November 29, 2011

Traitors in Washington Are Putting A Flamethrower to The U.S. Constitution

Photo by James Alex, an American artist.

"The military-industrial complex, owned by the big banks, has hijacked America. I keep explaining this to people, and now it doesn't just want to dominate the Third World or the Middle East or Asia, or encircle other countries in Europe, it wants to dominate this country. And the military-industrial complex is a bunch of off-shore corporations. They run the red light cameras, they run the federalization of local police. They're just occupying America through NORTHCOM," said radio host Alex Jones on Russia Today on November 29, 2011.

Alex was asked about Senate Bill 1867, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which says that any American citizen or global citizen who opposes the global witch hunt against "terrorists" and the emerging global technocratic dictatorship will be held in jail without trial.

The bill is important to talk about because it is a stunning indication of how far America has fallen under the current treacherous leadership, and points to the hellish homegrown dictatorship that the country is blindly marching towards. Americans classified as "homegrown terrorists" and "domestic extremists" won't just be detained and tortured by the nutcases in Washington, they will also be targeted for state execution.

The precedent for assassinating an American citizen was set by Washington's shadow government not this year when Al-Qaeda patsy Al-Awlaki was killed, but on November 22, 1963, when President John F. Kennedy was murdered by CIA gunmen in Dallas.

In the post-9/11 world, every American and every citizen of the world who stands up for the rights of the individual is demonized as a terrorist and a radicalized conspiracy theorist. And if a nation asserts its independence it is declared a rogue state by the mad leaders of the West.

Indeed, the new world order dictatorship is not a conspiracy theory anymore. It is a fact of 21st century life and global politics. The language of Senate bill 1867 turns the whole world into a battlefield in which any one of us could become a potential victim of the genocidal madness of the Bankster Occupied Governments (BOGs) in Washington, London, Paris, Ottawa, Berlin, Tel Aviv, and other capitals around the world.

This little treacherous creature, and these two other traitors, are the strongest supporters of NDAA. They love the fact that the bill is so anti-American and anti-human.

Every senator who votes for the bill will be exposed as an anti-American soulless scum who wishes to sign away the future of America and the freedoms of the American people.

In a Washington Post Op-Ed on Sunday, November 27, the co-sponsors of the treasonous bill, (T) John McCain and (T) Carl Levin, who chair the Senate Armed Services Committee, defended the bill by using the brave and heroic martyrs of the American military as political cover for their evil political program:
Congress has passed a defense authorization bill every year for five decades. This year’s bill includes pay raises for our troops, funding for equipment to protect them from roadside bombs, and medical care and other benefits for them and their families. It would be extremely unfortunate if disagreements over these detainee provisions prevented us from passing this bill and fulfilling those duties. But it would be tragic if this happened because of misunderstandings about what the bill says and does.
What the bill says now can be reinterpreted and twisted to apply to future conditions. As Alex Jones pointed out in the interview on Russia Today, the dictatorial powers of the bill will be used against American citizens who want to take back their country from the banksters, not shadowy Al-Qaeda terrorists who are on the payroll of the shadow CIA.

In an Infowars Nightly News Report on Monday, November 28, Alex highlighted the most monstrous and shocking parts of the bill, and said that it signifies the rise of NORTHCOM in the United States.

NORTHCOM, following in the footsteps of CENTCOM and AFRICOM, will be used to spread terror in the hearts and minds of the North American population.

The masters of terror who did the 9/11 attacks will commit more acts of state terrorism to maintain control of their brutal and evil system.

The Bankster Occupied Governments that live on terror will not give people anywhere the chance to breathe and reflect on the chaos that they are engineering in the world. They want people to silently submit to their fate of perpetual slavery and mass death.

And millions of slave-minded people will bow down to the mad government architects of global destruction and global terror because they don't want to see the full horror of what they have passively accepted for a decade.

But those of us who love honor and bravery must have the spirit and determination to defeat these monsters. We are stuck at the bottom of this hell, but this is not our collective fate. We can decide our own destiny and chart a new course in human history.

For the time being, however, we must embrace the suck, as Marines say, until we find a way to reach to the surface of freedom and hope.