November 20, 2011

America's Treasonous Media: The Voice of Peace And Freedom Is Kooky And Fringe

The source of America's political, economic and foreign policy crises is its print and television media. This is not news to anyone, but it is a truth that needs to be repeated again and again.

America has an anti-American media. It is anti-peace, anti-rule of law, anti-truth, and anti-freedom. It takes orders from the globalist-led CIA, the cold-blooded technocrats at the foreign-controlled CFR and other global policy think tanks, and the financial parasites who work at the privately owned Federal Reserve.

America's media is guilty of committing intellectual terrorism against the American people and the global public mind by blacking out the truth about 9/11 and the war on terror fraud.

Everybody knows that the executives, editors and journalists who work for the top American media organizations are not real investigators of truth and crime. They are traitors and war criminals who are covering up U.S.-Israeli war crimes, above all, the false flag September 11 attacks.

These "mainstream journalists and reporters" cannot hide their disdain for the American people and the American constitution anymore. They hate America and everything it stands for.

What does America stand for? Peace. Freedom. Justice. Revolution. The dignity of the individual. Economic opportunity. Social mobility. And all that good stuff.

Ron Paul's message is one hundred percent pro-American. He is calling for peace in the Middle East and the end of American-Israeli aggression. He also wants to end the police state at home and restore the American constitution to its proper standing in the courts and the government.

The traitors in the U.S. media have blacked out and demonized Ron Paul's message from the 2012 presidential election because they fear that it will catch on like wildfire across America and burn their dream of total tyranny and world war into ashes.

Their evil dream includes the destruction of America and every other country, which they want to replace with a global fascist government owned by bankers and corporations.

Ron Paul's extraordinary success and the political awakening of the American people is a threat to the elite's demonic plans for humanity. They have reacted aggressively against Dr. Paul's rising status in the last couple of months.

In the presidential debates the "journalists" have regulated him to the fringes, giving him less than two minutes to speak to the American people. And in the media universe they act like he doesn't even exist.

The media universe is based on skewed political perceptions, not reality. In this hollow universe, Ron Paul is not the huge star that he is in real life, rather, he is a speck of dust on the American political map that deserves no attention.

The American elite are in major denial about the popularity of Ron Paul's message, and the size of the American political awakening. They are not acting rationally and maturely, but childishly. Their acts of sabotage against Dr. Paul and Occupy Wall Street are really acts against political reality and facts. Their politically constructed world is slipping through their blood-stained and treacherous fingers.

The lie about 9/11 and the War of Terror is collapsing.

The lie about the War on Drugs is collapsing.

The lie about the origins and purpose of the Federal Reserve is collapsing.

And the lie about the causes of the 2008 financial crisis is collapsing.

Every lie that is propping up this system of death and destruction is collapsing.

The truth is suppressed because the existence of so many political, academic, media, and economic institutions are at stake.

The truth about 9/11 threatens the Military, CIA, FBI, NSA, FEMA, the establishment media, academic universities, and policy think tanks. The truth about the Federal Reserve scam threatens Wall Street, the Treasury, a large number of corporations, international financial institutions, and the entire economic structure of Western civilization.

The global 9/11 truth and justice movement is putting the American elite, Zionism, and the Western corporate-state media on trial.

The rise of Ron Paul as a political powerhouse, the success of the alternative media, and the growth of America's political awakening as symbolized by Occupy Wall Street and other protest movements all represent in their own unique way the end of tyranny in America.

I am positive that in these dark and apocalyptic times freedom, sanity, and the rule of law will be restored in America and the West.

The era of elite psychopathy and mass media totalitarian brainwashing has run its course.