September 18, 2011

9/11: The Day History Went Dark, And The World Went Crazy

9/11: The Day History Went Dark, And The World Went Crazy

Saman Mohammadi
The Excavator
September 18, 2011

"It's not what you know or what you think, it's how you think and how you know what you know. It's about the construction of knowledge." - Christopher Hitchens. This quote is from a discussion on the state of the media in 1997 that Hitchens participated in along with Bill Moyers and others. Watch the discussion (the comment is made at 10:08 - 10:15).

"God save us from labels." - Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan. This quote is featured in Hendrik Hertzberg's New Yorker article, "Politics and Prose: The letters of Daniel Patrick Moynihan."
The cover-up of the false flag 9/11 attacks cannot be explained simply by a coordinated censorship operation that reaches across many media organizations, cultural institutions and governments. Culture is more complicated. There are a number of reasons which can illuminate why societal myths have a long life span, like the one about 9/11.

To begin with, the state and media censorship about 9/11 hasn't been effective, mainly because of the internet, talk radio, citizen documentaries, alternative media, and new media technology.

Over the years, almost everyone has come in contact with various alternative theories about how and why the attacks happened, with the most coherent and popular explanation being that the shadow governments of America and Israel orchestrated the controlled demolition of the twin towers along with Building 7.

The CIA can censor the nitty-gritty details of the government's prosecution of the war on terror, and they can control free speech to a great extent, but even with all their resources they can't hide a ten thousand pound elephant in the room.

Plus, censorship doesn't tell us why millions of people who are aware of alternative explanations of 9/11 and respectable organizations like Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth are so close-minded about new knowledge and new ways of seeing the world.

Individual prejudice to new and strange ideas is a curse on the mind, but the CIA didn't put it there. Thousands of years of human evolution did.

To get around the fact that people can easily access alternative theories about the 9/11 attacks and other state crimes on the internet, the CIA and the secret government lean toward political language to stunt the organic growth of ideas and stigmatize truth-tellers as paranoid weirdos.

As we all are well aware, the special two-word label that enables the thought managers to perform their word magic trick upon society is "conspiracy theorist." The effect produced in the popular imagination is that people who question that Al-Qaeda was behind 9/11 are not serious, rational, respectable, right, or sane.

A recently retired Congressional staffer named Mike Lofgren emphasized the importance of language in shaping political perceptions about major issues and popular beliefs about major legislation in his incredibly truthful article called, "Goodbye to All That: Reflections of a GOP Operative Who Left the Cult."

Lofgren says Democrats have lost ground to the Republicans because Democrats "do not understand language." That charge can be laid against anyone who denigrates 9/11 truth-tellers by giving them condescending labels such as "conspiracy theorists," "nut jobs," and "truthers."

The art of controlling the minds of the masses existed long before the CIA came on the scene. But with the modern mass media and cable television the art of thought control advanced beyond the wildest dreams of ancient despots.

New media technology and television, however, is only part of it. Thought control hasn't changed in thousands of years. It is still about mastering the basics: language, speech, socialization, perception, stigmatization. "It's about the construction of knowledge," says Christopher Hitchens.

Controlling the thoughts of millions is possible by defining the boundaries between normal, sane, and rational thinking on one side and abnormal, crazy, and conspiratorial thinking on the other side.

The power to define the mental boundaries of sane and insane speech in the so-called free societies of America and the West comes from the monopoly over language and political discourse. Ideas like the U.S. and Israeli governments did 9/11 are branded as "controversial" and "conspiratorial" and dismissed from the boundaries of sane speech because they threaten the illegitimate usurpers who are in power in Washington.

So America and the West are not free at all. Mental slavery exists in our countries. A free society is tolerant of different ideas and open to alternative viewpoints. Labels like "conspiracy theorists" and "truthers" don't belong in free societies.

Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan was probably alluding to the staying power of labels and their negative impact on society when he said, "God save us from labels," in a letter to author and cultural critic Christopher Lasch. Labels are anti-human, anti-thought, and anti-civilization. The barbaric, stupid and irrational side of man sticks to labels to explain complex social realities and human culture.

If you consider yourself to be a civilized and intelligent human being then throw away the labels in your mind that keep you from understanding reality and recognizing the truth. Stop using the stupid "conspiracy theorist," label to silence 9/11 truth-tellers. You can be bigger than that. Allow your knowledge of the world to expand.

Don't participate in the mind game that the thought managers who control the United States, Israel and the West are playing on humanity. Don't let them define who is crazy and who is sane; what is the truth and what is a conspiracy theory.

Define reality by researching the facts and exploring all the dimensions of knowledge, because what you hear on television and read in the newspaper is not reality. You have the intellectual capacity and the common sense to understand that we have all been treated like lab rats and that we are being lied to on a grand scale by a group of very sick, evil and power-hungry authoritarians who murdered three thousand people on September 11, 2001.

Don't waste your gift of human reason and common sense. And if you have a voice, use it to enlighten your fellow man.