May 20, 2011

The President's Role In The Political Construction of False Popular Perceptions

I have had a sick feeling in my stomach ever since President Obama went on television on the evening of May 1, 2011 to tell the whole world the unbelievable lie that Osama Bin Laden died as a result of a raid carried out by U.S. Navy Seals on his order. We know this is a lie. It has been confirmed by numerous intelligence and government sources throughout the world that Osama Bin Laden died more than nine years ago as a result of marfan syndrome. This fact can't be ignored as a conspiracy theory. History can't be erased.

For the past three weeks I have tried to wrap my mind around the fact that we are all being deceived about the official story of Osama Bin Laden's death, the 9/11 events, and the war on terror in general. This historical deception and scandalous saga in human history will never get old. The traitors and war criminals who control the U.S. government have to explain why they have committed treason against the people of America and broken the law.

I can't stand the sight of Obama anymore because he creeps me out just like Cheney and Rumsfeld did. These people are obviously sick in the head because they are psychologically able to tell the biggest lies to the whole world and continue to operate in daily life as if everything is normal and fine. If they are not heartless traitors and completely out of their minds then they must be suffering in secret. I think the former is true. Political gangsters and pathological liars don't shed tears for the people. Hitler and Stalin were fine with lying to the people and exploiting their trust because they both lacked a conscience and empathy. America's ruling psychopathic, plutocratic elite also have a total lack of conscience and have no empathy for people. They are completely committed to their totalitarian vision of the future for America and mankind.

Tyranny always comes to a country when it is guided by leaders who are the product of social and political pathology and who have no love and respect for the people. The Washington ruling elite's diabolical designs means that the American people will experience hell on Earth, along with the people of the Middle East.

I think it is psychologically fascinating that criminal murderers and two-faced traitors in control of the United States government are posing as the greatest protectors of America, freedom, the rule of law, and the basic moral values of Western civilization. I am constantly trying to learn and understand why people are so easily deceived and conned by manipulative government officials and professional swindlers known as politicians. Does the problem lie with the psychology of servile people who prefer to remain mentally immature or with the psychology of ruthless and cunning rulers who exploit the people's gullibility because they want to remain in power regardless of the human costs?

What is the solution to this problem beyond the general education of the masses? What will it take for people to stop being children who follow their government leaders unquestioningly and start growing up and take their destiny in their own hands?

I believe people are capable of examining their environment and social reality with their own minds and coming to common sense conclusions because every human being has a free will and a natural desire to learn about the world and understand why it is the way it is. Those who have given up on the people to become their own masters have learned to hate the people and acquired the ungodly urge to rule over them and exploit them economically and politically.

President Obama clearly hates the American people, otherwise, he would not lie to them, exploit them, and steal their money to fight criminal, fraudulent and endless wars and prop up criminal banks on Wall Street. Every time he opens his mouth a storm of lies come out. Like George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, Obama's entire political career is based on deception and falsehood. He is a walking, talking deceiver. A counterfeit President. And, as Professor Cornel West says in a recent article by Chris Hedges, Obama is ungrateful, disloyal, and cunning.

Sandra Silberstein, a professor of English at the University of Washington, says in her 2002 book 'War of Words: Language, Politics and 9/11' that the American president has one great power that no one else has: the power to persuade, the power to make people believe what you are telling them just by speaking. If he wanted, President Obama could educate the people about the corruption on Wall Street, the real reasons for the war on terror, the false flag 9/11 attacks, and other important issues, but he is not interested in uplifting people because he is a traitor and a political backstabber who he is abusing his powerful platform and his position as President.

It is incredible to me that the U.S. President does not need any evidence to prove that what he is saying is true because people automatically take him at his word. "When the president speaks, he governs," says Silberstein. No human being deserves to have this kind of power in his possession. It is super-human power. There are catastrophic consequences when U.S. Presidents misuse their power of persuasion to start evil wars and exploit innocent people for profit. People die when presidents lie. The presidential tongue is power, and it is the power to impart death, wage war, defend the guilty, and accuse the innocent. Emerson said: "Speech is power: speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel."

If a U.S. President accuses a figure of staging terrorist attacks and murdering Americans without providing evidence, why believe him? If a U.S. President defends criminal banks and says that Wall Street CEOs don't need to be held accountable, why believe him? What makes the U.S. President so special? Why do people treat him like a God? Why treat his word as gospel? Since when did the Office of the President trump evidence, truth, and science?

America fought a revolution against a King who wanted to be treated like a God so a revolution against powerful and arrogant men is not a foreign idea to the American people. After two centuries America desperately needs another revolution, a mental revolution, a psychological revolution, a revolution against the idea that the President is a super-human being who can do no wrong and who can tell no lies.

