November 7, 2011

Netanyahu Is A Demon From Hell

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu telling lies on NBC on September 13, 2001.

Days after the false flag September 11 attacks, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the world had received a "wake up call from hell."

Bibi knew what he was talking about because he was the one who made the call.

He lied to the whole world when he told NBC's Tom Brokaw on September 13, 2001:
"And this, I think, has been a wake up call from hell. It is telling us you have the power now to act. Summon the will, because the terrorists have the will to destroy America, to destroy freedom, to destroy all of America's allies and all the democracies, Israel being simply on the front line. They have the will, but they don't have the power."
Netanyahu's own personal mythology is infused with megalomania. He says he is the heir to Winston Churchill and that the Islamic Republic of Iran is Nazi Germany, which shows that he has separated himself from reality.

This demon lives in the land of fantasy.

New York Times correspondent David E. Sanger mentioned Netanyahu's bizarre beliefs in his November 5th article called, "America’s Deadly Dynamics With Iran":
To many members of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government — and, by the accounts of his former colleagues, to the Israeli leader himself — the Iran problem is 1939 all over again, an “existential threat.”

“WHEN Bibi talks about an existential threat,” one senior Israeli official said of Mr. Netanyahu recently, “he means the kind of threat the United States believed it faced when you believed the Nazis could get the bomb.”
No sane and honest person believes that Iran poses an "existential threat" to either Israel or America. It is a total lie that Netanyahu likes to tell the world to justify his mad desire to bomb Iran.

Netanyahu believes that he is being called by destiny to defend civilization against barbarism, with Israel symbolizing civilization and Iran symbolizing barbarism.

History's most dangerous and psychopathic demagogues also think in these narrow, black-and-white terms. The WWII era leader that Netanyahu can be best compared to is not Churchill, but Hitler.

Netanyahu is not the master propagandist and talented showman that Hitler was, but he uses metaphoric and lively language like Hilter, which sets him apart from most statesmen on the world stage.

This demonic liar does not have the diplomatic skills to create peace, and he was never interested in diplomacy so he never took the time to learn the trade.

War has always been his sole obsession.

And it looks like he will finally get one with Persia.