September 15, 2011

Apathy, Ignorance And Passive Indifference Are Worse Than Government Corruption And Organized Evil

Apathy, Ignorance And Passive Indifference Are Worse Than Government Corruption And Organized Evil

Saman Mohammadi
September 15, 2011

In 1946, French writer Albert Camus wrote, "the mind is always a step behind reality. History races ahead while the mind meditates." That statement was never more true than on the morning of September 11, 2001.

It seemed like history took off on a rocket ship with only the traitorous oligarchy on board, while the majority of humanity was left stranded on battlefield Earth without the knowledge that impending catastrophes laid ahead.

The shock of the attacks has not worn off. It has been used to brainwash our societies to such an extent that there is still in large segments of the Western population a blind acceptance of the official 9/11 lie and the cruel fate it has imposed on the world.

But the knowledge of false flag terrorism combined with the public awareness of the pre-9/11 plan to remake the Middle East in the image of the West could ultimately check the aggression of the state terrorists who orchestrated 9/11 from the shadows.

Popular protests against the Washington-Israeli-NATO war machine across the Western world will draw the eyes and ears of the statues in power. And if the statues don't respond to the footsteps of change, they will break down under persistent public pressure.

The tyrants of the Muslim world and the West are afraid of democracy and engaged citizens because they know that the power of the people is beyond anything they can muster up under the name of authority in their dungeons of evil.

At the height of the Egyptian protests, Noam Chomsky remarked on Democracy Now on February 17, 2011, that Arab elites believe they can get away with anything if the people passively look on and comply with the undemocratic wishes of their governments. Chomsky said:
"Actually, during this entire crisis, I thought one of the most astute comments was a two-sentence comment by Marwan Muasher. He’s a former high Jordanian official who’s head of Middle East research for the Carnegie Endowment. He said, "There’s an operative principle in the Middle East." He said, "The principle is, as long as people are quiet and passive, we’ll do whatever we like." That’s a general principle of statesmanship that applies here, too. As long as people are quiet and passive, we’ll do whatever we like. Now, of course, if they stop being quiet and passive, we’ll have to adjust somehow. Maybe they’ll even throw us out, but we’ll try to hang on as much as we can. And that’s what we see going on in the Middle East. That’s what we saw going on in Latin America. It’s what we see right here."
British journalist Alan Hart, who was, "the first Western correspondent to reach the banks of the Suez Canal with the Israeli army in 1967," and who has made many friendships with Arab and Jewish leaders, made the same point as Chomsky but in a different context in his speech in Freiburg, Germany on September 11, 2011, called "Palestine, Israel and Germany – the Boundaries of Open Discussion."

Hart says that informed public opinion in the West is a must if the Middle East is to avoid a catastrophe of epic proportions and reach a state of true peace. Here is an excerpt from Hart's admirable speech:
"The struggle for justice for the Palestinians, which is the key to peace for all, is not going to be won or lost in Israel-Palestine or even the region. It’s going to be won or lost in the major capitals of the Western world and in Washington DC especially. But…

PROBLEM NUMBER ONE is that because of the awesome power and influence of the Zionist lobby in all of its many manifestations, our leaders and their governments are never going to use the leverage they have to cause or try to cause Israel to be serious about peace unless and until they are PUSHED TO DO SO BY INFORMED PUBLIC OPINION, by expressions of real democracy in action. In the American context for example, no American president is ever going to be free to use the leverage he has to cause or try cause Israel to be serious about peace unless and until enough Congressmen and women are more frightened of offending their voters than they are of offending the Zionist lobby.

PROBLEM NUMBER TWO is that the citizens, voters, of the Western nations, Americans especially, are TOO UNINFORMED AND MISINFORMED TO DO THE PUSHING because, with the complicity of the mainstream media, they have been conditioned by Zionist propaganda to believe a version of history which simply is not true.

In summary then I say this. The truth of history is needed to EMPOWER the citizens of the Western nations to make their democracies work for justice for the Palestinians and peace for all. Without this empowerment there is not in my view a snowball’s chance in hell of justice for the Palestinians and peace for all; and the cancer the conflict is will eventually consume us all."
In an interview done a few weeks ago, Hart commented on the false official story of the 9/11 attacks and the media's role in propping up the government lie, saying:
"The media's complicity in the cover-up is absolutely total, but that's not surprising. There have been so many media cover-ups down the years about so many things.

