July 20, 2011

10 Reasons Why America Is A Failed Terrorist State

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The erosion of the American republic has been a long historical process that has reached its final stages. The erosion didn't begin with President Barack Obama, or George W. Bush, or Bill Clinton. We have to trace the growth of America's totalitarian terrorist state back to the establishment of America's private central bank in 1913.

The looting of America by the country's leading politicians, bankers, and corporations has been a long and quiet affair, with the Federal Reserve Bank playing the most critical role. The Fed's secret financial operations at home and abroad lie at the heart of the high treason against the American people and the U.S. constitution that has gone on for generations.

America is not suffering today because of government mismanagement and incompetence. America is suffering because acts of high treason and epic fraud are being committed by the country's highest political leaders who are part of a grand and gigantic conspiracy against freedom and the principles that America was founded on. Nowhere was this fact more clear than in New York City on September 11, 2001 when traitors inside America's shadow establishment conspired with Zionist terrorists in Israel to bring the two towers down and take America to war.

Only a fool would deny the reality that America and other Western countries have been taken hostage by a cabal of predatory elitists who believe that the all-powerful State is beyond moral and legal boundaries, that government lying is normal and necessary, and that government officials can commit crimes and acts of Satanic evil because they are enlightened beings who are doing what must be done to save human civilization from global collapse.

Members of the secret conspiracy against freedom and truth are causing the controlled collapse of the American economy in Machiavellian fashion in order to lessen America's consumption of natural resources and consumer products. A lot of intellectuals believe this is a noble and worthy goal, not realizing that a dead economy will cause mass suffering and civil unrest on a level never before seen in human history.

The American Dream website gives us a hint of what America will go through in this decade in the article, '20 Signs That The Fabric Of American Society Is Coming Apart At The Seams':
The fabric of American society just does not seem to be as strong as it used to. In fact, many would argue that society is coming apart at the seams. Corruption and decay seem to be everywhere. I spend a lot of time in my other articles blaming a lot of this corruption and decay on politicians, bureaucrats and business leaders, but the reality is that they are only part of the story. The truth is that those who are leading us are a reflection of what we have become as a nation. If you got rid of all of our corrupt leaders that would not suddenly "fix" this country.
Near the end of the article, it states:
Every single day, there are more shocking revelations about the corruption and the decay that are spreading throughout this nation.
I don't think we can restore freedom and the rule of law in America, England, Canada and the West without understanding the origins of government, banking and corporate tyranny in these countries. Which generation dropped the ball? I'm not asking this question in order to point fingers, but to understand when it all went bad, why, and how.

One of the best books I've read about how the disease of state tyranny crept up on the people of America and other Western countries is William Ralph Inge's 1948 book, 'The End of an Age.' Drawing from the ideas of Christopher Dawson, known as "the greatest English-speaking Catholic historian of the twentieth century," William Ralph Inge said that politics in Western democracies like America and England was heading towards totalitarian disaster similar to Germany and Russia:
We may be governed by professional politicians with no stake in the country, who depend for their livelihood on their pay as members of parliament, and therefore have no liberty whatever of private judgment. The Western democracies are not likely to become Communist or Fascist, but they may follow a parallel line of development and evolve a democratic despotism which will destroy human liberty and spiritual initiative as effectually as Communist or Nazi terrorism. (Inge, The End of an Age. 1948. Putnam & Co. Ltd., pg. 33-34).
Dean Inge was a very wise man. Like Orwell and Huxley, he foresaw the tyranny that is ruining America, England, Canada, and the West today. America is far from being a constitutional republic, it is more like a third world failed terrorist state, a "Nigeria on the Potomac," as CIA veteran Robert Baer called America in his review of John Perkins's book, "Hoodwinked."

II. 10 Reasons Why America Is A Failed Terrorist State

1. The bankster-owned American Empire is guilty of state terrorism, political assassination of foreign and domestic leaders, and domestic propaganda. The 9/11 attacks helped America's secret establishment to conduct criminal wars in the Middle East while ensuring domestic acceptance of the war on terror grand narrative. As Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to United States Secretary of State Colin Powell, told Paul Jay, founder of the Real News Network: "America is turning into a country that knows only one way of achieving its purpose and that is to kill people."

2. The U.S. government and corporate media engage in political censorship and political persecution to silence democratic opposition to the shadow National Security State. The cover-up of the CIA's assassination of John F. Kennedy, and the cover-up of the false flag attacks on 9/11 are the two biggest examples of joint media-state censorship.

