August 31, 2011

Toronto Hearings Represent A Major Step Forward In The Global De-Brainwashing Campaign

Toronto Hearings Represent A Major Step Forward In The Global De-Brainwashing Campaign

Saman Mohammadi
Wednesday, August 31, 2011

On Thursday, September 8, 2011, the Toronto Hearings will mark the tenth anniversary of the state engineered 9/11 attacks by bringing together an all-star line up of 9/11 truth-tellers, citizen researchers, scholars, scientists, and disinterested skeptics to go over the evidence that disproves the official story of how and why 9/11 happened.

The event will run for four days from September 8 to September 11 at Ryerson University in downtown Toronto, and it is sponsored by The International Center for 9/11 Studies, founded by American attorney James Gourley. The Center was instrumental in disclosing valuable videotapes of the 9/11 events to the public that contradicted official government reports about the collapse of World Trade Center Buildings 1, 2, and 7.

For information about the Toronto Hearings's schedule, speakers and events, visit the website One of the four objectives of the Hearings is as follows:
To submit a record and a summary of the Hearings, together with signed Statutory Declarations by witnesses, to relevant governments, groups and international agencies with the request that a full and impartial investigation be launched into the events of September 11, 2001, which have been used to initiate military invasions and to restrict the rights of citizens.
The organizers of the Toronto Hearings hope to make available for the global public and various governments a detailed, scientific and empirical report that is easy to comprehend and clearly summarizes why a new investigation of the 9/11 attacks is desperately needed.

Mike Bondi wrote an article about the importance of the Hearings for the website Architects & Engineers For 9/11 Truth on Tuesday, August 23, called "Setting the Stage for Historic Hearings in Toronto." Bondi interviewed Graeme MacQueen, a retired Professor of religious studies at Hamilton's McMaster University, and one of the main organizers of the event, writing:
MacQueen, who taught Religious Studies at McMaster University for 30 years, believes that the 10th anniversary of 9/11 is important for many reasons. Aside from the fact that we normally commemorate anniversaries, he notes that 9/11 has moved into a position of being a crucial myth in US society and history. Referring to his own religious studies, as well as the work of David Ray Griffin and others, he says “If you’ve studied religion as [we] have, you see all the signs – what we sometimes call ‘Civil Religion’. In the case of 9/11, we can see that all of that has been developed.”

MacQueen expects that around the 10th anniversary, we will experience a lot of ‘symbolic revisiting’ – re-telling the story over and over again, even to young people who don’t remember the actual event, leading to a kind of quasi-religious account of 9/11. According to MacQueen, what is needed in this case is a ‘counter-voice’. “What we’re doing that is different is not just telling a different story or promoting a different myth, but actually trying to combat myth with reason, science and research … a whole different way of approaching reality,” he says.

MacQueen echoes the call for a new, independent investigation into what happened on 9/11. “We’re devoted to this enlightenment project of finding out what really happened so that we can base our lives on what’s true,” he says. “After 10 years of research and criticism, we can now show the official story does not hold up, and must be discarded.” The tone and approach being undertaken is also an important characteristic of the Hearings. “Obviously what Richard [Gage] and all the rest of you have done is to help move this questioning right into the heart of social respectability. I see our Hearings as in that same tradition.”
Professor MacQueen and the presenters and participants of the Citizen-led 9/11 Hearings are carrying on another tradition besides the one that MacQueen mentioned in the quote above, and that is the Western Enlightenment. The age-old struggle for freedom of speech and freedom of thought in society never ends.

Since 9/11, the West has been characterized by rising public distrust over government narratives and policies, state imposed medieval dogmas about terrorism and security, and government control of ideas and information.

The global grassroots campaign to expose the 9/11 fraud and the war on terror scam is the re-birth of the European enlightenment with a modern twist, thanks to new social media technology, citizen-made documentaries, and internet broadcasting.

In this new age of free media, every citizen is a potential eyewitness to the truth as it happens on the ground, and is then able to tell his/her story to a nearby media outlet, whether it be a cell phone connected to the internet or a mass news network.

