October 4, 2011

Alex Jones Calls For Nationwide Protests Against The Fed

The second American revolution, or the Great Restoration, is entering a new and unpredictable phase. The historic American political awakening is transforming before our eyes into the American political earthquake that will bring down the house of paper cards in Washington.

This emerging earthquake has many centers. One of them is Austin, Texas, home of radio host Alex Jones, who is the heart and soul of the 9/11 truth and justice movement.

On Monday, October 3, Alex called for nationwide protests at the 12 Federal Reserve branches in the United States as a response to the popular Occupy Wall Street protest that began in New York a couple of weeks ago.

Alex will personally attend protests at the Dallas Fed on Friday, October 7, at 6 pm, the Houston Fed on Saturday at 12 pm, and the San Antonio Fed on Sunday at 10 am. Read Infowars's Press Release for more information about the protests.

On his show on Monday, Alex interviewed financial analyst and international television host Max Keiser about the best strategies to takedown the treacherous Federal Reserve banking cartel that hijacked the American government in 1913 and has raped and pillaged America ever since. Keiser said protesters should demand regime change in Washington and at the 12 Federal Reserve branches across the country.

He also said the transpartisan movement to bring Federal Reserve banksters to justice should begin at the Dallas Fed with Alex and fellow Texans circling the bank and calling for the resignation of its current president, Richard W. Fisher, who was previously the vice chairman of Kissinger and Associates.

A similar protest against the Federal Reserve was held on November 22, 2008, when Alex invited his honorable listeners to the Dallas branch to take up the cause of the founding fathers and President John F. Kennedy, who was killed for his opposition to the Federal Reserve traitors. At the event, Alex voiced the anger and hope of the American people and reminded the banksters that the American people got rid of them in 1776 and they will do so again.

The historic fight against the criminal and traitorous Federal Reserve is a noble one. This 12-headed dragon views the American people with contempt and disdain. It must be slayed with the sword of truth or else America will remain a nation of slaves.

There is a historical precedent for the current awakening against the treason of the Federal Reserve. In 1933, Congressman Louis T.
McFadden, who served as the Chairman of the House Committee on Banking and Currency from 1920 to 1931, called for the impeachment of all the directors and presidents of the 12 Federal Reserve branches. His heroic effort against the banking traitors who rule America was defeated.

But the American crusade against foreign banking tyranny did not disappear from the pages of history. Generations of awakened American patriots have made the poisonous Federal Reserve System their main target, despite the gigantic propaganda and censorship campaign by the treacherous usurpers in Washington to make criticism of the Fed sound heretical and paranoid.

A generation after McFadden's demise in 1936, President Kennedy took up the honorable cause and used his power to draw the American people's attention to the secret and scandalous Fed. He was also silenced, but his heroic legacy remains and every noble fighter for freedom recognizes his courageous sacrifice for America and humanity.

McFadden and Kennedy do not stand alone in history. Many more American patriots have fought the banking thieves throughout America's short history. Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, James Madison, George Washington, and Andrew Jackson are all on that list. Their shadows and ghosts hover around the Federal Reserve banks, calling on a new generation of patriots to restart the revolution that they started in 1776. Can you hear their echoes? Can you hear Jefferson and Jackson say, "cut off the 12 heads off of the Federal Reserve dragon"?

Lay your ears on the ground of history and meditate on Madison's wise words: "The circulation of confidence is better than the circulation of money."

Those few brave men who gathered around George Washington in 1776 knew that freedom is earned with blood, not given with votes. The Federal Reserve dragon will not roll over and crawl back inside the dark cave of lies and death from whence it came. It must be slayed.

All dragons of tyranny must be slayed, if not by the hands of men, then by the hand of God. This is a basic truth of history. The American people have no reason to be afraid and silent in the face of a hideous financial dragon who was slayed once before in America by the wise founding fathers and noble Americans. The same struggle against the paper dragon must be fought and won today, not just in America but across the world.

As Alex says, the answer to 1984 is 1776! The treacherous ghost riders of the evil Federal Reserve dragon must get the message that they are not welcome in America or anywhere on planet Earth.