3. Since the passage of the treasonous Patriot Act, and the construction of Homeland Security and the TSA, the U.S. government has continually violated the basic rights of the American people, the rule of law, and the Constitution. Everybody knows Congress is a freak show where the few sane ones like Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich get laughed out of the room. It is a fact that 95% of politicians don't keep their oaths to protect the Constitution and preserve the rights of the American people. Some politicians are traitors who know what they are doing, some are selfish but they are not part of the secret cabal running things, and some are just total fools who believe that following the rule of law makes America weaker and hurts its chances of defeating the make-believe "terrorists."

4. The U.S. justice system is broken and dead. For evidence, just look at April Gallop's 9/11 case. April Gallop survived the attack on the Pentagon on September 11, and went on the public record as saying that no plane hit the building. She sued Dick Cheney, Richard Myers, and Donald Rumsfeld, but her case was thrown out by none other than George W. Bush's cousin, Judge John M. Walker, Jr., of the 2nd Circuit of the United States Court of Appeals. Coincidence? Hell no. The U.S. justice system won't prosecute the state terrorists who did 9/11, or the criminal banks on Wall Street that have defrauded and robbed the American people with the help of the Treasury, Congress, the President, and members of the media.

5. America's infrastructure is crumbling because the nation's money is being wasted on illegal trillion dollar wars, bailing out criminal banks, and funding unnecessary state security projects. If you ask why Washington's nation-destroying projects in Iraq and Afghanistan are being funded while America falls and burns you get called a conspiracy theorist and a domestic extremist.

6. America's militarized police forces and private security mercenaries are being mentally prepared to handle civil unrest and suppress any popular rebellion against the criminals who run Washington. The existence of a militarized police system that is willing to kill citizens and political dissidents for disobeying direct government orders is a sign that a country is going to hell. Obedient state thugs carry out government orders like dogs because they only know one master and that is the government, no matter if the government is in good hands or bad hands.

7. Washington can't protect America's borders, nor is it willing. Immigration is fine when it is properly regulated and limited, but what is happening in America is not an immigration but an invasion. The deliberate collapse of Mexico's economy by the criminal globalists and banksters behind a new world order has caused millions of poor people in Mexico to abandon their corrupt society to come to America for work. This huge demographic and economic change has produced a lower standard of living for both Americans and Mexicans, but this change is being justified by political and media elites under the name of "globalization."

8. America, like Mexico, is a narco state. The big banks on Wall Street, the CIA and DEA are the biggest drug dealers on the planet.

9. America's National Security State and private banking system are based on fraud and lies. The debt owed to the Federal Reserve Bank is a big hoax because Congress can print its own money without having to pay any interest to the Federal Reserve, which it currently does due to the blind ignorance and high treason of politicians. The war on terror and the war on drugs are also fraudulent, unconstitutional and illegal wars. It is safe to say that the modern American body politic is built and run on lies, deception, and fraud. Here is an example: America's corrupt federal bureaucracy has been caught carrying out a wild and criminal covert program called "fast and furious" in an effort to undermine the second amendment and disarm the American people under a false premise.

10. America's FEMA concentration camps are real and dangerous. All failed corrupt states have these wonderful little camp sites for the poor and oppressed slaves to live happily ever after as their oligarchical masters strip them down and take away everything in their possession. Watch Jesse Ventura's TruTV episode on concentration camps in America. Watch the documentaryCamp FEMA by William Lewis and Gary Franchi. Also, watch this 18 minute video clip that focuses on the use of concentration camps to imprison and torture dissidents in General Pinochet's Chile. Here is a quote from the YouTube video description:
Under Pinochet's regime, over a quarter of a million people were detained in prisons like the Chacabuco desert camp. These are the only images to have emerged from his camps and reveal the true horror of his regime. "They must stay here until they realise they are on the wrong path," states the guard at Chacabuco Concentration camp.
The patriots of the West will be thrown in concentration camps by the state terrorists who control Washington, and London. Their arrogance and hatred of the people is on the level of psychopathy. But they are not untouchable. By speaking the truth and uniting with each other across political lines we can save our countries from state terrorism and corporate-government tyranny.

An alternative future is possible, one without state terrorism, fraudulent banking and corporate criminality, if we accept an alternative view of the past, and of epochal events like the creation of the private Federal Reserve System, the JFK assassination and the 9/11 attacks. As President John F. Kennedy said, "To state the facts frankly is not to despair the future nor indict the past."