William Rodriguez, a janitor who worked at the Twin Towers and says he heard bombs going off at the basement before any plane struck, represents the power of the average citizen. With truth and conviction on his side, the average citizen can stand up to the rotten beasts of power and be assured that his voice will be counted in the annals of history.

When the real history of 9/11 is written and publicly accepted, Rodriguez, Barry Jennings and other everyday citizens will be remembered as patriotic heroic while Mayor Giuliani, President Bush and government leaders will be remembered as treacherous villains.

There were many heroes in New York on September 11, 2001 who stepped up to fulfill their duties as citizens of their city and country, but none of them were in the United States government.

The traitors in the government like Bush, Cheney and Giuliani were not only behind the tragic atrocities, but they emerged from the rubble to pose as heroes while hiding the evidence of their criminality and treason.

The Toronto Hearings will shine a much needed international and public spotlight on powerful eyewitness testimonies that sharply contradict the government's telling of the 9/11 fairytale story.

Eyewitness testimonies of the 9/11 events will be supported by scientific evidence and expert analysis that proves all three World Trade Center skyscrapers collapsed for reasons that the U.S. government has kept hidden from the American people and global public.

Participants and presenters include scientists, engineers, chemists, professors, lawyers, and people of other professions. Here is the list: Peter Dale Scott, David Ray Griffin, Laurie Manwell, Mike Gravel, Jon Cole, Kevin Ryan, Niels Harrit, Graeme MacQueen, David Chandler, Richard Gage, Paul Zarembka, Jay Kolar, Michel Chossudovsky, Lance deHaven-Smith, Lorie Van Auken, Michael Keefer, Matthew Witt, and James Gourley.

These individuals are using their voices, lives and reputations to preserve the real history of September 11, 2001. Their heroic actions honour the victims who died on 9/11 as well as all the victims of all the criminal wars that were declared and fought in the name of 9/11.

There are many witnesses and whistleblowers who have given their lives and spirits to enlighten the world about the treason that was committed on 9/11 against the American people behind the shadows of a secret government. They are martyrs and heroes who need to be remembered and honoured because they risked their lives by telling the truth and standing up for the victims of state terrorism.

Here are some of their names: Barry Jennings, Beverly Eckert, William Cooper, Kenneth Johannemann and John P. O'Neill. The names of more heroes can be found in this article, "9/11: The Dead Witnesses." They were killed by traitors and criminals within the U.S.-Israeli shadow governments who are threatened by the truth that 9/11 was an inside job.

The Toronto Hearings will be an outlet for suppressed evidence and marginalized testimonies that portray a different picture of 9/11 than the one given to the global public by the criminals and traitors in charge of the United States government.

The Hearings will also mobilize the democratic forces of civil society from around the world to commemorate the victims of the 9/11 attacks and inform the global public in an open forum about the scientific, circumstantial, physical, and hard evidence that shatters the established myth of the events.

Support the citizen-led Toronto Hearings in any way you can. To donate money, here is the link: You can watch the presentations from all the speakers at the Hearings on the Internet. A link will be made available on the official Toronto Hearings website.

As you watch the heroic presentations, remember the martyrs and heroes of 9/11 truth and the victims of the 9/11 attacks. The traitors, liars and government criminals who did 9/11 must be put to shame, and eventually hanged for their crimes against the American people, and against humanity.

We can't let the brave testimonies of 9/11 eyewitnesses to go unheard and unrecorded on the tenth anniversary of the government orchestrated attacks. Their accounts of 9/11 can literally make heads explode in Washington, unlike Dick Cheney's self-serving and stupid memoir.

“I’m just confused about one thing, and one thing only– why World Trade Center 7 went down in the first place. I’m very confused about that. I know what I heard– I heard explosions. The explanation I got was it was the fuel-oil tank. I’m an old boiler guy– if it was a fuel-oil tank, it would have been one side of the building.” - Barry Jennings, 9/11 witness and Emergency Coordinator for the New York Housing Authority.