November 13, 2009

The Trial of the Millennium: The Prosecution of George W. Bush For Murder

"No man is above the law." - Vincent Bugliosi

The Trial of the Millennium is not far away. The prosecution of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and senior officials of the Bush Administration for murder will no doubt be a part of it. So will the prosecution of the militant men and women who are involved in the greater conspiracy against the general welfare of the American people, and the rest of the world. As you may guess, its implications for American democracy are incalculable. "What it does," states Vincent Bugliosi, "is tell future Presidents in no uncertain terms that if they commit a horrendous crime, they can be held accountable, just like any other private citizen." It will do that, and much more.

The fact that there is no history of prosecuting presidents does not make it a good reason for not going forward with what we know to be true, mainly, that the Bush Administration deceived the American people into supporting a war based on false evidence and corrupt intelligence.

Americans, if they want to continue to proclaim that they are a free and moral people, must set the standard for justice in the 21st century, and deliver their former and current leaders to the hands of the Iraqi people, to be tried in an Iraqi court. To put it bluntly, Bush and co. have committed crimes against the US constitution, and are guilty for international crimes of war. Let the questions of their crimes be discussed out in the open, and considered independent of the media or Washington.

If Bush believes that he has bequeathed democracy to the Iraqi people, then he must prove it by standing before them in a court of law. If he is found guilty, then I submit he be hanged at the same dungeon that saw Saddam's fate plummet into history.

Bugliosi, whose reasoning and eloquence has no match in an American court, should be one of the legal advisers to the lawyers of the Iraqi prosecution team in the murder case against George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and the rest. Bugliosi's efforts and guidance on this urgent moral matter, as well his extensive background in trying murder cases, will serve the people of Iraq Iraqi well. As America's ambassador to the Iraqi nation, he will bring a new and ethical face to America in that region. His productive influence will outweigh the disastrous decisions made by Paul Bremer and other American officials who have descended on the sovereignty of Iraq, and stripped them of their ancient pride.

This trial must begin soon. And by soon I mean before 2012, because the world cannot end without justice being born. We must not let her historical hiatus to go on forever. There are no moral or legal rationalizations for murder. Americans are bound by the law, and second by their conscience, to help in the effort to prosecute their former and current leadership for crimes against humanity. If they fail to achieve this, then their exit from history as a nation, and as a people, will be justified by future historians, and surely by me.

I would be amiss if I did not mention Obama's unfaithfulness to the American people, the U.S constitution, and to his own image as a moral statesman of war. His rhetoric is too insufficient to help disguise the outrageous crimes committed by the US government. A too heavy reliance on words of hope are not a cause for celebration, and men who are guilty of such a thing deserve not enthusiasm, but ridicule.

Obama's appointment to the highest office of the land has been a great treachery against the conscience of the American people. He says one thing today, and does an entirely different thing tomorrow. Of course, it is no fault of his own, but nonetheless, he threw himself into this compromising position so he is not worthy of any sympathy. His historical offense is much more grim than anything Bush ever did. In an effort to 'normalize' American crimes he has only made them bigger and more belligerent, and at the same time, acceptable. He wants us to forget, but how can you forget murder? Did Martin Luther King Jr. forget slavery? Only sick and dying men forget. Only a sick and dying people allow a history predicated on power to go by without any effort to resist it's advancement. So we must not hear and forget, but see and remember. Obama's words can not hide what is in front of us.

"Centuries ago," wrote G√ľnter Grass, "euphemistic language helped, as it does today, to make political crimes look "normal" after a certain lapse of time. A calculation that has worked time and time again. For those who planned and executed attacks on basic democratic rights were sure, when maturing their designs, that time was on their side. After the first wave of indignation, after the first loud protests, the world would "get used to it." And we have gotten used to the crimes of the American and Israeli government, no question. At the beginning of the Iraq War, the world was transfixed at the outpouring of disapproval by the people of the world to the war. In street after street, nation after nation, the message was loud and clear: No Blood For Soil! The rulers of America, however, arrogantly thumbed their noses, and repeated the actions of previous tyrants in history. But these rulers, who dare call themselves unAmericans, will soon hear even louder calls, and this time they may not be so fortunate as to hear "No Blood."

Grass spoke those words above in Athens in 1972, but things have dramatically changed since then. An entire world of new knowledge has flooded the minds of men. As a result, there is a new equation that has been severely unregarded by the rulers of America and mankind in their political or historical calculations, and that is the mass awakening of the people. To put it in mythic terms, humanity has awoken from a long and crippling sleep. A new age of politics is beginning to emerge, but as we've seen, not without an opposition that is hell bent on instituting their dictatorial designs for mankind. And as it must be. After all, when has there ever been progress without a contest? Sooner or later, a Man has to stop running away from the challenging truth and stare back at the lying panthers with a defiant look. If the Apocalypse is just around the corner, should we not have a meet and greet in the neighborhood? If we don't welcome it's stay, it might just ravage our whole community here on Earth.

Americans, who are in stuck in the teeth of the ruling giant, have begun to repossess their recent history, and are in the process of defending the liberties that their ancestors died for. What the conspirators against mankind expect to be a minority of resisters, who are not impotent but can easily be suppressed and taken away by new instruments of control, will turn out to be something completely other; a mighty force ungovernable by either historical or political calculations. Tyranny is no match for human nature. As Dr. Johnson said: "Mankind will not bear it."