April 18, 2011

History Was Hijacked By War Criminals And Predatory Banksters

“History is a guide to navigation in perilous times. History is who we are and why we are the way we are.” - David McCullough
The history we were taught in school is not real history. We assume we are free in Western nations, and that we are led by good and noble men, but we are the most mentally enslaved people on Earth.

If your American history textbook does not cover the banking overthrow of America in 1913 when the private Federal Reserve Bank was dishonestly established and a tyrannical income tax was introduced then throw away that textbook. If your textbook does not say that the September 11 attacks were engineered and orchestrated by government officials in the Bush administration, the U.S. National Security State, and Israel then throw away that textbook.

The history we learned in school about America in the 20th century is a pack of lies. America was overthrown in the early 20th century, and its free constitutional republic was corrupted from within by a hidden transnational coalition of banking, corporate, and political thieves whose secret agenda is to destabilize America and the world and set up upon the ruins of an old political order a private-corporate global government that parasitically feeds off of the labor and wealth of nations.

This global ruling class is a band of thieves and war criminals who are a threat to free people everywhere. They hijacked America when they established an unconstitutional money system in 1913 and used their ill-gained power to expand their private-corporate global empire through the American government. When they fail at taking control of nations by staging coup d'états through the CIA, they use the media to fool the people and send American soldiers to illegally invade and conquer sacred lands.

When the noble John F. Kennedy president resisted their power and acted against their interests in 1963 they killed him and told the American people a big lie in order to quell their anger, subdue their intellect, and tame their passion to right a horrible wrong.

The global banksters speak through America, and they manipulate America to rule and conquer other nations, but America is nowhere in their master plan for the future. After America's wealth and power is used to fully destabilize and destroy the Middle East, the corporate and financial traitors will throw America under the bus, and finalize their plan to centralize private political and economic power at the global level.

It is impossible to resist these transnational tyrants and restore freedom in America and the West when you accept their grand narrative of history and current events as the truth. Once they hijacked the American government they made sure to rewrite American history, and tell fanciful stories that don't implicate them in acts of high treason against the American people and against mankind.

JFK, MLK, RFK, and 9/11: Myth as History

Political and imperial power is most successfully wielded in modern authoritarian societies when officials in government, academia, and the media collaborate together to generate myths and misconceptions about certain issues and world events and present them to people as the factual accounts of reality. As soon as people are programmed into thinking that official myths and falsehoods are real truths by societal, governmental and cultural institutions, government officials are free to do any number of crimes they want and to whomever they want. In such a society, people resist by demythologizing official myths, revealing official falsehoods, and stop believing the government and media.

To question the official narrative of 9/11 is to question not just a few Bush administration officials or Mossad agents who manufactured a false story about their political enemies, but to put in doubt the current trajectory of our entire global civilization, and put on trial the leadership of America and other governments that are complicit in war crimes.

The most basic building blocks of a free society such as the press and academia have failed do expose and correct criminal government behavior. This is major stuff. By questioning 9/11 we challenge every segment in the current power structure, the global political economy, the war establishment in America and the West and the national security classes who serve this great beast, the press, academia, and the state.

People accept the official 9/11 story with religious devotion, and anybody who questions it is viewed as crazy and paranoid, which is the stuff of mass mental illness. But the real crazies, as most of us know by now, are in power. That is the craziest thing of our era. A century ago states and empires were free to flex their power, it was political sport, but in the nuclear age and the era of global crises it is madness to wield power the way it is wielded by the U.S. and Israel. These states have no regard for the truth or human life. Nobody is safe from the maniacs in Washington, especially not the American people.

The common counter-consensus about 9/11 has emerged and grown, and it will most likely overtake the government manufactured myth about the tragic events of that day and be recognized as the real history of 9/11 in the future. We should not be discouraged that truth-tellers are described as crazy and kooky today. The public resistance to the truth is so great because the truth is so great and enormous, and there is nothing more difficult than admitting that you were fooled and conned by government storytellers. When your trust is betrayed on such a grand scale it is hard to take control and move forward. But, eventually, people will revisit the past, and view history through an objective and truthful narrative, not the false narrative of power.

Accepting the truth about 9/11, and the assassinations of JFK, MLK, and RFK means rethinking human destiny, and modern American history, so it is natural that such a profound psychological change can't happen in a year or even a decade.

September 11, 2001 will either be remembered as the date when America's constitution was completely destroyed and the new world order went into its final phase, or the date that marked a new global era of political awakening and the start of a long process to reclaim Western civilization from a criminal technocratic elite.

A Slave or A Free Citizen: What Do You Choose To Be?
"The herd is destined for the meat market, and the sheep are not consulted by the shepherd when he decides their time has come. The lesson the Greeks drew from the shepherd analogy is that the sheep cannot trust their shepherd, nor a community entrust itself to one man's absolute will, however benevolent he claims his purpose to be. They preferred to become a polis rather than be treated as a herd." - I.F. Stone (The Trial of Socrates; pg. 17-18).

"Basic to a free city was the right to speak back to the state, to criticize its actions in the assembly, the courts, the theater, or conversation. If the state suddenly interfered with that right, it was breaking its part of the contract. It was becoming a tyranny." - I.F. Stone (The Trial of Socrates; pg. 225).
Millions of people have woken up and stopped believing the official lies and myths about the murder of JFK, MLK, RFK, and the September 11 attacks, and although restoring truth to its rightful place in history is an uphill struggle, it is not an impossible task. The technocratic tyrants won't be able to enslave humanity because the truth that they crucified is slowly being resurrected through the internet and through voices like Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, and other truth-tellers.

The truth about 9/11 raises the question of whether we want to remain slaves or become free citizens. I believe we all have the judgment and ability to perform laborious tasks, work together regardless of our political beliefs, and social standing, and form a worldwide coalition to solve gigantic global crises while still preserving the integrity, independence, and uniqueness of our countries. It is this generation's task to restore freedom, build a strong and just global civil society based on an understanding of a global general interest, and reestablish the contract between the citizen and the state in the West.