January 1, 2012

2012: It Is Not The End of The World, But It Will Be The End of America If. . .

1. . .If America attacks Iran. America won't be defeated on the battlefield, and neither will Iran. Both countries will fight to the point of mental, spiritual, political, and economic exhaustion, and inflict heavy losses on each other until a truce is reached.

2. . .If Ron Paul, or a third-party candidate, is not elected President. The new political consensus in the United States is that Obama sold out the American people and the Republican candidates are fascists, retards, and crazies. America can only be saved if the traitorous Republicans and Democrats are cleared out of the room, and the American people choose a revolutionary like Dr. Paul or an independent to be President.

3. . .If the draconian 2012 NDAA bill and other Martial Law legislation is not destroyed. Giving a secretive, dishonest, lawless, and evil government the power to detain citizens without a trial always leads to government prison camps and government mass murder. The traitors in Washington will seek to impose Martial Law in America now that they have been given absolute power.

4. . .If the State of Emergency that President George W. Bush declared after 9/11 and President Barack Obama renewed is not ended. A State of Emergency allows the shadow government to do whatever it wants, the law be damned.

As Washington's Blog said in February 2011, a State of Emergency means the United States is a cage, not a country. Washington's Blog wrote: "the government has been using its emergency powers — i.e. powers justified by a state of emergency — in spying, carrying out military actions inside the U.S. (see this), and taking other extra-Constitutional actions."

America's State of Emergency won't be ended without sacrifice, without civil disobedience, without a ruckus. That is just the way history works. The savages in power in the United States are determined to hold on to their power and keep their loot at any cost. They believe a military dictatorship will give them protection from the American people.

5. . .If the state terrorists in the shadow CIA and the shadow Mossad carry out another false flag terrorist attack on American soil. A large-scale terror event will cause mass paranoia and mass hysteria, and the President as Dictator will be free to do whatever he wants, like declaring Martial Law.

The elitist lunatics in charge of the United States and Israel are bold creatures. 9/11 proved to be a success, so why not try it again? Nothing is stopping them. And they don't care about mass killing their own people because they don't think of average Americans as one of them.

II. We Are Witnessing The End of The Traitorous Washington-Tel Aviv-London Establishment, Not The End of America.

These tyrannical actions--an aggressive attack on Iran, the political suppression of Ron Paul and third parties, the illegal implementation of Martial Law, rule by emergency decree and fear instead of rule by law, and the staging of another false flag attack against Americans--are desperate actions that will ultimately prove ineffective in stopping a second American revolution.

We are far more likely to see the end of the traitorous anti-American/NWO and Zionist establishment rather than the end of America as a constitutional, wealthy, and free country.

Nicholas West of the website Activist Post writes in his article, "Game Over: Tyranny Revealed":
"We know that the world is run by an unworthy gang of misanthropic inbred elites and their lackey minions. And, yet, through their spoils (and the spoiled), they have amassed great treasure that has no real value.

Their moral compass is broken; their political capital is zero; their fiat currency is worthless; and their method of rule has become comical. These thespian thieves have now been pushed toward the gates of the temple to be whipped into the desert of their own creation.

The dogs of war are set to be loosed upon the throat of anyone who gives voice to peaceful opposition and creative resistance; for this is the Wolfsbane they have continuously stomped upon. The assassinated messengers of peace comprise a long and distinguished list of familiar names, but is also a list filled with myriad third-world democratically-elected leaders who had the hubris to suggest that their nations and people should remain independent from fascist jackals with nothing more to offer than loaded words and loaded guns."
The future of America and the entire world is brighter than we can imagine at this dark moment in time.

This is an age of darkness and evil, but it will come to an end. And fighting government evil should be fun, not mad and depressing.

The tyrants, terrorists, thieves, and traitors in power in the West want us to be scared and hopeless. But they are the ones who should be scared and hopeless because history and truth are on our side - the side of freedom, peace, and humanity.

Public opinion is also on our side. Over the last decade, public opinion has shifted to the position that 9/11 was an inside job that was perpetrated by members of the Bush administration, the shadow CIA, and the shadow Mossad. This shift in global public opinion towards recognizing the truthful narrative of history is a major victory for freedom, peace, and humanity. Many more victories will follow in 2012 and beyond.