June 1, 2011

Hang The Criminal Banksters And Financial Terrorists

"Powerful and resourceful gangsters have banded together to make war upon the whole human race." - FDR, December 9, 1941.
President Franklin D. Roosevelt said those words two days after the attack on Pearl Harbor, but they can be applied to the threat that America and mankind faces today: financial terrorism by global, private central banks such as the Bank for International Settlements and the Federal Reserve Bank. These banks are robbing and destroying America in broad daylight while the resources of the FBI, CIA, and U.S. Military are being wasted and misdirected on purpose to hunt down imaginary terrorists and Islamic villains like Osama Bin Laden who was not responsible for the 9/11 attacks.

As Max Keiser said two years ago on French television, the financial terrorists on Wall Street are worse than Bin Laden. "These guys are financial terrorists, they should be decapitated," said Keiser, referring to the banking CEOs on Wall Street. "Throughout history," he added, "when bankers have seized control of the system and impoverished the community there's been some penalty to pay."

The real terrorists who are threatening the freedoms and security of the American people are not wearing turbans and walking down villages in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The real terrorists are wearing suits and walking down Wall Street, and K Street: Hank Paulson, Lloyd Blankfein, and the CEOs of other treasonous Wall Street banks who robbed the American people and bankrupted America along with the political leaders of the Republican and Democratic parties. These men created a massive financial crisis that might ultimately bring down America and Western civilization as we know it.

In February, the Pentagon tried to connect Islamic terrorists to the 2008 financial crisis, but nobody is buying their half-baked conspiratorial bullshit. Washington's Blog stated in March:
Indeed, the real conspiracy is that the government is trying to hide the fact that massive conspiracy to commit fraud by Wall Street's biggest players is a prime cause of the financial crisis.
The 2008 financial crisis was the Pearl Harbor in the new world order's economic war against the American people. And just like Pearl Harbor it was preventable and did not need to happen. If the government had regulated the banks, abolished the Federal Reserve, and restored a sound monetary system then millions of people would not be suffering and wondering why their lives have been torn apart for no fault of their own.

Independent journalist David DeGraw, publisher of the website AmpedStatus, wrote in March 2010 that the global economic elite have robbed America and seized its government in an article called "Is It Time for Law Abiding American Citizens to Stop Paying Their Taxes and Start a New Government?":
The Economic Elite have seized our economy, tax system and government. These people are the most depraved terrorists on the planet and they have viciously attacked us and launched an all-out economic war on the American public. We have to get serious about defending ourselves and fighting back.
In another article called "The Financial Terrorists Who Destroyed Our Economy Will Pay Zero in Taxes -- and Get $33 Billion in Refunds" DeGraw said that the financial crisis was really a massive transfer of wealth from the bottom 99% to a bunch of parasitic and sociopathic financial thieves who produce no products, create no jobs, and provide no labor. They gain wealth and power by creating money out of thin air and lend it to national governments at interest. DeGraw:
The first thing people need to understand is that the economic crash wasn’t a crash for the people who caused it. In fact, these financial terrorists are now doing better than ever.
In the last three decades Western oligarchical banks have financialized the global economy, deindustrialized America, and destroyed the middle classes of the Western world. The long-term economic policies of Western nations have created a two-tier class society, mass poverty, mass unemployment, and a global debt crisis.

Rather than attack the root of the crisis, which are the elitist policies of the Federal Reserve Bank, the hijackers of the U.S. government have quietly instituted a regime of repression and terror in America to keep the American people in check and prevent a revolution from taking place. The political elite in Washington think that a giant police state will fix all their fiscal and political problems and keep the people at bay. In the process of setting up their technocratic police state they have annihilated the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, turned freedom into a dirty word, and destroyed the rule of law.

In the event of a new false flag attack the police state will officially be brought out into the open to suppress popular dissent and enforce the official standards of patriotism and citizenship, as written by the globalist state terrorists themselves who have stolen the federal government. People will be told to follow government orders or face the firing squad. Brainwashed cops, corporate mercenaries and TSA agents will be given total impunity to maintain a false sense of order and security.

The individuals and groups who are thinking about resisting their enslavement are already being persecuted as "right wing extremists" and "domestic terrorists" by the government. This is a dangerous step and a precursor to absolute state terror.

History shows that government persecution of certain groups does not stop at name calling. Imprisonment and state murder always follows state persecution. If you believe you have God-given rights and do not want to surrender those rights to the government then you will eventually be imprisoned and/or killed.

As Albert Camus said, aristocratic tyrants always blacken the name of the people and their heroes. We must resist the classification of rebels as "terrorists" and "extremists." The state terrorists, tyrants, traitors, thieves and criminals who have captured power in America are in it for the long haul, and mass murder is on the agenda. But they can't carry out their plans if people refuse to go along with their propaganda.

Sooner or later, a war between the forces of freedom and the forces of tyranny must be fought. Let's hope 99% of the war is won before shots are fired because bloodshed can be avoided if people wise up and bring their true enemies to justice instead of worrying about manufactured terrorists like Bin Laden.

II. Know Thy Enemy

The real enemies of America and the West have hijacked the American government, and enslaved the people in the name of protecting them from make-believe "terrorists." They are enemies of the public order, the rule of law, freedom, and peace.

If the truth about 9/11 and the real purpose for the transnational technocratic police state does not take hold in the minds of the people then the government gangsters will be free to pursue their mad dreams and control the destiny of the human species.