January 4, 2009

Obama: New World Order With a Human Face

Barack Obama will not change America's imperialist plans in the Middle East. He wants to grow America's military might and extend its influence in the world behind false 'humanitarian' projects. He wants to present the empire with a human face. What does he expect? That Iraqis will throw bouquets at him instead of their shoes? The man lacks both courage and vision but what he does have is political capital and that makes him far more dangerous than Bush.

From day one writer Arthur Silber has highlighted the underlining truths about what Obama stands for and his signifance to the empire. Below is a passage from an article he wrote in early december. The article is called Clinging to the Wreckage (I): Murder, Inc. -- The Continuing Obscenity of U.S. Foreign Policy:
Barack Obama repeatedly insists that the greatest task before us, the task to which he tells us again and again he himself is fully committed and to which he asks all of us to dedicate ourselves as well, is "change." To change a policy of any significance requires that one first identify honestly and in detail the nature of the policy one wishes to alter. As is true of every other national politician of prominence, Obama resolutely refuses to name the actual nature and meaning of U.S. foreign policy today and for the last several decades.

Obama's own statements, together with his selection of individuals for major foreign policy and defense positions in his administration, make unarguably clear that he will change nothing of any importance in America's conduct of foreign policy. When Obama tells us he is committed to "change," he is lying, just as he has lied on a lengthy series of issues of great importance. As I noted in "Obama's Whitewash": "Truth is the enemy; truth is to be destroyed. ... This is how we live today: lies are the staple of our diet. Without them, we would die, certainly in psychological terms."
"Truth is treason in the empire of lies," as Ron Paul said, and those who dare to speak it will be labeled 'terrorist' and 'extremist.' Those who choose to think are called 'conspiracy theorists' and it will not just be neoconservatives and the Christian right who will attack oppopents of the empire but also so-called progressives and 'global citizens.' Men of conscious from both sides of the political spectrum will have to resist the insanity that is currently opearting under Obama. Libertarian, conservative, liberal; these labels no longer matter. There are enlightened liberals and duped liberals, and the same is true with conservatives. The duped ones will decry the free men of conscious as extremist and radical and terrorist and dismiss them to the margins. As Silber writes:
This, too, is where we are: to state the truth, the full truth without equivocation or avoidance, is "extreme."
If you think nationalism is dead then think again. Real hard this time. When Obama says "There is no red state America; there is no blue state of America; there is the United States of America," then we should worry. Big time. What if New Hampshire decides to break away from the most violent and racist empire in the world? What will Obama do about that? And will the progressive dupes label all who choose to secede from the empire as racist conservatives? If you voted democrat last fall then ponder the words of Silber:
For several years, I have repeatedly made the point that the Democrats have no objection to endless U.S. interventions or to wars of aggression, nor are they repulsed in the smallest degree by unjustified slaughter. The Democrats only want U.S. murders to be managed "well" and accomplished "competently." For empires, "neatness" is a great virtue. Bloodstains on the plush carpets of the corridors of power are distressingly unpleasant, don't you know.
If you are a democrat then you are an imperialist who wants to continue the American empire. For how longer will ignorance be used as an excuse? How many more examples do you need? How many more statements by Obama do you need to read before you are convinced that he wants to extend the imperialist project? And if you are a liberal and decry any mention of the term 'new world order' then I can point you to countless academics who have acknowledged its existence as a geopolitical term, as well as numerous presidents and state officials who have called for a 'new world order'. It is not a conspiracy theory because your small mind is only fit for a small world so any outside information can't get in. Let me point you to a Time magazine article called Obama's New World Order. Here is a brief excerpt:
As for the future, both Obama and Gates share a belief that there should be less emphasis on military power and more on using diplomacy and foreign aid to bend other nations toward U.S. interests.
That's Obama for ya! He's gonna sweet-talk other countries about the advantages of being under America's wing. Who needs the military's hand when you got the emperor's tongue?

Anyways, enough ranting for the day. If you must know, I am an optimist. Robert Anton Wilson said he writes from anger and optimism and I do too.

Here's a fantastic video posted by Claytrainor at youtube.
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