November 3, 2011

Social Criticism And Free Speech in America: From Ezra Pound to Lenny Bruce to Alex Jones

"They said that he was sick ’cause he didn’t play by the rules
He just showed the wise men of his day to be nothing more than fools
They stamped him and they labeled him like they do with pants and shirts"
- Bob Dylan, from his song, "Lenny Bruce."

"You see, the trouble is that we all live in a happy ending culture, a what should be culture instead of a what is culture. We're all taught that fantasy. But if we were taught this is what is I think we'd be less screwed up." - Lenny Bruce, as voiced by Dustin Hoffman in the 1974 film, "Lenny."
The heroes of free speech and truth-telling in society are always discredited and pushed to the fringe.

In America, the paragons of free speech and frankness are the poets, comedians, and independent journalists. The poet Ezra Pound, the comedian Lenny Bruce, and the journalist Alex Jones all come out of the American tradition of freedom of thought and freedom of speech.

Literature, comedy and talk radio are avenues through which ideas and issues are discussed openly and courageously. Alternative points of view that are shut off from the mainstream cultural environment can be heard one the frontiers of thought.

Lenny Bruce redefined comedy and inspired Carlin, Hicks, and many other game-changing comedians. Alex Jones has redefined media journalism. His work along with the work of will inspire new independent journalists to take down corrupt politicians and elites.

Bruce was raising taboo subjects with bravery and keen insight. The Establishment was scared of his take on comedy and society. So they used the media attack dogs to label him and put him into a corner. He was called "obscene," "offensive," and a "deranged communist." Time Magazine called him a "sick comic."

But the Establishment's labels didn't work on everyone, and eventually the medium of comedy was revolutionized because of Bruce. He helped changed the values and opinions of the American people in a radical way, towards a more free and honest direction.

The Establishment always uses labels to silence heroic free speech fighters.

Ezra Pound was called insane and thrown into a mental hospital because of his brave stance against the corrupt Federal Reserve cartel and his other political views. The Establishment successfully discredited one of the greatest poets of the 20th century as crazy, racist and backward.

And nothing has changed in half a century. Today, 9/11 truth-tellers are driven out of "polite society" by being called "fringe," "cranks," "paranoid crazies," "truthers," and "conspiracy theorists." These labels are anti-free speech, anti-thought, anti-rule of law, anti-peace, anti-reason, anti-American and anti-humanity.

The Establishment tells the American People and the World: Alex Jones is a conspiracy theorist, so don't pay any attention to him. He's a kook who has no grasp on reality. He uses fear, paranoia and rage to attract people to his radio show so he can profit from their naivety and ignorance.

The Establishment wants people to ignore the fact that Ales puts out his documentaries on the internet for free.

Alex honestly pours his blood and soul into the fight to liberate America and the world from the criminal vultures who hijacked the federal government. But the U.S. Establishment has the audacity to tell the world: Alex and 9/11 truth tellers are fringe nutcases, so go back to sleep sheep and stop researching the truth.

But very few people are buying the U.S. government's devilish propaganda against 9/11 truth tellers. The individuals who still turn away from the real facts about 9/11 are either cowards or brain dead.

The truth is getting out thanks to free-speech fighters. Mislabeling heroes like Alex Jones and Lenny Bruce to discredit them does not erase their valuable work and legacy.

The corrupt and treasonous U.S.-Israeli-British Establishment can't run away from the truth forever. There is nothing they can do except commit massacres on American soil, imprison activists, and kill off the resistance movement which will not stop growing.

People are beginning to see the full evil of the U.S.-Israeli-British Establishment. The blood of millions is on their hands. They are doomed to face retribution for their crimes against the American people and crimes against humanity.