April 5, 2011

Banksters Raped A Blindfolded America

All societies have social and moral deviants, but in healthy ones they are not in control of the government and large financial banks as they are in America, Canada, England, and other Western countries. Healthy societies depend on sane and moral political leaders who tell the people the truth and respect their collective will. In America, and much of the Western world, government leaders listen to global oligarchs, private banks, and financial parasites, not the people.

Nothing would be different if Bernie Madoff ran the U.S. government. In February, Madoff told New York Magazine that the federal government is a giant Ponzi scheme, but the media barely noticed. Madoff is the quintessential parasite and moral deviant, but he is only a product of an immoral and destructive financial system. The entire global private banking system is parasitic and acting against humanity in the most treasonous fashion. Until private central banks are abolished and replaced with a better system, Western nations will slide into further economic ruin and social destruction. Eventually there will be anarchy, despotism, and slavery if the economic situation is not reversed. And there won't be any economic recovery until the guilty parties are brought to justice.

Budget deficits, wars, economic depressions can all be resolved and ended. The bigger problem facing America and other Western countries is a lack of democracy. Democracy depends on the public being informed about world events and having accurate information about the reasoning behind major decisions made by their governments such as going to war, or giving out hundreds of billions of dollars to a private group of financiers.

Instead of a war on terror, the Congress could better serve the American people by declaring a war on Wall Street, and the privately owned Federal Reserve. But that will never happen under the current regime in Washington because banksters run Washington, including the White House. By now, this is a commonly known fact. And it shouldn't be surprising to anyone who has read any history. Governments frequently change hands. In one era, oligarchs reign supreme, and then after the people wake up from their sleep there is a popular revolution. American history, especially, is about the never-ending battle between private central bankers and the people. A few presidents like Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson and John F. Kennedy declared war against the bankers, but most presidents are taken in by their spin or submit to their will like Woodrow Wilson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, George Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama. Some presidents are duped and they can be forgiven, but others like Bush actively and knowingly stab the American people in the back by siding with the treasonous elite, and refusing to democratize the creation of money, which is a country's greatest resource.

Bush was only able to steal the White House in 2000 because the federal government was already captured by oligarchs and their favorite agency, the CIA. Ever since Kennedy's assassination, private interests hijacked the United States government, and with it the powerful national security apparatus which operates worldwide on behalf of its plutocratic gatekeepers who keep the American public in a state of perpetual ignorance about its raison d'ĂȘtre. Without secrecy, disinformation, and propaganda, the political manipulators in Washington would be powerless, their historical betrayal of America would be recognized by the people, and they would probably be hanged for treason and war crimes.

As the saying goes, Fiat justitia ruat caelum. Putting Wall Street banksters and financial tyrants on trial is a matter of democracy, but also of America's national security. Civil unrest is one of the consequences of keeping the crooks in charge while laying off millions of people. Anarchy ensues when justice is not done, and government leaders ignore common values and betray the trust of the people.

Right now we are all lost. Not just America, but every nation with a private central bank is living under financial tyranny.

Humanity has been betrayed. When the law doesn't apply to all, there is no civilization. The passage from anarchy to civilization is named justice.