March 30, 2011

The Congress is Obsolete Under The New World Order System

There are probably many reasons why President Barack Obama didn't bother to seek the approval of Congress before committing the U.S. military to an undefined mission in Libya, some of them may even be legitimate and reasonable, but none are more important and more alarming than the fact that the Congress is obsolete under the new world order system.

Ten years ago it was easy for someone to deny that such a system was being put into place in America and other Western nations by stealth and without debate, but not anymore. Unless you want to purposely appear foolish and ignorant you can not deny that there is a scripted plan for a dictatorial world government. Even CNN is using the term "new world order" in its coverage of the Libyan war. It doesn't make sense to say that the new world order is emerging anymore, because it is already here.

For decades the tyrants behind the new world order moved in slow motion and masked their undemocratic political program behind euphemisms such as "global governance," but they are no longer in the shadows. In fact, most of them are proud. They firmly believe they are accomplishing a task that can only be fully appreciated generations from now. That is the nature of treason. Every traitor is also a comrade, and depending on your perspective, a revolutionary.

But are these new world order conspirators right in their judgment of themselves as heroes of a future age? Absolutely not. Nobody took Bush Jr. and the neocons seriously when they said that the invasion of Iraq will be justified in the eyes of history, and that they will be recognized as liberators. Everybody views them as crazy radicals who should have been impeached.

How long will the American people, and the peoples of other Western nations tolerate the tyrannical new world order system is a question that cannot be answered at this moment. We are still in the early stages of an evolving global political crisis that will rock America above all other nations.

Sooner or later, President Obama is going to have to make a speech justifying the new world order system, and the destruction of the U.S. constitution. The unmasking will be painful for a lot of people, and most likely cause popular uproar, but it has to be done because the President and the governments of the West can no longer politically hide the fact that Congress and Parliament are obsolete national institutions. The Libya case illustrates this fact. Internationalism is the new norm, at least for now. And it looks like many people are fine with global dictatorship, especially self-described democrats and liberals.

Of course, Obama can continue to lie about his administration's hidden agenda, but people are believing him less and less. A salesman can lie and get away with it only for so long. His presidency can be saved if his handlers have the guts to stage another terrorist attack in America and blame it on foreign agents, but even that course of action may not rescue Obama's dropping poll numbers because false-flag terrorism has been exposed and it is seen for what it is: government deception and state terrorism.

Ultimately, the tyrants who want to impose a dictatorial world government will fail, just like Hitler did, as well as every other criminal conqueror in the past who desired to rule the known world. Despite being socially conditioned and brainwashed, the people of America and the West are not going quietly into the good night. And a few good men in the Congress and Senate are not either. Millions of people still believe in the U.S. constitution and don't regard it as a "piece of paper" like Bush and Obama do.

Last week, Senator Jim Webb criticized President Obama for bypassing Congress on Libya, saying:
“[A] concern that I have is that we have been sort of on autopilot for almost 10 years from now in terms of presidential authority in conducting these type of military operations absent the meaningful participation of the Congress,” Webb said. “We have not had a debate and I know that there was some justification put into place because of concern for civilian casualties. But this isn’t the way that our system is supposed to work.” (Courtesy of The Daily Caller)
Congressman Ron Paul voiced the same concern in this video about the war in Libya.

It is inevitable that a coalition of patriots across nations will rise and oppose the new world order system on grounds that it is tyrannical and illegitimate. And they will probably succeed in the end because it is the most difficult thing in the world to establish and preserve authority which is seen as illegal and untrustworthy by the people.

Also, it does not help the globalist cause that the new world order system was planned in secrecy by a collection of the most corrupt, dishonorable, and murderous criminals around. Add the fact that its existence was guarded by the media for decades, and what you have is a political crisis of the highest order. Congress might as well step aside and let the American people take back their country. The same goes for Canada, England, and other countries in the West.

It may turn out to be a good thing that our parliaments are so dysfunctional, stupid, and corrupt.