January 21, 2009

Obama is following King's tradition

Not Martin Luther King, but the Kings of the old age. He calls this a new age but the new age is underground, it can not be genuinely represented at the throne of the empire. His new age is corporate whitewash. He is capitalizing on a honest spirit for change in this country and in the long run he will be despised even more than Bush because Bush didn't play off people's hopes; he played off people's fears. And people are less forgiving of those who play on their hopes. Kings rise and Kings fall. The same is true with Obama; his fall will be as historic as his rise. The same people hurling flowers and kisses at him today will throw their shoes at him tomorrow. They never learn. They choose not to learn. As a result, they do not take change seriously. Hailing in a new president as a new emperor and pseudo king on a day of pop festivities is only cosmetic change. Obama is a pop icon. And he is the product of a corrupt popular culture. And his popularity will soon 'pop' like the false idols falsely propped up before him. The day that past, the day of the 44th president's inauguration had myth written all over it.

Were in for tough times. There's a bad moon rising. But we will endure, we will prevail, the empire will crash and burn and the fake leaders will be unmasked for the frauds and liars they all are. This is indeed the dawn of a new age; a new age of truth, compassion, and liberty. There is no room for the military industrial complex in this new age. No room for republicans and democrats. No room for a police state. Change will come, but it won't be clean. We'll have to get our hands dirty.

I'll write more on change in the following weeks to come.