But there's one thing I have to say about media control. When you look at the Middle East, for example. There are lot of people who believe and say, "the Jews control the media." I always argue against people who say that. Yes, it's true that Jews control some of the media, but that's not the real problem. The real problem is self-censorship. It's the fear of owners, proprietors, and editors of offending powerful vested interests. And that leads to self-censorship.

The corporate controlled media is never ever going to do anything but to be frightened and compromised by not upsetting what we should call it. . the system, the establishment, the elite. I mean I'm amazed when I go back to Geoffrey Cox telling me that our job is to keep democracy alive. They're not. The mainstream media has betrayed it."
The mainstream Western media, whether of the corporate or state variety, has been used for many years as a myth-making tool to brainwash the people of America and other Western nations. It's main function is to lie, cover-up government criminality, and put the people in a perpetual state of ignorance, apathy and indifference.

Martin Luther King Jr. named poverty, racism, and war as the three biggest evils in American society in the 1960s. In 2011, ignorance, apathy and indifference are the worse evils that allow organized evil and government corruption to flourish.

Of course, there is resistance. Alex Jones is a symbol of resistance. Ron Paul is a symbol of resistance. Noam Chomsky is a symbol of resistance.

The listeners of the Alex Jones show have not been ignorant, apathetic or indifferent. The growth of the alternative media on the Internet since 9/11 is a demonstration that people are hungry for truth and knowledge which is being denied to them by the establishment media.

Truth and knowledge are vital for a society's health. Ignorance is deadly for a country. It is worse than treason, because at least you can deal with treason if you know about it. Holding traitors and government criminals accountable for their crimes is not hard, the difficult part is recognizing their evil deeds and their lies before it is too late.

Economic ignorance about the treacherous origins and destructive purposes of the Federal Reserve Bank turned America into a slave colony for the international banks and corporations.

Political ignorance about the repeated use of false flag terrorism by Washington and Israel has led to a clash of civilizations that will probably destroy many nations when it is all over, including both America and Israel.

Camus warned of a clash of civilizations on November 27, 1946 in his article, 'The World Moves Quickly,' writing:
"The clash of empires is already close to taking a back seat to the clash of civilizations. Indeed, colonized civilizations from the four corners of the earth are making their voices heard. Ten or fifty years from now, the challenge will be to the preeminence of western civilization." (Camus at Combat; pg. 269).
The great truth that we must learn now or never is that civilizations are not monolithic and that a state of war does not have to exist between Islam and the West. Both civilizations have their angels and demons, and both have contributed to the progress of science, culture, and humanity. As I wrote in June, the war on terror is a myth of conflict.

The thought of America and Iran being at war with each other makes me very sad and angry. Another world war will only benefit the psychopathic elite that is bringing it to fruition through the crafting of monumental lies and political propaganda.

America is committing financial suicide by spending trillions of dollars on this nonsensical total war on the Middle East, and that is the aim. The international banking oligarchy that controls Washington wants America dead and gone so they can unleash a new dictatorial world government on the American people. They want economic bankruptcy in America because it will create the chaotic conditions that are necessary to implement their larger political project.

But it is not too late to stop America's economic decline, the totalitarian new world order, world war three, and a nuclear catastrophe in the Middle East. We can change history if we do as Hart advised in his speech and rethink the history of our times.

A fundamental change of perception occurs when you begin to question the basic fictions that our governments and the media tell us to pacify our minds and contain our democratic will.

The old media guard that is desperately protecting hollow halls that are inhabited by hollow leaders like Barack Obama will collapse in the near future. It is inevitable. The public opposition to the 9/11 lie and the war on terror in America and the West grows by the day.

Mainstream journalists will probably defect when they finally realize that they are on the wrong side of history.

The spirit of the times is inclined towards brotherhood, justice, freedom, peace, and truth. The murderous traitors and liars who run our governments and the mainstream media can't compete with that spirit.