October 20, 2011

An Uprooted Civilization: The Roots of The Political Crisis in The West

A state of global emergency has existed since 9/11, when the shadow CIA and shadow Mossad attacked America. The sooner we recognize this fact and its horrible implications the sooner we can bring an end to this global crisis and restore the rule of law in the world.

What does this crisis mean? It's complicated. But the essential fact is that the Western power elite has uprooted Western civilization. They are in the process of establishing an authoritarian planetary civilization. This is a radical revolution that is being organized and implemented at the very top in the social, economic and political hierarchy in the West.

America is the main nation that is being used to set up a new tyrannical global government. The plutocrats gained the full control of America's financial and political system in the late 19th century and the early 20th century, after many years of subversion, treason and corruption in the Senate and Congress.

The counter-revolution to American independence began in 1783 and it never ended. The death knell for the American republic was in 1913 when the treasonous and criminal Federal Reserve Bank was secretly established. What the founders created was destroyed at that point.

For a hundred years, this corrupt institution has overturned the U.S. Constitution, and demolished the foundations of the American economy. It is the greatest weapon that the international plutocrats have in their economic arsenal because it crushes economic competition and bails out politically connected corporations and banks that hate the free market.

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said once that the Fed can act beyond the powers and limits of the federal government because international law and American laws do not apply to it. The psychopathic plutocrats who own the Federal Reserve are a law onto themselves. They are a murderous gang that desires world domination and they are using the might of the U.S. military and the wealth of the American people to achieve their evil global goal.

None of this should surprise anyone. History teaches us that oligarchs can be just as revolutionary as the people. Western oligarchs have no loyalty to their country, and have acted against the common interests of nations for generations.

But what is happening in this era is totally new. America, the West and the whole world is being politically, economically, culturally, spiritually and psychologically uprooted. The false flag 9/11 attacks signaled a total break from constitutional government in the United States and democratic governance in other Western countries. The events were also used to uproot Islamic civilization and conquer the Middle East.

Once both the West and Islam are dead, the deceptive power elite will introduce to the people of the world a new global dictatorial civilization in the name of world peace and global security.

The global resistance to this evil plan is entering a new stage. The Occupy Wall Street movement marks the rebirth of the public square in which a new political dialogue can take place.

But the movement has a long way to go. It has two main flaws that need to be addressed. A significant amount of protesters are intolerant of different ideas and perspectives, and the process by which issues are discussed in the general assembly is constraining and counterproductive.

Also, many protesters are unaware that the top 0.1 percent own the kleptocratic Federal Reserve Bank and staged the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001. The truth about the Fed and the truth about 9/11 have to be discussed or else the Occupy Wall Street movement will end up in dust.

Attacking the matrix of control without identifying the two main sources of power in the matrix, which are undemocratic central banking and state terrorism, is a bad battle plan. The overlords of the matrix will easily defeat the ignorant rebels.

Going to war against the global plutocratic gang without the truth in your arms is like going to war against an enemy army without ammo. Protesters are firing blanks when they shout ignorant statements like "end capitalism" and "tax the rich." They have to zoom in on the centers of power like snipers of knowledge and target the heart and head of the plutocratic beast: the secret Federal Reserve and the shadow CIA.

And these slogans reflect a deep ignorance about the real nature of the global economy which is not based on capitalism and the rule of law but corporate fascism and political corruption. There is no free market and free trade in the world. Instead, there are corporate monopolies and government monopolies that are parasitic in nature.

The mistake that many Leftists make is that they have read too much of Marx, while ignoring the works and letters of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams who were much wiser than Marx. Jefferson, Adams, and the American founders fought the financial speculators and banking thieves of their day and defeated them. Then they built a nation, a constitutional republic with strong foundations for liberty to grow. What did Marx build? Nothing. His books have muddied the heads of millions around the world and psychopathic killers like Stalin and Mao have used the fanaticism of his ideas to conquer millions of slaves.

Only the truth about the Federal Reserve cartel and the 9/11 attacks will penetrate the silent shields of the establishment and bring down the plutocratic gang.

II. Occupy The Treasonous And Lawless Governments of The West

Below, I've listed what I think are the key truths, facts and issues that must be included in any political conversation about the corruption and criminality of the power elite.

- Betrayal of the common good and public interest by governments, corporations and banks.

- The social contract is broken. The Magna Carta has been destroyed. Habeas corpus doesn't exist in America and other Western countries. The U.S. Constitution is not followed. The traditions of law and freedom of Western civilization have been systematically attacked by the Western plutocracy. A Western police state dictatorship has emerged to take on the people and destroy their lives.

- There is no due process of law. Trial by dirty media rules the day. The establishment media is used to slander critics of the system and bury their reputations in a grave of lies.

- There is no free speech in the West. What exists is media censorship, government-corporate propaganda, and state intelligence control of the journalism profession. The plutocrats and their whores control the political debate. Zionists and Globalists have the power to shut down public debate about 9/11, Israel, and the Federal Reserve.

- Undemocratic central banks like the Federal Reserve make possible the legalized looting and plunder of the people's wealth by banking cartels, and various other cartels.

- The plutocracy is pushing for an authoritarian and totalitarian global regime. The European Union and North American Union are the cornerstones of this new global Satanic regime. The 9/11 events were instrumental in setting up the architecture for world government. 9/11 represents the rise of the corporate global state and the death of freedom.

- The political strategy of Western states towards their populations is based on lies, deceptions and propaganda. Predictive programming, group think, repetition, and other mind control techniques are used against the people. They also divide and conquer civil society via false political paradigms and left/right ideologies that do not threaten the plutocratic system.

- The use of state terror and politically orchestrated fear campaigns to create mass loyalty to the state and demand obedience to police state laws.

- The economic policy of America and other Western states amounts to looting and pillaging public funds via bank bailouts, reckless money printing by the Fed, excessive taxation, corporate welfare, corporate privatization, and the selling of state assets at rock-bottom prices to political cronies.

- The war on terror is a fraud. It is a criminal and illegitimate war that began with an act of false flag terrorism and deception. The war criminals who started the war and defend it have no respect for international law, the U.S. Constitution, and the national sovereignty of innocent nations like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Iran. They have no interest in creating peace, freedom and democracy in any of these countries. Their barbaric policies will cause the destruction of the Middle East, Israel, and America.