that Iran is not pursuing nuclear weapons, and the issue is Iranian sovereignty. The issue is Iran's independence. So, it's quite clear that the policies of the United States and its European partners are not really directed at Iran's nuclear program. It's directed at Iranian independence and sovereignty."
Unlike its nuclear program, the question of Iran's independence is up for debate. As the research by Fara Mansoor shows, the Islamic Republic was established with the help of the George H. W. Bush cabal in the CIA, and most likely the MI6, too. Thus, the Islamic Republic has no claim on Iran. Its very foundations are illegitimate because they are based on deception and trickery.

Who knows if the Islamic Republic is independent now, or if the rulers of Iran are in on the take to this day. The Mullahs hate the nation state and democracy just as much as the banksters and state terrorists of the West. They all could be playing a big con game with the public, hiding their deception right in front of the world's face, but instead of asking questions people choose to keep their eyes shut and their minds closed.


1. Ali, Abbas J. (2003). From Economy To Militarization: The End of The Nation State. Competitiveness Review 13(1), pg. 1 - 6.
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