October 19, 2011

The Shadow CIA And Bush White House Assassinated Afghan Hero Ahmad Shah Massoud Two Days Before 9/11

"We consider this as part of our duty to defend humanity against the scourge of intolerance, violence and fanaticism." - Ahmad Shah Massoud, from "Massoud's Letter To The People Of America," (1998).

Two days before the events that dramatically altered our perceptions of the Middle East and changed the political landscape in the West, Afghanistan's George Washington, Ahmad Shah Massoud, was killed by the shadow CIA and the Bush White House on September 9, 2001, because he stood in the way of their evil plans for Afghanistan.

Massoud was a genius military leader who was responsible for throwing out the Soviet invaders in the 1980s. The Wall Street Journal said he was "the Afghan who won the Cold War." Sebastian Junger, journalist and documentarian, most known for the amazing award-winning documentary 'Restrepo,' reflected on the meaning of Massoud's death and what his loss meant for the world in the National Geographic. He wrote:
Massoud—who loathed the extremism of the Taliban as much as he did the totalitarianism of the Soviet Union—once told me he was fighting not only for a free Afghanistan but for a free world. There was something about him—the slow nod of his head as he listened to a question, the exhaustion and curiosity engraved on his handsome, haggard face—that made it clear we were in the presence of an extraordinary man.
Nicknamed the "Lion of Panjshir," Massoud embodied the noble traits of the prophet Muhammad and possessed the intellectual gifts to accomplish what now seems impossible ten years after the false flag 9/11 attacks---bringing peace to Afghanistan.

Massoud was a warrior but he was not trigger happy. His goal was to create peace in Afghanistan so he could relax, spend time with his family and finish his studies. But the foreign vultures, from Pakistan to America, saw a great opportunity for conquest in a weak and divided Afghanistan.

After heroically overthrowing the Soviets, Massoud was drawn back into war in the 1990s when the U.S./Pakistan backed Taliban was menacing the people of Afghanistan with slavery and death. Massoud stood tall, and defended Kabul against the barbarians and thieves who were raping Afghanistan in the name of Islam with the assistance of foreign governments.

The Taliban and other warlords wanted to kill Massoud because of his decision to support a democratic government as opposed to a theocracy. The shadow CIA and the Bush White House wanted to kill Massoud because they knew how much power and popularity he had in Afghanistan.

Killing Massoud in 2001, two days before the 9/11 attacks, would be like the British government killing George Washington in 1776, and thus changing the course of history forever.

That's how important Massoud was to the stability and security of Afghanistan. But even more importantly, Massoud's aims were pure and righteous, and he had the majority of the Afghan people behind him. Their sacred trust and faith was invested in Massoud and they were never betrayed by him. All of Afghanistan would have benefited had Massoud's dream of peace been fulfilled.

Massoud would not have taken the crown for himself and declared himself dictator in a liberated Afghanistan, which is why I compare him to George Washington who heroically turned down power after liberating America.

If Massoud hadn't been killed by the backstabbing snakes in the White House he would've delivered a serious blow to the Anglo-American empire just as he did to the Soviet Empire two decades before. His death created an open pathway for the biggest evil empire to invade and conquer Afghanistan in the name of fighting terrorism and Islamic extremism.

The chess players in Washington understood that they had to knock over the Symbolic King of Afghanistan before they could take over the country. Massoud represented the King on the chessboard of Afghanistan and Central Asia. He was a man of honor, intelligence, courage and integrity, someone who would not bend to Washington's iron will or the Taliban's reign of terror.

The shadow CIA does this in every country - America, Iran, Afghanistan. They first kill the King, and then they invite their corporate raiders to plunder and loot a nation of slaves. John F. Kennedy, the Shah of Iran, and Ahmad Shah Massoud were all taken out by the shadow CIA. The Shah knew that a British-U.S. conspiracy plot was the cause of his downfall. But this important fact is covered up in history, as well as the CIA assassinations of Kennedy and Massoud.

Look at their countries now: poor, miserable, destitute, hopeless, broken, lost, confused. I look at America, Iran and Afghanistan and I see the same problems and troubles. They all share the destiny of every nation that loses a King, whether symbolic or real, to a criminal gang of treacherous conspirators and warlords.

I didn't know about Massoud until last week, when I accidentally came across the documentary called, "Ahmad Shah Massoud: Lion of Afghanistan, Lion of Islam." It is a shame that this video only has 13, 000 views on YouTube. If you want to better understand the war on terrorism, the meaning of the 9/11 attacks, and Afghanistan's history, then watch this documentary.

I've spend the last week watching videos on YouTube of Massoud speaking, and I've read about his valiant nature. Men like him appear in history very rarely, and they achieve a lot in the short time that they are here. So I understand why his heroism has been blacked out by the Western press. This Angel of Afghanistan was the biggest threat to the demons of the West and Israel.

I will not even explain the official story of his assassination because it is another one of those big lies like 9/11 that Washington produces to pollute the real history of our age and deceive the minds of the people.

Instead, I will direct you to this video of Massoud warning the Bush administration in Paris, France before the September 11 attacks that the terrorist forces in Afghanistan will strike America and the West. Massoud's prophecy was proved half right. America was attacked, but the attackers were not Islamic terrorists. The barbarians within the gates in Washington and Israel attacked America, not the barbarians in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Massoud delivered the same message to the European Parliament in Brussels on April 6, 2001. Read more about it at historycommons.org. He had a blind spot regarding America. He wasted his breath warning America about a terrorist attack on American soil because it was the traitors in Washington who ultimately betrayed him and slashed his throat from behind with the knife called Al-Qaeda.

When the ashes of the shadow CIA and the Bush administration finally settle, Massoud's legacy will be remembered with deep admiration and respect. He was the Hero that was snatched from Afghanistan during her greatest hour of need, when that terrible plague from Hell called war manifested in a new strain.

Massoud's death took away hope, and that was the purpose behind the strategy of terror that was used by the shadow CIA, the shadow Mossad, and the Bush administration.

But Massoud's life offers hope. The actions of one hero can give birth to thousands more. Afghanistan's future is bright if her people follow the trail that Massoud blazed for them.

The German poet Rilke wrote in his Second Duino Elegy, "And everything conspires to silence us, half as shame, perhaps, and half as unspeakable hope."

To know that an angel like Ahmad Shah Massoud did not turn to the dark side in the most hellish war zone in the world and remained a peacemaker to the end gives me hope and confidence that mankind's better angels will defeat both the barbarians within the gates and the ones who stand outside, looking to get in.

Satan had Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bush, Wolfowitz, Netanyahu and Barak, but God had Massoud, who would've taken them all on.

If Massoud had embraced the evil of Islamic fundamentalism or the evil of imperialism, then Afghanistan would have no hope at all.

I thank God that Massoud lived long enough to point the way towards a more peaceful, enlightened, prosperous, and civilized future for Afghanistan and the whole world.