November 23, 2011

America And Israel Will Go From Tough Talk To A Real War Against Iran

"Make no mistake: American elites are gearing up for military confrontation with the Islamic Republic—and, in the process, displaying all of the cultural, intellectual, and political pathologies that produced the 2003 Iraq war." - Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett, two former senior officials in the National Security Council.
"Maybe common sense will prevail. Or maybe some diplomat or some official with standing will stand up and say, as nobody did before the Iraqi war, and nobody may do now, somebody in the inside will say this is crazy. But so far it's not happened," said investigative journalist Seymour Hersh on Antiwar Radio with Scott Horton on Tuesday, November 22, 2011.

Hersh commented on the the validity of the latest IAEA report, the split in the Israeli military over an attack on Iran, and the ramifications of all the fear-mongering about the "Iranian bomb" by the Western media.

Hersh's clear-eyed reporting about the Iranian nuclear program in The New Yorker, along with reporting done by other journalists like Gareth Porter, is countering the "doom and gloom" narrative about Iran that is being pushed by Tel Aviv and Washington.

But as we saw in 2003, journalism can't stop war. At least not the kind of journalism that perpetually misses the target.

Porter, Hersh and other outstanding journalists are courageous on the Iranian nuclear question, but where are they on 9/11 truth? As historian Webster Tarpley and others have pointed out, exposing the truth about the 9/11 attacks is key to stopping an emerging war with Iran, which would inevitably become a regional war with global repercussions.

Lies lead to war. Truth leads to peace. Pretty simple, huh?

Why tell the truth about Iran's nuclear program and Iraq's non-existent WMDs, but cover your eyes from the truth about 9/11 and scream "conspiracy theory! conspiracy theory!" like a little girl? It doesn't make sense. Even war correspondents who face death for days on end turn to wussies and wimps when the subject of 9/11 truth is brought up.

Are non-mainstream, investigative journalists being threatened with death and told not to touch 9/11 truth? If this is the case then I completely understand why journalists are silent and play dumb.

But if Western journalists are not being threatened with death by the CIA, MI6, and Mossad, then they are really a bunch of cowards for not exposing the truth about 9/11.

A generation of journalists have abandoned the craft and let down the public, and non-mainstream, investigative journalists have played a big role in this betrayal.

Why is telling the truth about 9/11, 7/7, and other acts of state terror so important? Because it reveals that we are dealing with terrorists and mass murderers in Washington, London, and Tel Aviv, not rational and peaceful citizens who are part of the international community.

The evil state terrorists in Washington have given up on America. They are building a global fascist government. From their treasonous perspective, the quicker America falls, the better. And there is no better way to destroy a nation than use its money, reputation and blood to wage illegal wars.

So don't have any false hopes. The barbarians in America and Israel WILL attack Iran and start world war three. It is a matter of when, not if.

Do you think these savages have any reservations about blowing up another country that hasn't provoked or threatened the United States and Israel? Don't be silly. They KILLED three thousand Americans in one day on September 11. They have no morality and no patriotism. Restraint is not in their vocabulary.

Killing humans is sport for the psychopathic elite. They leveled Iraq, destroying cities like Fallujah with chemical weapons and still defend the mass murder years later as "the birth pangs of democracy in the Middle East." They could care less about waging a total war on 70 million Iranians. Major politicians and presstitutes in America and Israel will even cheer when Iranian cities are nuked.

So grow up non-mainstream, investigative journalists! A World War is coming.

I know, I know, you live in a world where evil doesn't exist and the American government wouldn't kill its own citizens in a cold-blooded act of state terrorism, but this isn't your daddy's government, okay. Washington was hijacked by hellraisers who have engineered an era of total terror over the world along with Israel and NATO.

The current American government is the embodiment of Satan. That is not a religious statement. It is a fact.

Nations can become evil if evil men hijack them and brainwash the people. This is what happened to Germany under Hitler and Nazism; Russia under Stalin and Communism; Iran under Khomeini and Islamism; Israel under Zionism; and America under The Federal Reserve, CIA, and Corporate Totalitarianism.

As Al Pacino's character says in the famous speech from the film 'Any Given Sunday': "We are in hell right now, gentlemen."

Yes, we are all in hell.

The madmen in Washington and Tel Aviv are threatening nuclear war. "All options are on the table" means "Fuck you 99 percent. We own you and we will do with you as we like. Democracy is dead. Freedom didn't survive the last century's wars. Your voice is meaningless. Now shut up and stop crying slaves."

People who think we are not in hell have no clue.

An act of mass murder and terrorism by the U.S. government on American soil has been covered up for a decade by the world press, and we're supposed to act like everything is normal.

The assassination of an American President by the CIA has been covered up for nearly half a century, and the whole world is pretending America is the leader of the free world and a shining light on the hill.

Only in hell would such insanity and madness prevail above reason and truth.

The German poet Hermann Hesse said that "at certain times the demonic erupts into mankind not only secretly, among criminals and psychopaths, but openly and on a large scale; it takes on a political life and sweeps whole nations off their feet," (Hesse: Reflections; pg. 11).

In the 21st century, the demonic is alive and well in Israel and America.

The demonic banksters and psychopaths want to start a world war in the Middle East. And you know what? They are going to get their world war because millions of naive people still think the truth about recent American history is all a "conspiracy theory," including non-mainstream, investigative journalists.

The naivety and stupidity of the people makes possible the psychopathy and criminality of the elite.

Mankind is in this mess not because a few thousand demonic thieves have conspired to wage war and pillage nations, but because people choose to remain blind and refuse to believe in their acts of conspiracy, fraud, and treason.