Professor Silberstein writes that the transformation of the President into a speech-maker and the supreme voice of the nation happened after World War II:
In effect, the media age has transformed the very office of the U.S. presidency. Roderick Hart characterizes its modern role: "the president is first and foremost a talker." Prior to the twentieth century, he reports, "presidents rarely spoke at all." But all that was to change. Between 1945 and 1975, public speeches by U.S. presidents increased almost 500%. And that figure has continued to increase. Hart again: "presidential speech and action increasingly reflect the opinion that speaking is governing." The power of the presidency rests in its ability to persuade.
And that power and persuasion rests in access to the media and the ability to shape reporting. Even though terrorists create televised events communications specialist Steven Livingston argues that the ability to shape reporting remains the province of the government:
The power to shape perceptions of violent events and their principal actors (both perpetrators and victims) usually rests not with the terrorists but with government officials. Who the terrorists are in the first place is a question largely determined by these officials. Those who have routine access to the mass media, those to whom reporters turn when the dust settles and the shooting stops, have the ability to shape coverage and perceptions. (1).

I don't know how many speeches, presidential addresses, and press conferences Obama has given, but I bet it is a high number. The President rarely does anything but read scripts and make speeches. No other person in America has the super-human power to articulate and voice America's struggles, national narrative, and destiny. Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, and other media personalities come to mind but talking to the nation from a radio or television studio does not compare to talking to the nation from the White House. The President is a different beast.

Numerous presidents such as John F. Kennedy used the power of the Office of the President to educate, enlighten and inform the American people, but presidents before and after him have abused their incredible power and betrayed the American people's trust, especially Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush II, and Obama.

The Scottish writer Thomas Carlyle said in his essay Stump-Orator, "if really excellent human speech is among the best of human things, then sham-excellent ditto deserves to be ranked with the very worst." Obama is guilty of giving the second kind of speech, the sham kind. Leaders who lie so easily to the people about war and lawless activities have forsaken God, humanity, their country, and their souls.

Carlyle also said: "False speech,—capable of becoming, as some one has said, the falsest and basest of all human things" Carlyle said that a liar is a "lost deserter; who has gone over to the Enemy, called Satan; and cannot but be lost in the adventure! Such is every liar with the tongue; and such in all nations is he, at all epochs, considered. Men pull his nose, and kick him out of doors; and by peremptory expressive methods signify that they can and will have no trade with him. Such is spoken divergence from the fact; so fares it with the practiser of that sad art."

Obama doesn't just lie with words. His entire political career is based on lies. His birth certificate is a forgery. His narrative is fake. His love for the people and American ideals is not real. Obama is a con man.

More gems from Carlyle:
"If speech is the bank-note of an inward capital of culture, of insight and noble human worth, then speech is precious, and the art of speech shall be honored. But if there is no inward capital; if speech represent no real culture of the mind, but an imaginary culture; no bullion, but the fatal and now almost hopeless deficit of such? Alas, alas, said bank-note is then a forged one; passing freely current in the market; but bringing damages to the receiver, to the payer, and to all the world, which are in sad truth infallible, and of amount incalculable. Few think of it at present; but the truth remains forever so. In parliaments and other loud assemblages, your eloquent talk, disunited from Nature and her facts, is taken as wisdom and the correct image of said facts: but Nature well knows what it is, Nature will not have it as such, and will reject your forged note one day, with huge costs."

"He who lies with his very tongue, he clearly enough has long ceased to think truly in his mind. Does he, in any sense, "think"? All his thoughts and imaginations, if they extend beyond mere beaverisms, astucities and sensualisms, are false, incomplete, perverse, untrue even to himself. He has become a false mirror of this Universe; not a small mirror only, but a crooked, bedimmed and utterly deranged one. "

"For no man, and for no body or biggest multitude of men, has Nature favor, if they part company with her facts and her. Excellent stump-orator; eloquent parliamentary dead-dog, making motions, passing bills; reported in the Morning Newspapers, and reputed the "best speaker going"? From the Universe of Fact he has turned himself away; he is gone into partnership with the Universe of Phantasm; finds it profitablest to deal in forged notes, while the foolish shopkeepers will accept them. Nature for such a man, and for Nations that follow such, has her patibulary forks, and prisons of death everlasting:—dost thou doubt it? Unhappy mortal, Nature otherwise were herself a Chaos and no Cosmos." (2).


1. Silberstein, Sandra. "War of Words: Language, Politics and 9/11." Routledge: London. 2002. Pg. 2-3.

2. Carlyle, Thomas. The essay Stump-Orator from "Latter Day Pamphlets." Published in May 1, 1850.

Read these speeches by President Obama and detect the obvious lies: The Afghanistan speech, delivered on December 1, 2009; The Osama Bin Laden speech, delivered on May 1, 2011.