March 14, 2011

The Real Obama: Agent of War, Salesman For Torture

Hannah Arendt said that "where force is used, authority itself has failed." We all witnessed this truth in the streets of Egypt last month, when Mubarak lost all authority in his country after using relentless force to crush mounting public protests and protect his dying regime.

It is increasingly apparent that the deceptive and manipulative leaders of the United States of America will also resort to force to maintain their authority and remain in power in the event of a social and economic collapse. But it won't work because the shadow government in Washington can no longer hide its barbaric, treacherous, and criminal actions from the American people. The economic and political elite in America won't be able to suppress a popular uprising. Washington's authority is already in question.

President Barack Obama was put in power by greedy financial and political power brokers who shape policy in the shadow government to serve their anti-democratic interests and act as a salesman for their agenda. But the Obama mask is proving to be unreliable and too obvious. It didn't take long for the real Obama to emerge in public. The real Obama is the complete opposite of the slick politician who ran a hopeful and uplifting presidential campaign in 2008. The real Obama believes it is wrong for American soldiers and government officials to expose war crimes and disobey illegal orders. The real Obama is an agent of war, and a salesman for torture.

Believe it or not, the real Obama is a war criminal, a liar, and a traitor. Only the cult-like followers of Barack Obama are shocked that he is turning a blind eye towards the torture of Pfc. Bradley Manning, the soldier who is being called a hero for leaking U.S. documents that reveal war crimes were committed by the U.S. government in Afghanistan and Iraq.

When the State Department spokesman, PJ Crowley, said that the treatment of Manning "is ridiculous and counterproductive and stupid," Obama disagreed, and seemed annoyed that a member of his administration would publicly criticize his administration's torture policy. Quickly after he made his damaging comments Crowley resigned. It seems the real Obama is showing himself more and more as his administration gets exposed to crisis after crisis. Chris Floyd writes, "it was obvious that Crowley's days were numbered -- or rather, his hours were numbered, for he scarcely lasted more than a day before the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate forced him from office for the high crime of causing the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate to face the momentary discomfort of having to publicly address his torture of an American soldier."

Obama's double-image confuses his thoughtless supporters, who think he is naive, or a craven follower of Wall Street and the Washington establishment. But this is a dangerous and mistaken view. Taken seriously, it means that Obama doesn't have blood on his hands for supporting criminal wars in the Middle East and selling weapons to repressive regimes, and that he is not guilty for the thousands of dead innocent people in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq. But Obama does have blood on his hands. He is not a mere follower. Leaders of states have free will, and they are responsible for the crimes of their states. This principle was established in Nuremberg after World War II.

If Obama is ever put on trial for war crimes, along with Bush and Cheney, he can't defend his actions by saying that he didn't know that 9/11 was an inside job, and that the wars were unjustified. Blindness to evil is not a defense. Obama willingly and cynically duped his liberal supporters in 2008 in order to get elected. He promised he would end torture in Guantanamo, but not only has he not delivered on that promise, his administration is torturing an American soldier in America. He said he was for peaceful cooperation and coexistence with the Iranian regime, but his administration is provoking and destabilizing that regime, which will undoubtedly lead to war. There are many more examples which prove that his behaviour is that of a con man, not a democratic leader.

So, what kind of man is Barack Obama? An evil man. As I wrote back in November in my article, "Obama's Motto: Be Evil":
Don't be fooled by Obama's smile or Bush's cowboy talk, they are both evil criminals who don't mind being the face of an evil empire that has killed millions of innocent people since the end of World War II. Politicians like Obama and Bush believe in power for power's sake. Freedom, peace, justice, and truth don't enter their calculations.

The forces of power captured Obama when he was young; read Obama's own writing about how he was led by his Indonesian stepfather Lolo onto power's trail. "Better to be strong," Lolo told a young Obama. Obama couldn't resist the seductive pull of power because he didn't have the spiritual strength that leaders like Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy, and Abraham Lincoln all had.

If given the ring of power, or coming across it on power's trail, Obama would put it on his finger in a matter of seconds. He wouldn't even blink.

And he didn't. As Sméagol turned into Gollum, Obama turned into a different man after he first experienced power's demonic presence. He was too weak, and you have to be strong to resist the power of the modern presidency. The tragedy is that Obama didn't journey across Frodo's trail, but was instead seduced into going down Gollum's trail. He is now the face of Washington's Evil Kingdom. And the elitist forces behind him couldn't be happier because the people believe him to be one of their own, when in reality, he is one of them.